Lucid to OBE: 1977 Chevy

I have discovered that I cannot take B6 day after day and get results. Instead, I need to take it randomly. Every time I have randomly taken it I have gone OOB.

Lucid Dream: Promotion

I had just come out of a dream in which I was taking an English test and yelled at the teacher, threatening her and backing her into the corner if she failed me. lol Then I ended up in a dream where I was semi-lucid and watching a military man be promoted to “V” (not sure what this designated).

I remember feeling very proud of this man but not wanting people to think we were “together”. I also heard that others did not get promoted because they refused the H1N1 vaccine (weird!).

Lucid to OBE: 1977 Chevy

I was then much more lucid and inside a pick-up truck. I was floating above the dashboard which was very obviously old. I remember someone saying it had room enough to store everything and I said, “It sure does!” as I stared at the immense dashboard. I remember hearing it was a 1977 model Chevy pickup.

Then I was outside in a green field looking up at a vibrant blue sky. I knew I was OOB and was thrilled. I looked ahead of me and saw an old white mobile home. It resembled the mobile home my grandparents lived in when I was a child. I could see that it had a car parked by it and heard a child yelling. I thought of my grandmother and knew this was a rendering from her past.

I wanted to go there and said as much mentally. I launched myself in the air but felt a pressure, like an invisible hand, descend from above and push me gently down. I was insistent, though, and so launched myself up with even more gusto. When I did I shot straight up above the treetops and then stopped suddenly mid-air. I was glad of this because I hadn’t wanted to go so high up, but then I began to feel myself sucked strongly backwards, away from the scene in the direction of the field.

I struggled to stay in the scene but was plopped down into my body with such force that I woke immediately with barely any lingering energy. I knew instantly why I had been brought back. I was not suppose to explore the mobile home. I was suppose to stay in the field and focus on my heart chakra.

Big fail.



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