Dream: Light Language Transmission

I finally slept pretty soundly last night. I had many, many dreams containing more information than my conscious mind was able to retain. Thankfully, I did retain some and my Companion helped me access it.

Dream: Light Language Transmission

This dream was long, so I will condense it.

I was visiting with a group of people living in a commune-type setting. It was families sharing everything and they were very tight knit. I was learning of their daily routine and my husband and I were considering joining them.

At one point they were telling me how they lost a member of their group. I felt very sad for them and told them I would help. I got down on my knees in this golden space (alter maybe?) and looked up at the sun which was at about 10 o’clock in the sky. I began to sing a lovely song that was very alien in its sound. It was nothing like I had ever sung and the melody was strange yet beautiful. As I sang the song which consisted of words and syllables I was unfamiliar with, I saw a golden light come out of me and connect with the sun in the sky. Within the light were symbols streaming out of me and up. They were golden also and shimmered in the light.

I had such a peaceful feeling while singing but something about my song connected me to these people I was with and I felt an overwhelming love and sympathy for the loss of their loved one. All I wanted to do was help them.

My husband did not want to stay with these people so we chose to leave, which saddened me for they felt like family to me now. As I said my goodbyes, three women dressed in simple dress, stood in a line to see me off. I went to each of them and gave them a hug and a kiss. I felt myself crying as I did.


When I awoke I immediately recognized the song as light language and was surprised that it had come out of me. I also knew I had sent it, or transmitted it, to an individual far, far away as a means to “bring them back” from being lost from their family. I don’t remember what I sang but I finally understood what light language is. It is a connection established between one (or many) consciousness and another. It is purely telepathic so no words could ever actually translate, only an emotion or an overall sense of the message.

Space Craft and Being

I fell back into the in-between thinking of this and saw suddenly that I was hovering inside some sort of space craft and I was not alone. The craft was a circular, domed disc. It was vast, spreading out around me and covered with symbols similar to what I had just seen in my dream. I was hovering over a window that looked down onto a galaxy far below. It looked like a partial swirl of stars and dust. I knew instantly that I was in space on board a ship and that I had been there before.

With me was my Companion. He asked me to look down at the swirling mass of stars below me. He said, “That is You”. A tiny star stood out more brightly than the rest. I understood this to mean this star was Earth.

We conversed for quiet sometime. Him telling me that They wanted me to Remember and that this was a test to see how much I could handle. I could see him, or parts of him, and knew he was not human in appearance. He was much, much taller than I and very pale, with long, spindly arms and legs and a bulbous mid-section which was hard for me to make out. His head was elongated without any visible hair and his facial features were very small in comparison. He had massive eyes that took up the majority of his facial area. They were dark blue (like the eyes of a newborn baby) and slanted upward toward his temples. I do not recall seeing any whites, only the bluish color. His nose was very small and petite, but it was there, and his mouth was similar in size to his nose with no discernible lips.I did not see any ears. It was hard to tell what color he was in the light (it was dark) but he appeared light in complexion, so I suspect he was either light gray or blue in color.

I contracted from this image at first but felt no fear so stopped and took a closer look.

The most vivid aspect of him were his hands. They were very thin, with long fingers that had overly large pads on them. It was almost like he had frog fingers. I asked about them and he said, “Our senses are not like yours. We have a supremely developed sense of touch”. I saw that he used touch to control the ship and saw an electric blue energy that ran through the ship in what appeared to be “veins”. I knew then that the ship had consciousness and that he was tapped into or a part of that consciousness.

I asked many questions as I hovered there over the window overlooking our solar system. He told me that They stayed far from the Earth so as to not be detected. The ship was indeed “alive” and the symbols inscribed all over it were the same symbols that I saw in my dream. The ship itself communicated with those on Earth who were receptive to it. Similarly, those on board the ship (connected with the ship) also communicated with those on Earth who were receptive. It was like a mass consciousness circuit between the ship, those on the ship and those on Earth. I was and am still in awe! So this is what Light Language is! It is US communicating with Them and their ships!

I asked about his body and where he was. He told me that his body is not like ours. He said it is composed of energy but would feel solid to the touch. This is/was hard for me to understand. Eventually, after several questions and answers, I concluded that he is either a 4D or 5D Being.

What was the most concerning to me was that this Being was in fact my Companion. I have no doubt of this. He explained that his consciousness and mine had been interlinked but that he continues his commitments/activities in this craft as well as other areas all at the same time. He can do this easily and without much concentration. This is very amazing to me.

I once again saw the 3D plane set out in front of me. It again had objects and markers on it. He said to me, “We need you to Remember your mission now”. I did not and do not remember it despite being in awe of this experience. I was told more was to come which indicates to me that my reaction was appropriate.

There is so much more I was told, but I am still digesting it all. I will share it as I feel comfortable.


9 thoughts on “Dream: Light Language Transmission

  1. Fungi2bwith says:

    Wow! Just wow. How incredible.

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  2. WOW OH MY GOD. Your companion is arcturian! no wonder I fully resonate with every word you write. we are connected in this way. I cant wait to hear more! I feel this same connection, we connecting with them via lightlanguage, and the blue energy, is to me , the blue corridor of light I use with the arcturians. wow I hope I can have some more conscious memory like this. this is just beyond amazing for me to hear this .

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  3. […] 5: I again saw my Companion as non-human in form. Those who read my previous description say he is Arcturian, but I identify him by his energy, not his […]


  4. […] into them. Here are two examples of the kinds of dreams and in-between experiences I would have: Dream: Light Language Transmission and A Night of Light Language.  My most recent experience was an OBE in which I saw codes etched […]


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