Light Language Workshop

Yesterday I attended an on-line light activation class. I signed up for it because when I saw it posted a couple of weeks ago my third-eye began to blaze with energy and I thought, “I should do that”. So I did.

Unfortunately, I was unable to fully focus on the second half of the class because my daughter arrived home from school and at the same time my toddler woke from his nap. He is a very fussy, clingy little one after a nap, so I had to hold him and console him, missing out of the last hour of the class.

I did, however, get to do the first part which invovled drumming and practicing vocalizing light language. The first part caused my third-eye to blaze intensely. The second half I struggled with but did participate in. Whenever I vocalized what was coming through my whole body was covered in warm energy that spread from my heart chakra outward. My third-eye also was very intense with energy.

I was able to write down some of what I received but was interrupted by the bus arriving. The picture above is what I wrote, but only the smaller symbols. The second half is what came out this morning right after waking.


I believe there was an activation initiated with this class but it has not been anything major for me as of yet. I was resistant to expressing the language coming through via vocalization and movement. However, I have no issue allowing the symbols to flow through and I hear the sounds/words/syllables in my mind.

My head began to hurt during and after the class. It was localized to the area right above my left eye. I was told in the class that this is not uncommon. It was not painful enough to disrupt my life and this morning it is gone.

Interpretation of Symbols

The symbols above have varying meanings and I will not go into detail about what each one means. The message includes: “Galactic Council of Light”, “trans-dimensional”, “communication”, “assimilation”, “build (house)”, “freedom” and “barriers”.

The second half, the larger section I wrote this morning, includes: “contact point”, “reference”, “destination”, “simultaneous”, “influx”, “energy”, “translocation” among others.

Overall the messages I received when put together send a message of connection and communication with the Council and Galactic Federation of Light. There is also a communication about an upcoming influx of energy and contact with my Team.





6 thoughts on “Light Language Workshop

  1. truthcodex says:

    This sounds amazing! Where do you find such things? 😀

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  2. truthcodex says:

    Ahh, I just clicked that link. Awesome!

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  3. Zarah says:

    I listened to her a bit … it sounds a bit like the Pleiadian videos by Eva Marquez. You can listen to her here, there’s also more of her videos there:

    I also want to recommend Judy Satori, she speaks a different kind of light language, there’s lots of free audios on her website and they are really good: The stuff in the Karma Klear section helps with lots of different blockages.

    I speak my own light language, but so far I don’t understand it lol. It’s really weird to speak something and have no idea what you are saying. I have even had conversations with other people who also speak their own language, and on one level we did understand each other … the part of me that speaks the language knows what she is saying, but “i” don’t. Sometimes I speak it with my guides and then they laugh and I go, “What did I say?” It’s really funny.

    I like your written codes too, I can feel the energy in them, it’s very strong. Keep going, I think if you practice you can get a lot of info that way. 🙂

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    • Dayna says:

      Thanks Zarah. I’ll check those out. I will need to practice speaking it more because I struggle to vocalize it. The symbols come more naturally. Good that you could feel the energy in them. 🙂

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      • Zarah says:

        For me it started while I was singing. First I sang only vowels, then it became like melodies. After a while, more consonants came and it began to sound like words. It evolved slowly, bit by bit, over several years. If I had not met some people who could understand it, I might have thought it was gibberish. 😉 Maybe you can work with the symbols more if that comes more naturally to you, and take it slowly with the speaking..

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