A Night of Light Language

I slept deeply last night – yay! This, however, does not mean I was doing nothing through the night. Quite the opposite. Seems I was working and so were many, many others!

A Gathering: December 20-25th

Most of the night I was within a dream gathering of like-minded, mission-oriented, Lightworkers and Starseeds. I remember the dream, but when I woke it was not the dream that stood out to me. Rather, it was the memory of what was contained in the symbolism of the dream.

We were discussing an upcoming convening of a very large group of individuals. The purpose of this meeting is unknown to me, but based upon the memory and feeling of the dream, it is suggestive of a type of reunion. This gathering is similar to a family reunion except that we are not exactly family but linked by a similar purpose and plan.

The meeting, which in the dream was likened to a vacation, was to occur toward the end of December. The specific dates were the 20th-25th.

I recall seeing many familiar faces and even knowing names. The name Eric stood out the most, however. There were so many people, though, that I could not count. I want to say there were hundreds. Some that I met had distinct personalities. There was a lot of sexual playfulness, but no actual sex. I believe they knew I was serious about my work and so were teasing me. Thankfully, I did not get insulted. lol

Symbols and Messages

While in the dream there was a repeat of a symbol. It was that of a triangle with something coming out of the top of it. It reminded me of a volcano. I saw this symbol several times and each time it was inserted into the dream in such a way as to grab my attention. It is like the dream paused and there was suddenly this symbol taking up my entire vision. My assumption was this was the related to the gathering.

There was a message about the on-going gridwork that I am participating in. The celebratory feeling of the meeting is related to this gridwork. It feels as though we are celebrating a job well done. Perhaps we will be done anchoring the grid and can finally relax for a while and take a much needed break?

I saw also several times a list of people’s names. There were pages and pages to this list. I believe the names on the list corresponded to those who were celebrating with me.

So, if you are one of us who helps to stabilize and anchor the new Earth energy (gridworker) then congratulations on a job well done! You deserve a much needed break.

Light Language Transmissions

Throughout the night I would wake briefly, as is my usual. However, this time, upon waking, I would see light language symbols seeming to flow through my mind on a grayish black screen. It was like it was streaming but in 2D. These symbols would sometimes be streaming in and other times seem to be streaming out.

Amidst these streams of symbols occasionally symbols would stand out to me. Two that I recall most commonly are the triangle with what looked like a flame coming out the top and the arch with the dot under it that resembles an eye.

The picture with this post is what I drew this morning. I feel so light and refreshed this morning.



10 thoughts on “A Night of Light Language

  1. truthcodex says:

    I’ve seen that spiral before in a dream-state. It didn’t have light language in it, but still I view that particular shape as significant to evolution. Homecoming sounds awesome too! 😀

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  2. I also was there, Had a really amazing experience that felt like we were doing a practice evacuation of earth. But it felt very peaceful and loving. We were all placed into these little pods on the ships and there was oxygen blowing in there like a little fan in each pod. I love your light language, a lot of the symbols you have channeled resonate to me and my own light language symbols that I channel. They are wonderful and they feel so light and fresh, I feel this new grid is becoming more and more anchored. Maybe we will get a much needed break? hehe

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  3. Fungi2bwith says:

    Massive energy right now. Heart center vibrating off the charts and third-eye pulls that feel like my entire face is stretching and contorting. I’d rather have the refreshing light language, lol.

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    • Dayna says:

      Oh! (((hugs))) You are not alone. My heart and third eye are pulling and buzzing today as well as my throat. Feels like the typical energy helmet but it wraps around the front left of my throat. My heart is not so intense but have been having emotional issues today.

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  4. talynia says:

    I had some strong third eye pulls last evening before going to bed, However I was so out and sleeping very deep that I have no recall of anything that might have happened. No idea if I was anywhere or not. But so far I am not conscious about possible OOBEs anyway, so I have no idea if I ever go on missions. Dayna did you see me as well? Just curious. The only thing I can remember is a nudge last night before falling asleep, but that’s it, nothing afterwards, no dreams nada…

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    • Dayna says:

      Honestly, I don’t remember anyone in particular, just blurs of faces now. I was saw an older woman that reminded me of a character from The Dark Crystal – Augra (sp?). LOL She wasn’t that ugly but she was short and fat like Augra with long hair that had things hanging from it.

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  5. herongrace says:

    As you know my gut instincts have been telling me since last September that the winged triangle is significant of a major energy download? The flame is going down through the triangle I feel and is symbolic of the downloads possibly occurring over the dates you mention. Very interesting! I think places of high underground, surface crystalline properties will be used and have been an ongoing exercise for a few months. Solstice time is 1 of the 4 major power download times to earth each year. The other 3 are other solstice and 2 equinoxes.

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    • Dayna says:

      I didn’t think about the fire out of the top coming down! That makes total sense. Thanks for filling me in. Not sure how I could miss the significance of the dates. Duh!


  6. […] the kinds of dreams and in-between experiences I would have: Dream: Light Language Transmission and A Night of Light Language.  My most recent experience was an OBE in which I saw codes etched into my bedroom walls. I posted […]


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