Dream: Stabbed

Again I couldn’t fall asleep last night until around midnight. Very frustrating! Thankfully, I slept very well even if for only six or seven hours.

Dream: Stabbed

I found myself riding a bicycle down the road. I don’t ever ride a bike, so this is unusual for me. Out of the blue a force comes toward me and hits me in the mid-section.

I wake in a hospital bed. I am groggy and told I just underwent surgery for a stab wound. Without looking I knew where I had been stabbed – in the solar plexus. I saw in my mind’s eye a small, two inch wound which had been stitched up. It was located right where my rib cage ends; where the two sides split off from each other.

I lay in bed looking around. I was inside a huge room that was filled with hospital beds from one end to the other. Each bed was white and had an occupant. I saw that we were on the 9th floor, the sign indicating that we were in room 900 something.

I began searcing for my clothing. I wanted to leave before it got too dark. There were woman watching me and asking me questions about how I got there. I told them I was okay – that I didn’t even feel the wound. Specifically I said, “My c-section was way worse than this. I don’t even feel it!” I tested this out and sure enough I could not feel even an ounce of tenderness.

A nurse came by and asked me if I would look at a list of prices to pay for my stay. I told her, “I’ll take the lowest. I don’t have any insurance”. A woman across from me asked about it. I told her, “Since Obamacare, we can’t afford insurance. It costs us $13,500 a year and I only make $23k”. The woman said, “Do you at least get vacation?” I said, “Yeah, I’m a teacher. We get all summer off. It’s the best job ever”. She said, “I get unlimited vacation”.

I remember the bill was $1100. Then I said, “I need to leave. How do I get out of here?” No one had an answer.

I saw it was already 7pm and gave up because I knew it would take me 3 hours to get home from Dallas (why I thought I was in Dallas I don’t know). I decided to stay for the night and fell asleep.

When I woke I asked where breakfast was and was told they were waiting for the last person to wake before serving it. I said, “What if they wait until 10am!? Then we will all be starving! Worse yet, what if they wait until 1pm?”

My husband came to get me at that time and said, “Your bill was paid by American Express”. I said, “I don’t have American Express”. lol


I woke suddenly from the dream feeling very calm and relaxed; happy. My Companion was there and said, “We’ve been working on you. Recalibrating”. I knew the solar plexus was the focus because it held my fears.

I saw then a 3D image in front of me. It was of a geometric plane spread out in front of me. On it were images set in specific locations upon the plane. I don’t remember them now but they were familiar images like a house, people, and other landmarks or markers. I was told this was my next assignment; our Plan.

It was then brought to my attention by my Companion that my resistance was waning and we would soon be able to initiate the Plan. The visual I received was of him stepping forward to resume control of the human host body while I stepped back. I heard then the song, “Come Home” by OneRepublic. The specific part was, “Everything I can’t be, is everything you should be”. I understood this meant that I was to be shown Our potential by my Companion. He has said as much, that he will “teach” me when he is in the pilot seat. The song just gave me more information. This exchange is to show me what I am capable of.

I tried to get more information, to understand what this experience will be like. I did not get much clarification, only that it will be “different”. I was shown a blender and understood this meant our energies would blend during this time. But wasn’t that already the case? Apparently this is not the same as the braid.

I was and still am ready. I do not feel fear but am told the experience, if not gradually implemented, will initiate a sudden fear response. So, it appears it will be gradual to test my response. I am intrigued and I am ready!


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  1. SKYLAR A says:

    Thanks, great post and lovely song:-))!!

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