Dreams: Crystalline Tube and Pregnant

I was all set to write about some intense dreams I had last night, but when I woke up my daughter tells me, “Mom, something’s wrong with te computer”. I asked, “What?” She said, “The screen went all blue on me”. Ahhh!

So I frantically went about my morning trying to figure out what went wrong, irritated with the fact that this “blue screen” happened last night and she did not tell me. Thankfully, it was not the “blue screen of death” but a blue tinged screen which allowed for the use of the computer. I discovered it was a simple fix – the cable in the back of the monitor had come loose and just needed to be tightened.

Satisfied that I had solved my most immediate problem, I sat down to recount my night’s journeys only to find they all vanished leaving only a trace of what I had planned to write about.

Dream: Crystalline Tube

All that was left was a vivid image of part of a dream. The image was of a crystalline tube of interconnected symbols. I recall holding it in my hand and inspecting it. It was solid and unbreakable and the size of a paper towel tube, but maybe a bit longer. The brilliant white, sparkly symbols resembled nothing I had ever seen. I catch a glimpse of what they looked like but I cannot recognize them as anything specific. It is like that part is not to be known. I will say, however, that I believe it was similar to the double helix of our human DNA but instead of one strand it was like to interconnected ones. But even that is not correct as the shape was not the same. It was more like snowflakes or something geometric.

I remember that when I awoke from this dream I immediately knew that the crystal tube symbolized our transformation to a more crystalline body. The indestructible nature of the tube was a solid part of my memory. The feeling is that once we make the transition we are indestructible.

Ah-Ha! I remember the other dreams now!

DNA-640x353Dream: Pregnant

I was at a beautiful convention-type center located in a town that was very clean and unlike anywhere I have ever been. It reminded me of a futuristic version of Earth with white buildings and green manicured lawns. I was to give people strawberry juice as part of a giveaway. Yet I had forgotten the cups and so went looking for them.

I went into a building and saw some small cups I could borrow. Yet a woman began to talk to me, mentioning my pregnancy. I suddenly was aware that I was very pregnant. She and the woman she was with began commenting on my due date. I said, “I am due in one month on the 18th, so if you are going to throw a party for me you don’t have much time”. I then got the cups.

When I awoke from this dream the 18th stood out as did my pregnancy. I knew this symbolized preparation for something to come, a “birth”,  new beginning, or new cycle of some sort.

Strawberries symbolize the feminine and sensuality. My goals and aspirations will be realized soon.

There was another dream where I was attending a party but I will not go into detail about it. In it I was clearing up debris that I carry with me (taking out the trash) and preparing for “birth”. There was a lot of water and waiting, relaxing.

Note: I chose the main picture because when I meditate now I feel urged to create with my hands a diamond shape over my heart chakra. When I do this it activates my heart and third-eye simultaneously. The picture reminded me of this along with the double triangles I often see over my body when I meditate.



One thought on “Dreams: Crystalline Tube and Pregnant

  1. talynia says:

    wow, you are being guided to use light codes to activate your energy system Dayna! I read a lot about light code transmissions, and a certain healer uses transmission codes for the healing to take place. The patients sometimes rise their hands up and draw symbols in thin air or over their bodies. 🙂 Amazing experience Dayna! My night was restless… Full Moon, full of energy and not even able to fall asleep, that was a first for me. I was literally awake the whole night and looked at the clock at around 3:00 am, then again at 4:24 and then it continued like that until 9 am in the morning… However I do remember some interesting things which I will also write about later. I remember that as I did my energy exercises to raise energy etc. I actually used the brush technique over my Third Eye to paint the star symbol that you sometimes saw. Interesting I do not know why I did this, but it surely made an effect on my Third Eye

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