Question and Messages

We present to you a question: Would you be willing to let us through so that we may assist huemanity through you? 

I am being presented with this question today. Yesterday as well. And before that, too.


Before being presented this morning with this question, I had seen in front of me many visions and heard many messages mixed in with them.


Representing a “conduit of consciousness”. It was golden in color and laying on its side. I felt this represented something I was currently doing, but had trouble understanding it.

stewardThe Earth

I saw a small, round object being passed from hand to hand by a group of people standing in a circle. It was hard to see, so I took a closer look. I saw that it was the Earth.

Message About Dreams vs Reality

As I was waking up I heard someone explaining how I had to return to the unknowingness now. I remember thinking, “Sleep is my real life and wake is my pretend life”.

Many Will Be Leaving

I had an entire communication with someone about the state of the world and how things would soon escalate. I was told, “Many are leaving. Many will be leaving”. I had a sadness at hearing this but a feeling that I knew this would happen.

Explosion in the Sky

I saw what appeared to be fire and then saw a very bright flash of light. I got the message: there will be an explosion in the sky and then you will see the Light. Look for the light.

What exactly some of these message mean are yet to be known. I will say that the last message seems to go with the message I got not long ago about a bright, white star-like object in the sky.

I plan on allowing my Companion through as requested, but I don’t truly understand how or what will result. I’ll keep you all posted.


2 thoughts on “Question and Messages

  1. SKYLAR A says:

    Wow….Thanks for sharing, Dayna..💙💙💙💙💙🌈🌈

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Wowww. I am sensing big changes happening globally so this all aligns with my own guidance. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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