Dream: Golden Eagle

I slept deeply last night. After so many nights of fitful sleep, it was wonderful!

Dream: Class on Hold

I had a near-lucid dream in which I went into a classroom to wait for class to begin. There were other students there and we were all tired. Interestingly, there were sofas for us to sit on and so most of us were lying down and resting. I recall two men I was familiar with whom invited me to lay my head on their legs. I could not get comfortable because people kept talking.

There was a conversation about the class by two young people. One was complaining about how hard it was. I knew we were in a history class and I recall I said to him, “You guys always choose the hard history classes like “Asian History” or something. If you would just take Western Civ like you are suppose to it wouldn’t be so hard”.

I realized at that point that I had a Master’s degree and wondered if I even needed this history class. I then though I could use it towards this “new” degree.

A black woman was periodically poking her head in to check on us until class started. She did not want us sleeping and kept giving me “the look”. At one point she brought in toys to keep us occupied but they were given as gifts. I recall that I was called to the front by my husband and given a small box. When  I opened it, several interconnected, pink paperclips were inside. I knew they were to pin my wings back, like restrain them. They were so tiny, though, and I was insulted by the gift. My husband laughed.

I got another gift. – a barbie with accessories. I said, “You want me to play with this?” I took my barbie to the sofa and pretended to play with her while the black lady kept giving me the look. I couldn’t help but feel like everyone was laughing at me. I felt very “serious” compared to them and just wanted to sleep!

Dream: Golden Salt Rock 

Fed up with waiting for class to start (we were suppose to be resting!) I wandered to the edge of the classroom. It extended into a long hall and I saw a t.v. screen. I watched it even though the volume was turned off. The black woman checked on me and I told her I was watching the show. She was pleased I wasn’t sleeping.

As I watched, I saw a large room behind the screen. It was a cavernous-type room of a golden-brown color. It was separated from me by a large, glass window.  It looked like the inside of a cave. In the center was this very large, round rock. It was also golden in color but I knew it was a salt rock placed there for therapy and that the store was a massage therapy type business. The salt rock was massive and lit from the inside. It glowed a beautiful gold color and pulsated. I wanted badly to touch it. I saw several people receiving healing in an adjacent room. It peaked my interest.

Dream: Golden Eagle

Then I was walking along a high mountain path leading some people to where – I don’t know. There was this golden eagle just sitting on the side of the path. I picked it up, letting it sit on my left arm. It was massive and beautiful and I just wanted to take it with me. It seemed tame and I loved its golden plumage.

As I walked I looked at the ground and it was covered in snow drifts. I knew they were from an old snow and enjoyed hearing the crunch of my feet as I walked through it. I was talking to the group behind me. I felt like I was their leader and was informing them of what the symbolism of it all meant.

I placed the eagle in a snow drift and watched as it sunk down and then nestled inside it. I said, “Look, it is making a nest in the snow”.


The first class appears to be a dream about resting and waiting for a class to start – class symbolizing learning. I felt like an old pro and was very tired of the learning, it seems. Others were trying to cheer me up, but I seemed overly serious.

The salt rock felt to me to be symbolic of healing as did the entire massage therapy shop. I longed for this rejuvenation and the dream felt to me like I was reminiscing on old times or perhaps thinking of the future when I could get much needed healing.

The eagle dream was the most memorable. I could feel the eagle and really loved him. I carried him like an old friend. Eagles symbolize self-renewal and one’s connection to their spiritual side. I also feel it represents an acceptance of the spiritual side of myself. I was very carefree and accepting even though I was walking a treacherous mountain path.

Intergalactic Space Craft

I had instances before dream time where I was hearing about a space craft. I heard the name but only remember part of it – The Intergalactic something or rather. I saw it hovering just above Earth and saw the edge of it. It was a saucer but it was massive and I only saw the edge of it.

Before I could get the whole name, I yelled at my Team, “Stop it, I don’t want to know.  It’s just too weird!” But the information kept coming in and keeping me from sleeping. Of the information that got through, there was mention of “gathering” and “convening”. There were also flashes of light in my vision.

I finally dozed off at some point. However, I feel the “class” and all my dreams were symbolic of me being in this craft. I believe I went to “check-in” and that was where I stayed most of the night.


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