Healing from Evanlon

At about 3pm CST yesterday the energy began to intensify and my third eye and heart chakra were buzzing intensely. I also began to feel an energy wrap around the back of my head.

When I questioned my Team, I heard, “We are here” and I felt a pang in my heart like I had been waiting for whatever it was that was happening.


My husband had given me time alone of almost 4 hours when all this intense energy began to materialize. I spent quite a bit of time doing relaxing things – I took a bath, I meditated and then I lay in the afternoon sun. It was nice!

Later I got a sudden strong emotional draw to my husband. All I wanted to do was be close to him; to feel him, hug him, love him. I got all giddy like a teenager in love! This surprised my husband and me, too. I have not felt this way in years, probably since right after my second son was born in 2011.

Healing Dream

I woke suddenly around midnight with thoughts of an awful Yahoo article I read yesterday. A baby had been found dead in the family’s oven. She had been put there by her two, 3-year-old siblings when all three of them had been left unattended. I could not get the upset over it out of my mind. How must her mother feel? How could she ever love the children who did this in the same way? Why would those children even do such a thing!?

I requested help and though I did not hear anything back I began to feel comforted in knowing that the little girl was okay and in good hands. She had wanted to experience this as had her siblings and mother. Though this helped somewhat it was still hard for me to understand why anyone would agree to die in such a way.

I fell into a dream in which I was meeting with a man who was quite eccentric in dress and manner. He was young, perhaps mid-twenties and was a Reiki practitioner. We were meeting because he was to give me healing.

I recall lots of things about the dream, which indicated the types of things I was healing. Issues regarding my mother, the oven incident I had just woke upset over, and other issues related to the lower three chakras. What was most interesting was the intense attraction I felt to the healer I was working with. I wanted to be close to him but he kept me at arms length always, yet somehow I received healing.

Meeting Evanlon (Ee-van-lawn)

I woke at 6:45am wide awake and in the midst of speaking with the man from my dreams. I knew much more than I usually do about what my dreams mean. In fact, I knew I had been with him to do specific healing to “clear away debris” from my lower chakras.

I asked who he was. He said, “I am an experiencer like you”. I saw him traveling between individuals he helped and remembered how my Companion told me that Earth travelers travel in pairs, one as the experiencer and the other as an assistant.

According to my guide, a spirit guide is “a traveler of the Earth Plane who is assisting others who are traveling the Earth Plane.” This assistance can take many forms, but essentially, the two travel the Earth Plane together – one as the Assistant (or Guide) and one as the Experiencer (us).

Excerpt from Spirit Guide Meditation by Dayna Stone

I said, “You mean Earth traveler?” He said, “Yes”.

I saw in my mind a map of the U.S. around the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. I saw that he traveled in this area, but that didn’t make sense.

map“Are you in a body, too?”

He said, “Yes”. I wondered if perhaps the map I saw was where he lived in the U.S. and traveled there as part of his “work”. I felt this to be true.

He then provided me with more answers. I knew he was part of my Team and that he was also “on assignment”. He told me, “We are not meant to meet [in the physical]. We have different courses”.

His primary role is as a healer, though he may not fully recognize this in his physical form. He assists others in his group when they need healing. He was now assisting me. I wondered if he was part of my Team. He confirmed he was. I asked if he had worked on me (healing) before and he said, “Yes, many times before and I will so in the future”.

I asked what my role was, was I also a healer? He said, “You have a different role”, but he did not tell me what it was. I knew/know it is more of an adviser-type role. Like a counselor or guide.

I began to fall into the in-between while speaking with him. I wanted to know more specifics and believe this occurred specifically so that I would not doubt the information I was receiving.

I heard a name that sounds strangely like Avalon. I wondered about it and then saw, “Evan” very clearly written in my mind. Then heard the name Evanlon. It was pronounced very slowly and clearly and I repeated it back. I wondered, “Strange name, should I call you Evan?” I received only a repeat of the full name. Now that I am waking I wonder if perhaps he was giving me his Earth name and that he is called Evan Long here? Not sure I will ever know.

I saw then a vision of a bright light in the sky. It looked like a meteor up close brilliantly blazing white but it was standing still. Then it began to fall down. I repeated, “It will fall three feet from you” over and over and this along with the repeating vision caused me to come out of my reverie.

When I awoke I knew the message was for me to expect a “visit”. The light in the sky was a ship, our ship. I heard Evanlon say, “We are helping you prepare for the exchange”.

“Exchange? Like what you told me about before?” I asked, surprised.

“Yes, but it is not as you expect. You are preparing. Enjoy this time of preparation”.

I got a feeling that this “preparation” was a time of calm in my life when I could fully immerse myself in experiencing. This exchange to come was not as clear to me and I am not sure I will ever be able to understand it completely. I actually thought it had already occurred. Perhaps not?

I saw then a vision of the inside of this “ship” and it was very plain with whitish-silver looking walls that appeared seamless, as if dome shaped. I saw others but only as silhouettes. I tried to get a clear look at Evanlon but he kept referring me back to the image of the man from my dream.

“What do you look like?” I asked. He said, “We take many forms. To you I would appear to be silver”. I saw a rainbow of colors on a silhouetted form, as if the individual shimmered.

“What race are you?” I asked.

This did not register to him. I felt that he did not classify himself this way.

“Where do you come from?” I asked instead.

“From beyond your sun”, he said. I asked for clarification.

“Pleiades”, I heard back.

“Where is our ship now?” I asked.

“Beyond your sun but it is not in your time. It is of another dimension”.

I didn’t quite understand. He explained it was not in the realm of Spirit. The description I received was of an energy body with form and shape that could be changed/altered. I had seen this in my OBEs before. It is beautiful.

I fell into the in-between again and again saw a map of the U.S. This time I heard, “Detroit” and saw a fire blazing in a factory-like building. I associated it instantly with the auto industry. Whether this is a premonition or a past event, I do not know.

Awake again, I focused more on the feeling I had when I was with Evanlon in my dream. I asked him about it. He said, “You recognized me. You wanted to reUnite. But that cannot be. We will reUnite when you return to us.”

I asked if this was “sex” because that is how I perceived my attraction to him. The reply was that it was similar but much more. It was an submersion into the other. I saw an exchange of places but within a joined space/energy. The feeling of it is beyond bliss; beyond anything we humans could conceive of. It is not sexual, though sex is the closest we humans can come to its understanding. I also felt this happens when we return “home” – with everyone.

I laughed and thought, “So we have a big homecoming orgy?”

The response I got was that it was not something that could be explained in human terms and orgy was not a good word for the occurrence.


I feel strangely calm this morning after all that happened in the night and upon waking. All I can say is that I am open to whatever is about to occur. I feel ready, though I am not sure for what. I do not really understand what this coming “exchange” is.



9 thoughts on “Healing from Evanlon

  1. truthcodex says:

    LOL. “I laughed and thought, “So we have a big homecoming orgy?”” That cracked me up. This homecoming idea again, I’m super curious about this idea. It was told to me that I’d go through something similar as well. Sounds like quite the thing!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. SKYLAR A says:

    Bring it on, lol! 😆😂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Mayra says:

    Dayna, you crack me up😊…I love reading your posts❤…I wanted to share with you that I had the same vision/lucid dream. I was in what appeared to be a flying saucer with white and silver walls with a dome top. I said to myself I’m in a ship. Then my dad who passed away comes in looking all shimmery and wavy like a mirage on a desert and shares a star map with me…Wow…thanks for sharing❤❤❤❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dayna says:

      Thanks, Myra. 🙂
      Such a cool experience you had! Isn’t the shimmery color beautiful? When I saw my guide he was shimmery gold like that.


      • Mayra says:

        Yes, I’ve had lucid dreams where the Golden Ones appear and they don’t say anything but their skin is gold and shimmery😊 so beautiful, I feel so much love coming from them…it’s great to know I’m not the only one welcoming the experience…

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Dayna says:

    Yes, good to know I’m not the only one seeing them! ❤ I haven't met anyone else who has. I hugged him and it felt wonderful. I've seen him more than once. Love every instance.


  5. mollyb111 says:

    I was just telling my fiancé last night, certain areas have certain guides. Like they have some history or fondness for an area. Thanks for writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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