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Today is the second day of low, settled energy for me. I do have some crown, third-eye and heart chakra activity but it is only when I take my mini-meditation breaks. There is an influx of information coming in but I am told it is not allowed to be processed yet. In fact, that is why I named this post “Show All Downloads”. I use Google Chrome and on the bottom, right hand side of my browser window it says “Show all downloads” and that is when I received the message – “You are preparing to download and process information that you have received but that has yet to be released to your conscious mind”.

I secretly wish I could access all the downloads I have received like I do on the computer. Just click a button and see all the files and then read or see what is inside of them. I imagine there are hundreds of files on my hard drive!

Other Strangeness

For two days now I have been picking up on an energy that I believe is trying to influence me in order to pull me down into the heavier, more fearful energies that abound right now. I do not take the bait, but it has peaked my interest.

I don’t feel like it is an entity just an energy. With it usually comes a concern that I will become ill. I see my stomach and feel it is not digesting properly. Yet I am having no issues. This thought/concern has come up several times in the last two days and does not feel accurate. I suspect I may be picking up on someone else’s concerns. I would not be surprised if I find out my Mom or someone close to me got the stomach flu. Considering I am an empath such things are not extraordinary for me.

There is also the “calm before the storm” feeling hanging around. I don’t feel like anything bad is going to happen, though. It is just a feeling of anticipation but it is quite muted. I feel, overall, very calm and stable – very normal.  When I feel this way it usually doesn’t last too long. But I have the familiar feeling I sometimes get when things are quiet – I begin to think everything I have experienced is just a dream.




4 thoughts on “Show All Downloads

  1. Zarah says:

    Here is a good channel that mentions how to distinguish ascension symptoms from health concerns … just ask your guidance to come forth ;):

    I also wish I could see and decipher the “downloads” … but I am sure it will come when the time is right. 🙂

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    • Dayna says:

      I actually don’t have any uncomfortable ascension symptoms right now, just the weird energy I mentioned which in and of itself is not uncomfortable. I have seen the channeling you linked. Thanks. 🙂


      • Zarah says:

        Just because you mentioned that the weird energy makes you think that you might become ill, thinking about stomach troubles and stuff … Good to know that you have no symptoms. Enjoy the holidays! 🙂

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  2. mollyb111 says:

    Thanks for sharing. The past two days for me have had waves of blah!! Yikes. I know it’s not me and feel as if I’m now crunching timelines (that don’t serve me) in my awake state as well. Trying to honor and not judge or overthink knowing that it all serves a purpose.

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