Manifestations of the Shift: Update

I have had a strange feeling this entire week. I do not know how to describe it other than to say I feel like something is coming, like on the verge.

I wanted to update you all on what I have been experiencing energetically and physically.

  • Almost constant third-eye activity, sometime intense
  • Heart chakra activity brought on at will with just a thought or intention
  • Second chakra activity – warm, buzzing, pleasant feeling
  • Strong connection with guide/HS, constant
  • HS connection accompanied by intense third-eye/heart/second chakra buzzing and warm energy that spreads from heart outward (wonderful)
  • Communication from HS integrating with everyday thoughts, as if streaming in continually and bringing a strong knowing unlike before
  • Energetic healing on all levels occurring day and night
  • Alignment between heart and mind on-going
  • Faint/dizzy feeling coming on without notice; tends to accompany a semi-trance state that I go into without recognizing I am
  • Tendency to hold my breath when receiving communication from Team (could be bringing on dizzy spells).

Overall I feel like my day and nights are merging; as if I am now living in a state that once I only experienced at night. In other words, I feel to be in the in-between, or very close, all the time. This sometimes leaves me feeling unreal or dream-like, but even this feeling is diminishing.

The constancy of the energy in my third-eye and heart is becoming a new norm for me. I have never experienced such strong sensations in either chakra all day every day like this ever. It comes with a feeling that this is how it is suppose to be, how we humans are meant to feel – energetically connected all.the.time.

I won’t say it is a blissful feeling, but it a comforting one. A constant reminder that I am not this body but a spiritual being and that I am not alone. I am never alone but joined with a larger part of myself at all times. In this I feel more whole and accepting of things. I experience being both the Experiencer and the observer at the same time.


3 Dreams

It was difficult for me to sleep last night. I kept waking up and it was too cold in our house. I finally got another blanket and fell asleep at around 2:30am.

My dreams were many and they had a similar theme. I was in another person’s life (or so it seemed) in each dream. In these lives I felt to be this other person fully.

Dream 1: Young Person in Greece

In the first dream, I was a young boy of about 12, maybe younger. I felt to be remembering a portion of my life. I recall running home from school. I took a route where there was construction and remember feeling tiny pebbles hurting my bare feet. I thought, “I shouldn’t have gone this way! I knew these rocks were here. Ouch!”

Around the corner I met up with an older boy and a girl at a restaurant. The boy offered to buy us food so I accepted. It was brought to our table by a round woman who we all knew. The food was not dissimilar to food I have eaten at Greek restaurants, which I why I assume I was in Greece.

After we ate, I ran home and remember again that I was barefoot because I could feel the wet grass under my feet and the cold concrete of the pavement.

Then I could see the young girl from the restaurant. She and the boy sat close and she knew he liked her. She was tall and very plain, most boys didn’t like her. But he did. I remember the round lady told the boy, “You would be better liked if you didn’t smell!”

Dream 2: Young Person in Japan

I was with a friend in an apartment. We were sitting and having tea. We heard our friend coming in and played a joke on her, hiding the tea under the table and then pretending to sleep. The tea was in small, Asian cups as was the teacup – my first hint of where I was.

We heard that the weather was changing and snow was forecast. I yelled, “Snow!” and my friend said, “We should go to _____ house” (can’t remember the name now). I said to him, “It is just snow, not an earthquake”, but I went with him anyway.

We arrived at his father’s house where soup was being served. We all sat down and it was suggested we invite the neighbors. We were in a large apartment building with many levels. A young girl came in and we both were happy she was there. I knew my friend was interested in her. He passed a spoon to her and their eyes locked. I saw he was Asian then, and knew I was also.

I remembered looking out the window and seeing that we were high up and across the way was another apartment building of many, many stories. We were obviously in a large city.

The feeling of the impending earthquake overshadowed the entire scene but I enjoyed the feeling that permeated the scene: everyone was family in that complex. We helped one another and enjoyed each others company.

Dream 3: Cleaning Fish Tanks

In this dream I was a child assisting my mother with cleaning out two fish tanks. I don’t recall much of this dream except that we transferred fish into the tank and one was near death. I worked to revive him by turning on the bubbler. I could vividly see the fish swimming around the 10 gallon tank and a frog-like creature swimming without its head (weird).

While in this dream I remembered a time in my own life when I had a nice 20 gallon tank in my apartment. I had to sell it when moving and wished I had not for it was much better than the one I was currently seeing in my dream.

I awoke at this time thinking of old memories, memories of times long past. I don’t remember the specifics now but I recall being told not to linger on them as I was purging unnecessary memories.


It is my feeling that these dreams were actual lives somewhere in present time. They could be in another dimension or in this one but for sure they are part of me, as in an aspect of myself living right now. I felt to be visiting in order to experience what they were. I remember the feelings the most. In the Greek life I remember the feeling of first love, when two young people are attracted but do not know how to proceed. The nervous-anticipation was palpable. It was the same in the Japanese life except there was this large, family group feeling – we all were family even though not by blood. The new love was also there but this time I recognized how it contrasted to my own life and the fear of rejection and ridicule that so often accompanied it. I knew in this Japanese life that no one would ridicule the new love but it would be accepted and honored.

I believe I was shown these lives to show me my connection to the world and the very different experiences others are having right now. The earthquake bothers me some because of the large city I was in. Is this perhaps meaning one is coming? I don’t know, but I know the people there will rely on one another in a way we Americans would find surprising.