Nudges from Higher Self

The energy was odd yesterday for a little while, likely due to geomagnetic storms. I had an odd experience during the downside of the these storms. Onthe drive home from the gym, I suddenly felt that my car and me inside of it was moving both forward and backward at the same time. It was so weird that I panicked slightly because I felt that I was moving out of this reality into another one. Thankfully it didn’t last long. I was happy to get home and out of the car!

Message from Higher Self

Later in the day I got a message out of the blue from my HS. It was a simple message and was repeated several times. Basically it was that I should get out and connect with more people in-person and tell them about my experiences. I did not reject this idea, but am allowing myself to grow comfortable with the idea because it exposes me to ridicule and criticism and just plain out rejection.

Considerations: How it Is Vs How it Should Be

Interestingly, the idea of being more open about my beliefs and experiences with those I associate with in my daily life is something I have not been doing. Since I began to have the intense experiences and E.T. contact, I have avoided talking openly about it. How does one relate such an experience to others anyway? It is hard enough to do in writing!

Sadly, I have really not fully disclosed my experiences since meeting and marrying my husband and starting a family. I found that in discussing my experiences and ideas that it resulted in an energy cut-off from my husband. This is simply because he cannot relate. It is the same feeling I get when talking with others who do not understand or don’t have the same reality. It is uncomfortable and makes talking about my experiences even harder.

And here I am being encouraged to “come out” to those closest to me. I see how withholding this part of myself has created a distance between myself and those I love most. How can I expect to feel happy in my life if I am in effect “lying” about who I am all the time?

And when I look deeper, I recognize that even I am hesitant to embrace my experiences for “what they are”. I put quotes around the last part because, honestly, I cannot define my experiences for myself. I don’t exactly know what they are! I can’t say for sure that these are E.T. communications nor can I say that the “memories” I receive and the strange feelings that accompany them are “real”.

As I write them I am asked, “What do you feel is happening to you?”

And when I hear this question I want to cry. Not because I am afraid of what it is that is happening – quite the opposite. I am overwhelmed with knowing that it IS real and it IS purposeful. The purpose being that I am suppose to tell people about my experiences. That there is something happening to Earth and the people here. That there is a very big event on the horizon that people must be ready for; an event that is important to the extent that I feel and have been feeling that “time is running out”.

What to Do?

I don’t know what to tell my friends, family and the people I meet. In the past, when I have seen things that will happen in the future and told people close to me it has either been ignored or they have (my husband specifically) reacted as if I am being negative or trying to upset them.

This happened this morning in fact. I tried to remind my husband of a knowingness I received just after the birth of my son in 2014. I knew that my mother-in-law would not be able to help take care of him or other children when my son reached the age of 2. I have since felt I should prepare for this by finding other means of childcare, which I have done (I stay home now). This morning, when I reminded my husband of my knowingness, he began to yell and get angry at me, insisting that I was trying to suppress his mother and make her incapable of watching our kids. This is not true but I did not do well in trying to dissuade him. I should not have pointed out that she is already showing signs of problems. She fell and could not get up while watching our kids and has since fallen. She is watching a three-year-old full-time, five days a week right now and is so exhausted that she has to lay down for the entire weekend! I see this and my concern just grows. Yet others seem oblivious to it.

So, as you can see, my family is not very open to what I experience or Know. It is frustrating and exhausting for me to try and act upon my knowingness around them.

HS Nudges

I am reminded how this morning my HS nudged me. I was dozing happily in the middle of a dream when suddenly a great clap of thunder sounded (it was not raining) shocking me into wakefulness. I said to my HS, “Why did you do that!? I want to sleep!” I saw in my mind’s eye, “5:30” and knew this was the normal “debriefing time”. I responded with, “I don’t want to be debriefed”. lol

I ended up not being able to sleep and got up just in time to see my husband. Thus, the above argument ensued because I opened my mouth about my knowingness of his mother’s future.

There Will Be Repercussions

Regardless of what happens, I know there will be repercussions. It is inevitable that some kind of upset will result from within my own family; either my own or others’. I recognize that I put myself in this situation. I made my bed and so must lie in it.




24 thoughts on “Nudges from Higher Self

  1. SKYLAR A says:

    Just start with telling small truths, be creative with telling how you got to these truths. Some people are more open to who you are and what you are capable of so keep that in mind. The main thing is that ultimately you speak your truth from your heart and you are able to show yourself who you are. Little by little and then you will experience various moment that you realize how much you have accomplished. And yes, there may be repercussions, although if you act from a place of peace these repercussions may smooth themselves out…

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  2. Dayna says:

    Yes, small truths. πŸ™‚

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  3. Fungi2bwith says:

    My advice in this subject is hypocritical, so grain of salt yada yada yada. I definitely do not talk to people about this. I used my mom as a test case thinking she was open minded and even gave her some “easy” stuff and she recoiled immediately. I’m also being told to get out and stand in my authenticity. I was thinking about joining a meetup group to at least get out there and talk to like-minded people first to get comfortable and break the ice. However I have not done so. Not even close. I do feel like this is the route for me but I just need to grow a pair and do it. I’ve been in the cave too long and that’s made this endeavor difficult.

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    • Dayna says:

      Not hypocritical – honest. πŸ™‚

      It’s hard to get out there and start opening up about the real you. Baby steps. Perhaps the MeetUp group is too much for you right now? I suggest asking your guidance to help you in this area. I have found this method is the best overall as they know you best and will send you in the right direction.

      I have put myself out there before so it should not be so hard for me except….that it is. In 2003 when I did it I embraced it with full gusto and was happy to share myself with anyone I came across. I was full of myself, unfortunately, but I was able to meet many like minded people and my family did not reject me.

      This time I am not so full of myself, nor am I sure of myself either. I no longer consider myself a psychic/medium, though I can do it if I want. I lost interest there and now am happy to sit in the shadows. I don’t know why telling my family about my strange K and E.T. experience is so nerve wracking. It isn’t much different from telling them, “Hey I talk to dead people and fly in my dreams”. LOL But yet it is different because my family is super religious and now I firmly believe all religion comes from contact with E.T.s So telling my Mom, “Hey, I believe the God of the Bible is an alien” probably won’t go over too well. 😦

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      • Being able to laugh at ourselves even at our weakest moments is critical. If it’s all just a dream, well it’s a really interesting one isn’t it? If it’s not, what else can we do but be ready to laugh and do the best we can! Whatever it is that’s behind all this isn’t likely to mind.

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  4. truthcodex says:

    I very recently tested this by talking to one of my only friends about consciousness, layers of thought, facing fears, and other surface level stuff. I am currently receiving the cold shoulder and am worried that I’ve permanently damaged the relationship. I get the sense lots of people are still very much asleep and aren’t willing [or are simply unable] to dig deeper into their true selves.

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  5. Karin says:

    Thanks for sharing this so openly here.
    This seems like a really difficult situation. I have no good suggestions for you, but I just feel compelled to let you know how much this post resonates with me and that I can relate to these issues.
    From my own experiences, I conclude the following:
    -)That inner voice , Source, very much wants that we speak up once we have found the connection to the divine on our inside. I was pressured with nudges first and then health issues later to go online, share, start a blog. I was also encouraged to send the blog link to friends if there was a slim chance that they might be open to this subject. I was encouraged to inform my family about it.
    They are free to read the blog if they want to, or not. They don’t understand my point of view. They cannot relate and do not agree. And that is ok. I just felt urged to inform them. Now I am not hiding my blog from them and have checked that item off of my mental todo list.
    I have seen many here on WP who have felt the pressure to become more visible. This summer was a time when many came out with their first picture, first voice recording, or first video.

    -) I am not nudged to talk to everyone about it, just to people where there is a slim chance that they might be open to the subject. To discern and decide in these cases is something I find hard enough to do. Sometimes the people can relate, but sometimes I get raised eyebrows, which is an uncomfortable experience.

    -) I think that the journey is not so much about spreading the knowledge and experience, but that it is rather about walking through our rings of fear. It is not so much about shoving the truth down someone else’s throat who might just not be ready for the subject. It is more about losing the fear of self-expression. Because freedom is on the other side of it. Freedom is there once we see that we have walked through the fears and they cannot harm us.

    You have such a good connection to your higher self that you will be guided to the most appropriate actions.

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    • Dayna says:

      You make a good point about confronting fear. I believe you hit the nail on the head. It is likely not so much about who I talk to what I share but more of can I love myself – all of myself – enough to do it.

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  6. herongrace says:

    Some good points there. I had to think about your dilemma. My first thought was I live in Australia and generally people here aren’t religious so we don’t have such rigid beliefs to deal with. i think people here are generally tolerant of peoples’ beliefs and have some appreciation of psychic/ mystical beliefs of others.
    When I was young I lived in share accommodation a lot and anyone who knew me no matter how sceptical would listen if i had a psychic knowing. I have found there is nothing so good as a damn good track record to get people to listen to you.
    I was also encouraged to write down strong messages. You can use these to refer back to if your husband gets angry.
    I also pick up earth signals such as incoming earthquakes, through my body, [not psychic] and some people think this is being negative. I explain to them this is what I do, and when one occurs, they understand better. I consider myself a messenger and do not think tags of positive/ negative are relevant.
    You might be able to open up by joining a local meditation group or finding some outlet locally where perhaps you could do intuitive readings for people who guidance has nudged in your direction to receive channelled messages.
    Don’t bother getting into arguments with closed people. It’s a waste of your time and energy.

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  7. Dayna says:

    Writing it down would be a good thing, though with my husband anything concerning a close family member is tricky. I probably should just keep my mouth shut in those cases. lol Yet he knows I am right (predictions have come true time and time again) and I think that is why he reacts so fiercely. I also should know better than to talk to him about it in the morning when I am “mommy monster”. LOL

    I have considered a group around here but with a 20 month old and four year old in tow and a husband gone until 9pm every night I’m not sure when I would be able to meet up with anyone. Maybe I can make it work. Maybe.

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  8. teleile says:

    I sometimes wonder if our HS’s really understand how it is down here! πŸ˜€
    I get told this too, and I think, ‘Yes? How?’ Talk about how to lose friends and alienate people. In the very best-case scenario, you get laughed at incredulously. Worst case, you’re forever viewed as a fruit loop, “the mad woman of blankville”, possibly even dangerous. (‘She believes she’s an Arcturian! Who knows what other insanities might bubble up in her head?’) πŸ™‚
    And yes, even passing on an intuition like you did to your husband, they react at you. Happened to me many times. 😦

    I really am at a loss here. Does anyone have any suggestions for a small truth, and how to bring it into a conversation?

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    • Dayna says:

      Funny you say that because I was just telling my HS, “You come down here and do it”. Ha!

      When I came out about my mediumship ability I got some silent responses by family but can’t imagine what they will say if I tell them I am a Starseed and what that means to me (Lyrian).

      Small truth….hmmm…I will tell them to watch Ancient Aliens and tell me what they think. If they are open to it then I know I can talk to them about some of my beliefs. πŸ˜‰


    • Fungi2bwith says:

      LOL, I say the same thing!! “Why do I have to be the one down here doing the shit work?!”

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  9. teleile says:

    I said that to my HS too, lol!
    I am not being funny, but I do think that they, not forget, exactly, but are not perceiving it as one does when embodied.

    A few years back, I was having a really bad week. I had torn a shoulder muscle, was off work sick for two weeks, was worrying how to pay the rent, had another minor but painful injury, and everything was just horrible that week – my cat was unwell, the weather was awful, etc etc. I was having a really crap time.
    At this time, I went at night on a visit to my starship, and while there, was casually discussing my human self with someone. I viewed ‘her’, and kind of went: ‘Oh, her shoulder’s painful, she’s got no money – but yea, she’s OK, that’s fine.’ (!!)
    And it wasn’t that I’d “forgotten” the pain, etc. No, I saw it all clearly. But at that level, it just didn’t matter, it was chickenfeed stuff. Down here, though, it *did* matter, I was having an appalling time!

    That’s a good idea, if you know people who watch TV (I don’t). You could say, ‘What did you think about xyz?’, and take it from there. Or not. πŸ™‚

    I may just be unlucky with the people surrounding me, but I can’t be the only one. I mean, this is why we are all sat here looking at our screens right now, isn’t it?

    A woman I knew at work once was talking about pregnancy and knowing the gender of the baby, and I said how I had known I’d have a daughter, because when I was pregnant, I dreamed of having a little girl.
    Now, that is quite a common thing. I was taken aback by her reaction: she put her hand over her mouth and said, ‘Oh, my God!! That’s WEIRD!’ She told another colleague, who said, ‘Brr, that’s so weird! Creepy.’ For the rest of the afternoon, they gazed at me incredulously, as if I had two heads.
    “Earth to HS; These are the kind of people we walk amongst!’ Lol. πŸ™‚

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    • Dayna says:

      That woman would have really been freaked out by me. I tell people, “I knew I would have a daughter when I was 17 and had her name picked out by 19”. I also knew my sons were boys before they came as well, though I did not expect the third one.


  10. Zarah says:

    I’ve had some different encounters – even when I wasn’t quite as “active” as I am today. Waaay back, when I was hitchhiking, a truck driver picked me up and we were silent most of the time because I didn’t know what to say to him. I thought we had nothing in common.

    Then we got talking (how, I don’t recall now) and we touched on the topic of reincarnation. He told me a story he had read of a 5 year old boy in Africa who led his parents to the place where his previous incarnation had died. He recognized everything – the village, the house – and people there confirmed that the man who had lived in that house fell from the roof 5 years ago and broke his neck. He had reincarnated shortly after that as that little boy, and remembered everything. – We had a really good talk after that and were sorry that I had to get off so soon. Never would I have thought that we had common interests.

    Another time I got talking to a guy in a park. He asked me what I do, and I told him veeeery cautiously “that I talk to extraterrestrial beings”. I said “maybe you will find that weird”, and he replied that he had a near death experience some years ago where he was in a coma for several weeks. “And the things I saw when I was in that coma”, he said, “since then, there is nothing I would deem impossible.” He told me about walking on the Jacob’s Way (a pilgrimage path in Spain), and how walking that path changed his consciousness. I had never met this guy and I didn’t know how he’d react, but we had a really good conversation about things you usually only share with people you know a bit better. πŸ˜‰

    So my point in telling these stories is, you never know what you might miss if you don’t tell people about your experiences – just because you assume out of hand that they will be unsympathetic. Some might be, but the more comfortable you get with sharing your experiences, the more people you will meet that can relate to them.

    Some people are even thankful. Five years ago I was in a class learning about setting up a business. I was the only “new age” person there. Others had more “traditional” business ideas – they wanted to publish books, start nutrition counseling, or open a newspaper stall. The interesting thing was that people came to me and asked questions like “can you see spirits”, and I said that no, I can’t do that, but I do believe they exist. One woman then told me that she had had strange occurrences in her home and she thought they might be caused by spirits. I said, yes definitely, you should get a Feng Shui practitioner or a dowser to find out if there is something in your house – and she looked at me with such relief and said, “You are the first person I talk to who says that this is a possibility!”

    Now this was five years ago, and my perception is that knowledge about these things is spreading. It’s not so weird anymore … there’s lots of people now waking up and getting interested in spirituality. But if no one ever talks about the “woo woo” stuff and keeps up the “normal” mask, you might never find out that your next door neighbour reads the tarot cards and your colleague at work is a reiki practitioner, and they are really interested in what you have to say. πŸ˜‰

    So, pluck up your courage! πŸ™‚ It’s really not that hard – and after all, this is part of what we came here to bring into the world …

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    • Dayna says:

      Great examples you present, Zarah! Thank you for sharing them. I believe we are put into the paths of those who need to hear what we have to say. This “activates” them in ways we may never know.

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  11. teleile says:

    Very true, Zarah, and thank you for your brilliant and inspiring post! Yes, if we all keep quiet, then how will *anyone* have the courage to speak? You’re right, we can’t tell how others are going to respond unless we try; and you can get a surprise sometimes.

    Thinking about it, our HS’s aren’t so dense at all. If you look, dress, behave, speak and function ‘normally’ (ie, you seem house-trained in conventional tick-tock society) :), and if people have known you for years, then if you state what to them seems an outrageous truth, they cannot just write you off as insane; the evidence is against it, you are clearly not crazy, you don’t behave in a lunatic way. So the people we know are the very ones we should be truthful with.

  12. “And when I look deeper, I recognize that even I am hesitant to embrace my experiences for ‘what they are’.”

    Understood! ‘What they are’ appears to be well beyond our conscious understanding, and there is no shame in saying “I don’t know, but let’s keep going”. I admire that much more than I do people who pretend to understand more than they really do. There are so many conclusions we can draw, some tempting and some frightening, others disappointingly mundane and boring. Honesty and integrity within ourselves is the most important thing. Keep going! πŸ™‚

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