Message: Reassignment – Ashtar Mothership in Saturn’s Rings

I attended a company Christmas party last night hosted by my husband’s boss. Normally I don’t go to such events but I promised my husband I would. As is normal for me, the large number of people along with the fact that they were consuming alcohol, caused my energy alarm to go off.

I ended up sticking close to my children and away from the crowd in order to cope. When I did this it helped immensely and I found I was able to protect my energy. What is funny is that the more drunk the crowd got, the easier it got for me. It is like once they got tipsy the group energy stabilized and thus allowed me to lower my energy defenses somewhat. I still kept my distance, though.

Toward the end I accepted a rum and coke from a friend. I didn’t drink it all but got reprimanded by my Companion for drinking it. He said, “We must keep this vehicle pure by not introducing toxic substances”. I saw a visual of my liver and understood. Though just a small amount, alcohol can dramatically shift one’s energy. I could see the diversion of energy into channels surrounding the liver while my body was processing the alcohol.

Dream: New Assignment

I struggled to sleep (not surprising after alcohol intake) and when I did sleep it was deep and restful with few dreams. However, this morning I awoke in the early morning feeling “alerted” to something. At the same time my crown chakra was buzzing.

I returned to sleep and had a dream where I entered a classroom full of high school students. I had no idea where I was but knew I was a “new” teacher at this large school. I remember another teacher came in and took over the class, allowing me to help students individually. I felt like the “co-teacher” or “assistant”.

While I was helping a student a female teacher entered the room and confronted me. “Who are you? Are you new here?” I told her I was. She began to tease me in a nice way, laughing and trying to be friendly. She invited me to lunch and I declined, feeling a bit out of my element.

There were two male teachers there as well. They also teased me, making remarks one would make to a newcomer. All was in fun and none taken the wrong way by me.

I could not for the life of me remember why I was there or where I came from. I went into the halls to find the administration and figure out how I got there and where I was. The halls did not resemble a school, though, and I wandered to a waiting area where others sat on comfy couches. I went to the front desk and was told to “Take a number”. I reached for a number but had thick gloves on so it slipped, but it was the number 8.

Then I ended up going to lunch with some others and had a dream within a dream of encountering a dark black wall which I climbed to the top of. It was nasty, like made of sludge. When I got back they had already called my number and I was told I had to draw another one. I showed them my number 8 and they accepted it. I then asked where I was and saw a planet hologram floating in front of me. It was large and resembled Earth but had a very large, dark spot on it similar to Jupiter’s spot only black or dark gray. I got confused as memory tried to surface. I recalled this planet clearly for a moment and then the memory vanished.

Message: Reassignment

When I woke I questioned the dream I had and what was going on. There came into my mind the image of symbols on a gray metal-like surface. I recognized it instantly as a ship and the symbols were familiar. I somehow knew this was not my Home ship so I asked where it was. I saw a planet with numerous rings around it and knew it was Saturn. I saw that the ship I had visited hid inside the rings, becoming a part of them so as to not be detected. I also heard, “Ashtar” which I instantly tossed from my mind assuming it was just my conscious mind interfering.

I thought I was done but more information came. The dark spot I saw on the planet in my dream was symbolic of the “dark”. I understood “dark” to mean negative energy but really it is the “misuse of energy”. The dark spot was over a specific region of Earth and I wish I could remember it better but I want to say it covered all of North American and part of Central America. I don’t know if there are more dark spots (likely) but this was the area I was shown. This is the area where I am located so it makes sense that I was shown this.

It appears that I have been “reassigned” and so was being introduced to a new “crew”. When I questioned this I was told it is a “ground crew”. “We spend most of our time on the surface” was the response I received to what this ground crew is. My dream was symbolic of my introduction to my new crew and new assignment.

There is also a faint memory of an individual, a man, who came forward to introduce himself. He presented to me a hand-written message which promptly disappeared as soon as I tried to focus on it. He was speaking as I read it so I was able to hear him say, “I am…...52“.

Because I was told this ship resides within the rings of Saturn as it observes Earth, I was curious if anyone else had received this information. I found an article that confirmed my suspicions almost right away. I also looked up Ashtar but I don’t know how I feel about it yet. Something about the information I read does not resonate with me so I am inclined to distance myself from this link until it does resonate. Perhaps the reason it doesn’t resonate is because this is “new” territory for me.

For those of you who don’t normally follow my blog, you should know that I do not seek out information via books or the internet unless I am led to do so. Therefore, I do not have background information on Ashtar or motherships in Saturn’s rings. I have in fact never considered the rings of Saturn to be anything other than a debris field.


2 thoughts on “Message: Reassignment – Ashtar Mothership in Saturn’s Rings

  1. herongrace says:

    Wondering whether you may have been given month..8, i.e. August of year= 52 weeks. I just read of comet Catalina this a.m. which I had not heard of. It is a 1 off, discovered Halloween! 2 months ago. Visible pre dawn skies in East. New Years Day it conjuncts Arcturus in constellation Virgo which I find significant for the coming year. Comets usually presage the death of a King,
    Apart from that I have an instinct this is a significant event.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      Maybe. The 8 is significant for me. I was born in Aug, this year is an 8 year, my life path is also an 8. I had a message about “3 comets” also. Don’t know the significance of it though.


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