Prompting from My Team

After yesterday’s sudden memory of dreamtime work, I found myself struggling with massive heart chakra fluctuations. I would go from feeling normal to suddenly being very emotional. I busied myself baking Christmas cookies for most of the day to avoid it, but there was always a feeling that my attention was needed elsewhere. There came with it an urge to sit at the computer and write, but I was afraid of what would come out.

Night Brings Memory

I desperately wanted to sleep and wake to a new day, but it seems that was not meant to be. I tossed and turned for a good three hours before I finally slept. In that time I would often slip into the in-between; on the edge of sleep and wakefulness. It was like when I crossed that “line” there was a floodgate opened and all that transpired previously – my “other” work – would return.

The memories would wake me up with a start and I would ask they be removed and they would. Yet some remained, enough for me to feel the urgency behind them and the prompting from my Team to allow these memories to remain.

Thankfully, I fell asleep and do not recall much of my dreams. I do remember once again being a teacher of children, this time high school aged. I felt very calm and composed despite their misbehavior. It is like I transformed into a much wiser, more patient guide to them compared to my actual time teaching in the physical.

I awoke much too early for my liking – 5:30. I felt immediately the presence of my Team. One was close and persistent. I would fall into the in-between and it seemed like he would slip into my consciousness symbols and memories. One such symbols I saw looked like a large pecan. I thought, “pecan” and was corrected by him – “chromosome”. I recognized the similarity and almost laughed but then got upset because I knew what he was trying to do. He was trying to get me to remember something and I was set against it.

Another memory came to me in a very detailed image of blueprints. They appeared to be blueprints for the building of some kind of machine. It was curious and I knew it belonged to a type of aircraft and that part of the blueprints included the platform on which it would land. I was curious but then again pushed it away as if yelling, “No!” Yet the memory remains solid in my mind even now.

As I tried to settle into my heart center I felt this assistant nearby. I received communication from him on behalf of my Team. “We want you to Remember. It is of the utmost importance”.

I do want to, but then I don’t. I am conflicted.

I received communication that I would Remember. I was told I would be “visited”. I am not sure what that means nor do I really care. I can request it be saved in my subconscious to be remembered later.


Though I do not open the doors to the full communication, I can feel what it is They want me to do. They want me to fully accept what I Know and am Remembering. This includes sharing it with others. The reason I feel urged to write is to share what I am experiencing and Remembering. This is part of my mission here. It is meant to be more involved than I am allowing it to be.

I have a strong draw to connect with others like myself. At first I was just reading other blogs and websites and perusing Facebook. Now, though, I am feeling a strong urge to connect with certain groups and people – meaning send them emails or telephone them. I resist, though, because to connect with these group and people means I am accepting my experiences and knowingness fully. I am not sure I am there yet. Some of these groups and people are very “out there” in their beliefs and experiences. There are contactees, abductees, Starseeds, channelers, and others. I am drawn to them very strongly. I feel like I have to talk to them, but about what I have no idea.

Shifting into Alternate Dimensions

I wanted to add one more thing before I forget again. The reason I am struggling to fall asleep is that as I slip into the in-between I feel a strangeness come over me. It is an odd feeling that I cannot describe and it unsettles me. It reminds me of previous experiences I have had where I feel that pieces of me are leaving or returning. It scares me but really I should not be scared. When I feel this fear my Ego driven consciousness awakens and the feeling subsides. But it returns as soon as I near sleep.

I am told I am shifting into alternate dimensions. I cross over the veil or whatever it is that divides this world from the next. The feeling is my energy body moving out of my physical body but not in the way that is usual with an OBE. There are no vibrations like with OBE. It is subtler and hard for me to understand. It has to do with a new ability I have not fully awakened to (I am doing it but it has not fully integrated with this consciousness yet) and the crystalline body is involved.

When I shift is when the memories come flooding in. I feel different when this happens. Like I am me but I am not me. I suspect this feeling is my Companion taking the pilot seat and me stepping back. Except that I don’t step back. I freak out when the Knowingness and the strange feeling takes over.

I will say that the urges I am feeling to connect with others like myself and to speak up about what I am going through are getting stronger and stronger. I almost blurted out to my husband, “I am talking to aliens” but held back this morning because I was not ready to get into a long dialogue about it. But I suspect I will eventually blurt out something soon enough if this urgency, this prompting of such intensity, continues.

I know why I am so resistant. The urgency and the intensity of it scares me. I feel unable to control it and the things I Remember and experience. This creates fear and resistance from the Ego and is in the way. I am told I will “relinquish”. Probably. They are always right.



9 thoughts on “Prompting from My Team

  1. truthcodex says:

    I find this all fascinating but can appreciate your resistance to it. I can see how this new insistence, persistence, and urgency would be alarming…

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  2. Maybe instead of saying, “I’m talking to aliens”, you can just smile and sigh and say, “Sometimes it *feels* like I’m talking to aliens!”. That way the listener is not forced to take a stand one way or the other as to where, exactly, they think you’re coming from with a statement like that. You’re still speaking truthfully, but in a way that is easier to digest for others who most likely do not share your experiences. A flat statement like the first will force some to consider you as either ‘crazy’ or a liar or something in between, given that they have absolutely no other context (yet) in which to consider what you’re saying. Just a thought.

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  3. Fungi2bwith says:

    You will get there Dayna, you don’t really have a choice, lol. I’m of a different blueprint through a different Cosmic lineage, if that makes sense, but I’m having a hard time accepting the magnitude of who I AM, what my bigger mission is(it keeps growing), and what my next step is. And I know I don’t really have a choice. The further I get on my path, the narrower it becomes(I just received an image of a tightrope walker). The next step becomes clearer but more and more difficult. What’s funny(not really) is my strongest fears are what I have to DO as part of my mission.
    Also telling someone “aliens” is probably not the best word to say. If you have to talk about it, maybe explaining what multidimensionality is and multidimensional beings is a better approach. Just my very humble 2 pennies!

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    • Dayna says:

      I would love to hear more about your blueprint and mission. I am just learning it seems, even though I have been on this path since 2003.

      And I agree, the word alien is probably not the best word to use here. It was just what popped into my mind this morning. lol

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      • Fungi2bwith says:

        My awakening started in 1988 at 19 years old instigated by a specific event. I was very conscious that I had taken a quantum leap in knowledge and intuitive abilities but the term ascension was not around outside of tight knit groups. I have voraciously consumed esoteric/spiritual/philosophic knowledge for 25 years while running through the gamut of my negative patterns. When I finally had enough, I crashed into a Dark Night of the Soul for 5 years and finally came through the other end mid 2014 by being loaded into a cannon and shot deep into the “mystery”.

        Every time I take a leap into a “higher” perspective, my mission changes. Each “smaller” mission is cumulative towards a larger and larger one that I can “see” but I still have some fear to work through to embrace it(Think Bill Murray in What About Bob, baby steps!) . I think a lot of us Volunteers go through a similar process at times where a mission is revealed to do work through mediumship, channeling, or other psychic abilities, but for me I was told to move past that and continue on. We have to get through a lot of smaller missions(initiations) before the grand one is revealed and it’s all relative to the person and their particular Cosmic lineage. A Being with conscious anchors in Sirius, Pleiades, and Andromeda is going to be blueprinted to express those energies into this realm for a precise purpose. Those connections, like yours, pipe in specific info/knowledge for you to realize and express your mission. Once you do, it’s game on!

        For anyone trying to figure out their mission, look at your life from a “higher” perspective. Look closely at your proclivities, interests, excitement, knowledge, and find patterns of behavior. Your blueprint is hidden in there. Your intuition will reveal it. You can even find your divine lineage in there as well.

        For me, I’m still not quite at a place where I can stamp what my lineage is on the Internet yet, lol. All in due time I guess. We are ALL still learning and will continue to. There is no end game, just a continuous ride.

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      • Dayna says:

        Wow! Quite an explanation. It sounds similar to my own life path thus far. Seems like never-ending twists and turns. I never thought of it in terms of “missions”, though I can see that now. I don’t think I have had very many of these in this lifetime yet. I am not very clear of the one I am currently on either.

        So you’be been able to see your life plan (I guess that is the same as blueprint) for most of your life? I wonder if we are all like that. I was aware of mine before my awakening.

        I have lots of questions for you but its probably not appropriate here.:) Thanks again for sharing some of your personal journey!

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      • Fungi2bwith says:

        Seeing blueprints has to do with understanding multidimensionality, timelines, our fractal continuum from Source, color ray, and very jacked into the intuitive process. Everyone on Earth is acting within a “preset” loop of choices, which on higher perspectives makes “free will” not so free as we like to think, lol.

        There is a “top-level” Source blueprint and as we move “down” in frequency and into “lower” dimensions from Source, we choose what we want to experience and learn within those realms. As we learn in those realms, we imprint our souls with a blueprint from those experiences, then we move “down” to the next one, then the next one, all the way down here on 3D Earth, accumulating “skills” and blueprints to unlock and express those skills as YOU defined it.

        We conscious Volunteers are awake and as we expand our consciousness and pull down higher aspects of ourSelves, we unlock those blueprints. Try not to think of missions as always something to DO, a lot of times they are just something to BE and we are DOing it without even realizing it just by integrating it into our fields. Its all a process of ebbs and flows. We can’t be slammed with too much energy/light at once, the human vessel just can’t handle it.

        YOU are DOing IT and so is everyone else reading your blog. We tend to define things in a way that makes us impatient at times.

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      • Dayna says:

        Okay. Thanks so much for the explanation. 🙂 I have not read much about blueprints and this intrigues me. Guess I need to research them now.


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