Dream: Returning to Work

I had a dream the other night that keeps coming back to me. Since my dreams have been so numerous and long, I have avoided writing about them because I believe they are the least interesting of my experiences. In order to avoid a lengthy retelling, I will summarize.

Dream: Returning to Work

I returned to the job I left in October just to see how things were going. I saw an office that was not there before. It looked like an administrator’s office. I inquired about it and was told, “No one uses that office”. I then went by my old office and it was empty.

I ran into old students who claimed they missed me. I hugged one and helped him with his anxiety. Then, as I was leaving, I saw an old associate who I had worked with back in 2007. When I saw him he waved and I slipped in mud and got it all over my pants.


The part of the dream that keeps returning is the office that no one used. It sat there as if waiting for someone to use it. It was in direct contrast to my old office, which was vacant. When I woke from the dream I kept thinking my old job was going to call me back. Not sure why I thought this. I also kept thinking that office, the one no one used, was waiting for me and got the idea that I need to return to counseling.

The thing is, I don’t want to have anything to do with the education system and am not interested in the system in which I would have to work if I got an LPC. Yet when I saw this office in my dreams I felt this was presented to me to consider. In response to my thoughts I received warm energy that radiated from my heart center and my third-eye began to buzz confirming my correct interpretation.

There came with this energy an unspoken message: This information is being allowed to trickle out into my conscious awareness slowly so that I can absorb it without rejecting it. It does not mean I have to do anything right now. The only thing asked of me is to consider and be open to opportunities arising in this area.

I continued to ponder the idea of counseling. What would be my ideal scene if this were to occur?

Well, for one, it would have to be spiritually oriented. I have in the past looked into transpersonal psychology but I am really in no way interested in returning to school. Plus the only schools are out of state and most are not accredited.

In further thinking of the options I know of, I became concerned because I do not see my current situation as being conducive to such a change. I was then reminded that this was just an inkling; something to consider and no action was required of me.


4 thoughts on “Dream: Returning to Work

  1. SKYLAR A says:

    Your dream about your old job and your current situation reminds me strongly of some of my dreams recently and my current situation…I am observing myself constantly and I only do what I think is really necessary at the moment for this situation. Hopefully a desirable solution will unfold itself. For the both of us and anyone else for that matter.

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    • Dayna says:

      Yes, hopefully. I believe we are where we are meant to be even if we don’t feel that way.

      Liked by 1 person

      • SKYLAR A says:

        I woke up this morning with this Bon Jovi song called “Welcome to Wherever You Are” in my head 😉

        Welcome to wherever you are
        This is your life, you made it this far
        Welcome, you got to believe
        That right here right now, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be

        Be who you want to be, be who you are
        Everyone’s a hero, everyone’s a star

        When you want to give up, and your heart is about to break
        Remember that you’re perfect, God makes no mistakes

        Welcome, to wherever you are

        And have a great day! :-))

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      • Dayna says:

        Awesome message!

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