My Multidimensional Work: The Seraphim and The Eagle

When my Companion woke me at 5:30am, I had been in a dream where I was helping a young woman named Cassandra. The dream immediately vanished from my memory, though, all but her name that is.

That’s when then that I recalled my journey into 5D. The shedding of layers of density, the establishment of a Link and my transfer to my final destinations.

The Seraphim and The Eagle

The destinations for me were two. I was told the first was called “The Seraphim” and the second “The Eagle”. They appeared as balls of swirling energy/consciousness. Yet when I got closer they became locations similar to being in a room or inside a vessel of some sort. I don’t recall much of the environment other than it was familiar to me.

From these stations I joined others (crew members) and we did our “work”. On board the Seraphim which was much larger than the Eagle the work was consciousness-oriented and focused specifically on assisting with Earth ascension on a large scale. For me, it seemed like a place where I obtained my “orders” and conversed/exchanged with others with similar purpose.

The Eagle is where I am stationed and conduct my “work”. The name is symbolic of the type of work being done by those “on board”. It is one of the main vessels for the United States and so the symbol is appropriate. However, our purpose is also inherent in the name – timing, victory and spiritual quest. Eagles are known for their vision and in this I feel a strong identification as do the members of my group. Our vision is what joins us in our purpose.

While aboard the Eagle last night I have specific memory of working with the woman I called Cassandra. What was amazing to me is that I worked with her as her Assistant (guide)! I recall helping her get into what appeared to be a large box but I believe that is just how my human mind processed it. Its purpose was to align her energy but Cassandra was not liking it at all and was extremely fearful of it. Her reaction on a subconscious level projected as a nightmare and this is how her conscious mind perceived it. I do not know exactly what her dream was, but she would have awakened feeling very upset temporarily but it would appear as only a dream to her.

In this Assistance I am in essence a human guide for a fellow human. This reminded me of the encounter I had with one of my healing Assistants. He had shown me the locations where he “worked” on Earth as a healer. I had been surprised to discover he was also currently living a life. Now, here I was doing the same thing! I was once told that I was training to be a guide. I thought it was a future endeavor, not something on-going!

The work of those on board the Eagle is to assist in the awakening of individuals still technically “asleep”. We are assigned to specific individuals per our skill set. I was shown my specific skill set which was accumulated via my past incarnations (the last four were called to mind). I won’t go into detail here, though I want to, but I was able to see the specific lessons learned and why I learned them. So utterly amazing!

I now can clearly that all my lives before this one were to prepare me for my work NOW. It is a bit overwhelming as well and brings a huge amount of satisfaction. My specific work now is as an Assistant-in-training. I am assigned but watched over, similar to a student teacher in that I have progress checks and consultations with my mentor teachers.

Timeline of Concern

There is a memory I recovered that is of concern to me and others in my group. In this memory I am able to see different timelines and zero in on ones of particular interest. It is like I am high up in the sky looking down on a screen of probabilities.

From this vantage point I was able to see a specific timeline that is a probable outcome for the U.S. I will say it was quite disturbing and I do not completely understand it. I saw two massive groups of people, one which looked like a mass of yellow (confused) energy. Above that group was a face. I recognized it as “Bush”. This caused me to retract. I recognized this timeline to be an undesirable. With this came the word “witch hunt” and I immediately thought of Salem and the witch hunts that took place there. It was told to me that there is potential for those of us who are outspoken about ascension and the dangers of the “dark” to be targeted. It also reminded me of the Bible and how those who were followers of the Light were eliminated by the Dark. This gave me a sinking feeling in my stomach.

Seekers of Truth Forging a New Path

I was then reminded of a particular trait of mine (and many other Indigos). It manifests as stubbornness and standing up for what is right. I recognized myself instantly as an Indigo though my Companion says there are many names for the path I travel (he avoids labels and categories because they are limiting). I saw this personality tendency in many of my past lives. I struggle with it even in this life for it pushes me to question and I tend to get very rigid when I know something is not true or I detect deception. It also tends to lead me to isolate myself as it is there to forge a new path, a new path for others to follow. This personality trait or tendency is purposeful in those of us who came to help with the ascension. We must speak out, we must not be afraid to speak out and to stand up for what is right. That’s our job, witch hunt or not, for we are the seekers of truth forging a new path for humanity.




7 thoughts on “My Multidimensional Work: The Seraphim and The Eagle

  1. Fungi2bwith says:

    So much synchronicity here in the last few days it’s mind boggling/bending/twisting, lol. Definitely a major upgrade is happening.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SKYLAR A says:

    Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Liked by 3 people

  3. herongrace says:

    An enlightening post. Interesting that Cassandra was a young woman from ancient Greek days who tried to warn her people of impending warfare and was unpopular and not believed. I love the Seraphim and Eagle symbols. It is truly wonderful that after several lifetimes of preparation you have consciously realised your purpose in this 1. So many people never do.
    Do worry about the possible attacks on the younger generation with physical and mental illness taking its toll. And yes the Bush regime was very evil.
    Appreciative of people like you who put themselves on the WEB and help others. Thank-you.

    Liked by 1 person

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