Searching? You are Right Here

After revelations from yesterday (soul braid/walk-in), I have woken in “search mode”. Yet as always I am finding nothing that resonates; nothing of significance that sings to me, “Yes! This is what I am experiencing!”.

Instead I find many, many other souls searching for themselves. They seem to have some things figured out but most are just lost, endlessly trying to identify with this Earth existence, trying to attach themselves to one form of expression or another.

Some are lost in the idea of being a walk-in, Starseed, Channel, or other label (there are so many my head hurts now!). They have given themselves up to this, in some cases alienating the very people who love them and support. I read one about a woman who gave up custody of her little one in favor of becoming the labels she identifies with!

I give up on my search. It is pointless and endless, serving only to complicate and confuse my experience, limiting it to that which is but a label of something which cannot be contained in a label or human category.

Yet I find myself using such labels to explain what I am going through. This is unfortunate yet a necessary component of the human experience. The limited nature of this experience and the human mind’s capacity to understand that which is unlimited calls for such categorization.

If you find yourself in such a quandary – reaching to find some explanation or similar experience to your own – it is OKAY. However, if you become overwhelmed, frustrated – if your thirst to KNOW has become insatiable in your search – then slow down, retreat and take a break. There is no need to put yourself through such a maze of never-ending questioning and self-doubt.

Retreat into your heart space; into your Knowingness. This is your truth. This is your experience. No other will have exactly this experience. You are unique. You are special. You are loved just as you are no matter what label you or others apply to yourself.

Beware the human traps. This experience is not to be boxed up with a ribbon attached. This experience is meant to be expansive and expressive of you. No one else. Just you.


6 thoughts on “Searching? You are Right Here

  1. truthcodex says:

    I’ve heard similar stories from others who became confused and distracted by the ever-illusive searching of the self, sometimes for years at a time. Part of this, I think, is the idea of the consciousness matching the vibration of searching. In other words, when you search for yourself, you are BEING the search. Like you said, go to your knowingness. Then you are BEING your knowingness. Love this post. Thank you. 🙂

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  2. Well said! Nothing to add.

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  3. SKYLAR A says:

    The aspects of our selves are limitless so we are limitless and always changing…

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  4. Fungi2bwith says:

    Labels/attachments are of ego/head consciousness, trapped in the maze. Stay in the heart center, as you said, everything else will BE in place. I feel your heart wide open in this post 😉

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  5. I just wrote something that your article builds on in a deeper level. Thanks for the post as a 17 year old helped me gain more outlook on life!

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