Another Memory

I have had yet another memory resurface. This is one that has repeated and I keep forgetting it despite it repeating. So since I have time today I want to write it down before I forget.

The memory is of a conversation I had with my Companion years ago and with it came a memory of my own of an event early in this incarnation.

I was shown the work that goes on prior to birth. In this I also had memory of participating in this work. The work involved integrating with the human host. There was memory of getting the host to agree to the integration. It was a communication with the body and it communicated back!

During the integration process I was not alone. I was in the body but not the body yet. I was still settling in. The body consciousness was in the process of being formed and so I was learning how to take control of it.

There was specific focus on the brain as it was being developed (so I am in the body while it is still forming inside my mommy). I “touch” an area of the brain lovingly, tentatively. In this process my Companion is showing me how to do this, like a lesson in “How to integrate with a body”. lol

What is interesting is that the body, this tiny human body still growing and forming inside its mother, had its own consciousness. It was very limited, of course, but it was there. It had a simplistic type of consciousness. Perhaps this is in fact the Ego, but it is hard for me to tell as I only recall the surprise I had in discovering that this body had its own ability to function separately from me. The purpose in communicating with the body was to get it to agree that I was its friend; that I was helpful to have and would take care of it. It was a nurturing, loving, energy/feeling I was sending it and when accepted the link was established and then built upon. Eventually the body and me became one and my consciousness and its consciousness were permanently linked.

I remember this memory vividly and wonder sometimes if the memory is the creation of Me, the Experiencer, and what my Companion means when he said, “I created you”. If so, it is quite intriguing indeed!


2 thoughts on “Another Memory

  1. talynia says:

    This post gave me the shivers! So beautifully described and so well detailed on how we actually fuse with the body that we choose! Amazing. Sometimes I wish I could remember times before this. But it seems almost as if my amnesia is kept going, maybe I am still too young… 29? Does that make sense?

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