A Future Exchange

I’ve been mulling over much of my experiences thus far. I’ve especially been thinking about what happened back in May when I felt to not be alone in this body. What was that? Was it the soul exchange I kept being warned about? Or was it a “visit” by another aspect of me?

As I consider the experience and how I felt while it was occurring, I suspect this was a visit by another aspect of myself, or the “we” in me. This is what feels appropriate. During this time, this other me brought with them a higher vibration and a purer energy which allowed me a glimpse of more of myself – a self in which the Ego was diminished and lessons here could be viewed as they are. The other me brought to my attention many lessons and insights I otherwise would not have had. All the while I experienced life differently and with more reverence than I ever had. I saw it through the eyes of the other me. I Remembered.

Ultimately this visit was in fact an exchange. But I wonder why it did not continue? Why was it so short lived? Was it a test to see if I would allow it to occur? Was it to prepare me for a more lengthy visit yet to come?

I am still reading Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe Book 2 and recently read about soul facets which come into the body, taking turns and sometimes “braiding” one into the other for a period of time lasting  hours to days, weeks and even permanently. This resonated with me. In fact, the experience I had in May seems very much like a temporary braid-in where another facet of my soul came in and blended with me.

I must say that I long for a return of that experience. I am more than willing to allow this other facet to come in and take a turn, even permanently. Though I cannot say that I am willing to completely leave and allow them to permanently take control. Perhaps that is why the braid-in was only temporary? I changed my mind somewhere along the way and so it did not last. I keep being reminded of what my guide told me not long ago. He said, “You are ambivalent”. Perhaps that is the problem? One moment I do not want to be in life and am happy to let another aspect step in and the next I feel the exact opposite. I can relate to this very much.

Since I am told another exchange is to occur in the future, perhaps we are to give it another go and see what happens. Maybe this time the braid-in will be permanent? Or perhaps the new aspect will take over completely?

Right now I am eager to get to the moment when this exchange occurs. I can’t wait!