Dream: You May Now Exit the Karma Train

Prior to bed last night I still felt weird. I had buzzing on the left side of my body and my crown was wide open. Then my left ear began to ring a very high, pitched ring. I felt/knew I was being “called”. I knew there would be a meeting in the night. I didn’t care if I remembered it or not.

As I began to drift into sleep, I began to hear a melody in my mind along with syllables I didn’t recognize. I felt prompted to sing this repetitive tune and the words with no meaning to me. When I did I was hit with a rush or warm, tingly energy that entered through my back at my heart center. It spread to my second and root chakras and was wonderfully comforting. I fell asleep not long after.

Dream: You May Now Exit the Karma Train

My sleep was deep without many dreams. In the early morning I had one very vivid dream, though. A dream about a train.

I was on board a train and it was being bombarded by bombs. The conductor was there, dressed in white. He seemed frantic. I joined him but saw a huge hole in the bottom of the train that had a magnetic pull to it. It sucked everything toward it. I watched a woman in black be sucked into it. The hole was black and ominous.

I decided to jump off the train. I found myself standing in the center of a circular train track. The train went round and round seemingly forever. I just stood there watching, glad to be off of it.

When I woke I knew it was the train of karma. We are stuck on it going round and round and round, over and over. All we have to do is jump off, but so many of us don’t. We don’t even know we are on the train.


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