Dialogue with my Companion

One of those wiped memories that suddenly returned was a conversation I had with my Companion yesterday. I wanted to share it with you all since I am confused still by it.

I asked him about Us. Who are We? Is everyone like Us? Does everyone have a Companion Traveler? Is a Companion Traveler different from a Spirit guide?

His answers were this:

Who are We?

We are two of the same individual (individual is not the right word here but is good enough). Halves of a whole. I am You and You are Me. You are the Earth Traveler and I am your Companion Traveler.

Does everyone who comes to Earth have a set up like us – Companion Traveler and Earth Traveler?

No. We are chosen to do a specific task while here and have traveled this path before. We travel always together.

Is a Companion Traveler different from a Spirit Guide?

Based upon the definition you have of spirit guide, no, but your definition is the one We provided Us previously. In terms of what most people consider a spirit guide, I am not that. You have those, though. We call them Assistants.

Are you my Higher Self?

This terminology can be very confusing in that it implies that We have a Higher and Lower Self; that We are one more important than the other. So, no, I am not your “Higher” Self, I am simply You.

Yes, You are the Me that Remembers, correct?

Correct. I am here to give you access to certain knowledge at certain points in Our journey. Through you I see and experience the physical, which you call 3D. This is your application at this time. You were created by Us for this purpose – to be the Experiencer.

So not everyone has a Companion Traveler, then?

No. Only those who have come for the purpose of restoring Hue-manity.

Is a Companion Traveler limited to those who are soul braided?

No.  A soul braid is just one way it is done. In this case, We have chosen this particular method in order to strengthen our connection and communication during Our time here. Without such a connection it is likely that You/We would fail to complete our mission.

You say we “travel always together”, what do you mean by that?

We have been together from the beginning. It cannot be explained in a way that your human mind would comprehend. I will explain it as best I can. Imagine a piece of fruit. You cut it in half. You still have the fruit, but it now in two pieces. This is Us. We are separate for a time. We do this purposefully in order to experience. When You return from this life We will once again be whole but remain separate until We have finished what we started.

So when I die I will return to You and We will be whole again?

Yes, but we will again separate to experience again.

Will you be the Experiencer this time?

No. I am sorry. This is your application.

The way you are describing our relationship sure does sound like what I have read of the Higher Self.

It is similar but not correct.

Are you then perhaps my future?

This would be a more appropriate description, yes, except that Time is part of the illusion from which your experience stems. 

I am confused about my memory of being in stasis and of my Starseed origins. Can you explain this to me so that I understand?

What you recall of your origins is in fact accurate. This is where We reside, though it is not confined to Time or space.

So you are in another dimension yet you are braided with me?

Yes, this would be accurate.

Is this other dimension consider the Other Side? Is this where people go when they die?

No. This would not be accurate. The place people go when they die is located around the Earth in layers. This you know as the astral realms. They extend for many layers.

Yet the image you show me in my mind shows me going through these layers and beyond.

This is accurate.

I am confused by this.

You must travel through the varying levels. It is similar to your scuba diving experience. You cannot come to the surface from deep below without first decompressing at the lower levels. To do so would mean damaging your human lungs. It is similar for us when we leave a human body. You must “decompress” in order to return to your original vibration.

Okay. This makes sense to me. Why then don’t others also go where I will be going?

Some will. Those whose vibrations lead them…… higher will go higher (resistance to using word “higher” here).

The resistance is that We do not want anyone to misjudge what We intend to relay because the word “higher” once again implies that there are lower, thus, lesser levels. These levels are not “less”, they merely are. When a body is dropped, the individual will then go to where their previous (before Earth) vibration was. 

So when I go to You and We are once again whole, is this what I perceive as Home?

Yes, but what you perceive is but a sliver of what is available to you.

Like always, I am left with many more questions than I had to begin with. This is why I often do not ask many questions of my Companion.




12 thoughts on “Dialogue with my Companion

  1. truthcodex says:

    I’ve heard quite a bit regarding the apparent ‘depth’ of experiential realities. I have a theory, but it’s just that: Non-physical realities are vast beyond imagining. The physical, the densest region which we’ve become accustomed to, is much like the skin of an onion of our universe. The astral is just beyond the physical layer as non-physical but still very close to it. This is why it retains thought-formed structures that resemble physical structures [like houses, chairs, etc]. Then there are further depths we can venture to like the etheric realms. And we can journey further still. As we venture further into these depths the universe becomes increasingly thought-responsive and less form-based. Finally we get to a space where there is no recognizable form whatsoever [‘the void’ where our true self exists].

    Humanity has collectively been caught in a looping experience of reincarnation. Our vibrations have stayed low so we resonate closely to the physical / densest of non-physical layers. Most often when people die they cross over to the astral and perhaps a bit further. But if they have held onto attachments, fears, and limiting belief systems they literally cannot travel inward further [from where we actually originally came from]. A part of our true self is actually still at the place where we came from and knowing of all of this. Yet those types of attachments keep the other halves of us closely bound to the physical. So they reincarnate again to attempt to release, forget all about the requirement of release due to losing their memories when incarnating, and start the process over again – again and again.

    Mass belief systems about the afterlife also present an issue, such as the concept of heaven, because they are astrally created mass-consensus realities. While they may look and feel nice for a non-physical consciousness in the interim between lives, they are definitely not where we came from either.

    This is why Earth school is so tough. We have to get out of the muck of the lower vibrational fields in these incarnations – while at first not even knowing who or what we truly are! If we can indeed find our way back to our true Selves, and clear our energies enough to balance any karma we may have incurred, we graduate to the next phase of existence. Whatever that is I’m not sure, but it’s been likened to finally becoming a ‘mature soul’ in the all that is.

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    • Dayna says:

      Yes that is similar to what I had believed but since this conversation and other information I have received, I am thinking it is likely even more complex. What I was shown by my Companion was movement past all the layers around the Earth and beyond into space. I saw stars upon stars. I can only assume I was going to the Pleiades or a ship somewhere out in space. He confirmed it was another dimension but then I am not even sure I know what that means. It is somewhere outside of our space and time.

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  2. Fungi2bwith says:

    You are intellectualizing that which one can only “see” through inner vision. That’s why it’s confusing. The conscious ego/mind can’t fathom what your Companion is showing you. In the meditation state, bypassing the mind, information seeps/flows IN rather than trying to “think” something into making “sense”. Thinking is resisting the natural flow of energy/information/light. The mind can be the enemy sometimes, that’s why it’s important to drop into the heart space to bypass the ego/mind. EVERYTHING starts with the ability to consciously tune into the heart space. That’s our connection, point of contact to the inner worlds. Everything else is connected/filtered through that space first. That IS Source energy where Reality resides.

    I hope you don’t take any of my perspectives as criticism or any thing else ego. Exchanging with you is clarifying information for me as well. I most humbly know I have much much to learn. You most certainly have abilities I haven’t realized and I learn so much from what you share.

    In Lak’ech

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    • Dayna says:

      Ala K’in 🙂

      I don’t take any of what you say negatively. I learn much from our exchange and I wish to learn more from you so your comments are welcomed.

      My conversation with my Companion happened last night and this was my rendering of how it occurred. No, it won’t make sense to the human mind, my mind, and I understand that, but I kept getting the memory back for a reason. When I get repetitive things coming to me it is usually a signal that it needs to be written/shared. I shared it the best I could. Yes it was a mental exchange in this case because it was a question/answer scenario but that was what felt right at the time. When this originally took place it was more without words – images, feelings and full knowingness. But how does one relay such information to others who do not have that connection also? This was the only way I knew.

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  3. Fungi2bwith says:

    When we relay information to others who may not have an intuitive connection the information still is perceived by their HS even if the human is not conscious and awake, and so the HS will try to convey the info by back-channeling so-to-speak until eventually the proverbial light bulb goes on. Back-channeling is the little subtle voice we all ignore when HS is trying to tell us something important. Even if someone does not consciously connect with your information, their HS guided them to it w/o them even realizing it. Once the information is in the conscious mind of the person, then the HS can use that connection as a point of communication.

    I’m very interested to know exactly what your companion is. It sounds to me like a discarnate Twin Soul who’s your guide when you are incarnate. That would explain the heart energy you have for him.

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    • Dayna says:

      Good point. That is likely why I keep feeling to write these kinds of posts. Yesterday I was feeling ill at ease until I finally posted. Then it was like, “All better now”. So weird.

      I am also very interested in learning exactly what my Companion is to me. I thought Twin as well but my understanding of all these terms and such is limited because I have been led to rely on my inner knowing rather than by reading and researching. Plus, when I do read or research I usually end up more confused. lol

      Whoever my Companion is, I know I wouldn’t have made it far without him.

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  4. doru says:

    Thank you, Danya.
    I believe your wise Companion has intentionally remained just beyond the reach of your ability to define by concept or understanding. Thus, she/he invites you to an expansion of your understanding of self in your exchange, without mental compression. My recommendation would be, for now, just rest in the mystery. Sounds like much more to come.

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    • Dayna says:

      Very likely! I have seen him in so many forms now that I am getting flat on what he looks like. I rely mostly on recognizing his energy now rather than on appearance.


  5. etherealbeingsinmylife says:

    For lack of a better term, I think of the places where my three oldest children are as “The Spirit Realm”. Is this different than what Steven is talking about? Also, you mention being a Starseed. I have been told that I am also a Starseed and have had very few lives on Earth (this being my last). When you and Steven say “home”, are you referring to a planetary home or a dimension? There are times that I just cannot wait for my memory to return.

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    • Dayna says:

      Home to me is being with Steven wherever he is. It is a place without time and other dimension is probably as close as we will get to understanding what/where it is. The Spirit Realm is located around Earth in those layers.

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