Dream: Baby Snails

I slept really hard last night and had many strange dreams, the kind where nothing really makes much sense and blend together. When I woke up, 10 hours later, I felt drowsy and didn’t want to get out of bed. I asked to astral project but was told, “We are working on you [energetically]” so I knew it was a no-go.

Dreams About My Nanny

For two nights in a row I’ve had dreams about my grandmother who died last year not long after the birth of my son.

In the first dream my grandmother was on the floor of her home cleaning it vigorously with a large towel. Her poodle was nearby watching. I asked her, “Nanny, why are you on the floor?” She said, “It’s dirty and my knees are out”. This was typical of her in her later years as her knees both went out.

Last night I dreamed of her again, but this time I did not see her. Instead I was inside her home where her things were being laid out on the kitchen table. There were many small jars and a strange looking vibrating thing. I picked up the latter and was asked if I wanted it by my mom. I knew it was a dildo and said, “No. Gross”. Then my mom showed me the attachment and it was this foot long, smooth and flat rod. It looked more like a sword than a dildo. It was really weird! I remember not wanting to think about my grandparents using it together.

Then I saw a machine and an attachment. The attachment was for an enema and I was again grossed out, imaging my grandmother giving herself an enema. lol

Finally, I began looking at the jars on the table. Inside one I saw a tiny brown and black puppy. I remembered my grandmother often froze dead puppies (not sure why). I looked closer and the puppy had two maggots on it. Yuck! The other containers also contained puppies. I looked in one and there were three.

I then went into a dream within a dream where I watched a mother dog and her three puppies. The mother dog refused to let them nurse and the puppies slowly starved to death. As I watched, a woman was telling me that she kept them together as much as possible. I kept asking why she didn’t feed them herself. The answer I got was she had to let nature take its course. This upset me quite a bit. I felt it was unfair and was sad about it.

Dream: Baby Snails

I had an odd, very vivid dream after that. In it I was in an apartment standing with others looking at someone who said, “When you come back for your friend you will die”. It looked like he threw something towards us and this force-field of blue shimmered. I didn’t worry about what he said because my friend was already with me.

We went into a room and I watched my friends sit on the floor and eat. I began to clean up the floor which was covered in crumbs and debris and asked them to please not eat in the living area. That is when I saw a plant that was doing poorly. I picked it up and found it had too much water in it. I squeezed out the water and these strange pods fell out.

I picked up a pod and wondered what it was. It reminded me of buckeye seed but it was light colored and smooth. Something was moving inside. I inspected it further and determined it was two baby snails.

I took the snails to a science lab and showed them to this guy. He dissected it, which upset me. I said, “You’ll kill them!”. I remember being fascinated by the baby snails.

The rest of this dream is confusing. The whole time it felt to me that we were hiding from a war that was raging all around us.


Prior to sleep last night I experienced a great emotional outpouring over the refugee situation in Europe. I had watched a video and was hit suddenly with a great sadness for them and their plight. It brought up to the surface past issues of loss, specifically loss of children and the innocent. Such emotional situations always make me wonder how people can be so cruel. I believe the dream I had in my grandmother’s home was about this.

The second dream also applies to this issue. Snails represent over sensitivity. They can also symbolize steady progress towards a goal and bring the message to go at one’s own pace.

I know without knowing how that I am currently focusing on my heart center, purging yet more from it’s depths. It would be nice to be able to be objective about the suffering on this planet and not be hit with the pain I did yesterday when thinking of the refugees. Similarly, I would like to not feel this way when considering the deaths of the innocent, animal and human alike. I am not sure there is even a way to avoid such emotion, though.




8 thoughts on “Dream: Baby Snails

  1. truthcodex says:

    I understand what you mean. A couple months back I burst into a ridiculous amount of tears [and I never cry] because of all the dead fish, dolphin, and whale beachings that are occurring. I understand from a certain vantage point it makes sense, but that’s hard to see from this level at times.

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    • Dayna says:

      Yes, so hard to see from this perspective. I have struggled with my over emotional reaction to the state of the planet – human cruelty and neglect are major issues for me. I have long conversations with my guide about it. He always explains how these individuals chose the path they are on and that they are all fine after death, lessons learned. But I just can’t swallow it fully. It does help to think of them happy and cared for on the Other Side, though. I just think I have lived though so much of it myself that now it is a trigger reaction. Sigh.

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  2. herongrace says:

    Good points. I think we are all being emotionally affected by the refugees and endangered animals, climate change and pollution. Chiron in Pisces. The message is not about becoming emotionally enured. Somehow we are at a tipping point where so many of us are feeling “enough already, let’s fix this!”
    Was dreaming this a.m. of in awe watching colourful geometric patterns in the sky enclosed in brilliant blue squares. Other colours, fractal kind of art. I was with some people and couldn’t take my eyes away from the wonder and beauty. Other people couldn’t watch them as they were fearful of what they could not comprehend.
    This may have been inspired by your posts.

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  3. Fungi2bwith says:

    I think a lot of us could probably use that enema machine to unplug the proverbial cork, lol. I really enjoy your honesty and your dream about your grandmothers, er ummm, thingie. The story triggered a memory of my first third eye vision. When I was 9 years old at elementary school, I was playing basketball with some other boys when one of them jokingly called me a dildo, lol. I had no idea what that was and when I internally pondered what the hell a dildo was, suddenly a crystal clear vision of said dildo appeared plain as day in from of my head. It even turned around like on a product display table in a department store window. I received a “download” of all the information about what it is and used for, and understood the info unflinchingly, even though I knew nothing about sex at that age. Much later in life when I became aware of my “abilities”, I asked what the heck that was about and was told that was the humorous way higher self(me) decided to start to reveal my different nature. Try sharing that story at Thanksgiving dinner.
    Soooo yeahhhhhhh, I’ve got that goin for me…

    btw that’s the first time I’ve told that story.

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    • Dayna says:

      Woah, that was quite a first vision! lol My HS is quite humorous, too. I think we all get a bit too serious here and so they try to remind us that this is really only a game and to “always look on the bright side of life” (Monty Python hehe). I wish I had vision when I was younger like that but mine were more subtle and the ones I remember were not so funny. One of my first visions was of an elderly lady watching as teens burned her dog alive in front of her. Yeah, not pleasant. I remember thinking to myself, “That’s just my imagination”. Not sure how a 7-year-old makes up something like that, though.

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      • Fungi2bwith says:

        Yeah I said the same thing to myself as a kid every time I had a vision to rationalize it away. But, come to find out it’s not just imagination, it’s very real and meant to convey something.

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    • Fungi2bwith says:

      I meant to say “in front of my head” instead of from.

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