Dream: Alcatraz Paradise

I slept a long time again, about 11 hours. In that time I had a long-running dream.

Dream: Alcatraz Paradise

I received a letter while in another dream. The letter was from my ex-husband. It was inside a brochure about an island paradise, but what was odd was that the island was Alcatraz!

I noticed the brochure had family-oriented activities. I remarked with surprise when I saw that one was, “Feed the jellyfish”. Really? lol

The letters mentioned that my ex had been sent to Alcatraz for 6 years. While there he could partake in any of the activities available but had to stay within the vicinity of the island.

I remarked, “That’s not much of a prison!”

I remember being taken down one of the corridors of the prison. Instead of bare gray walls it was a pathway to a pool and lagoon area with lush plants and birds of paradise. It was light and comfortable.

No one was inside a cell.

Then the dream shifted and I was taking my ex-husband to a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood. We stood in front of a house and rang the doorbell. It was his parent’s house and he wanted to see them. But he got shy at the last minute and stood back. I remember a prison guard was there but she was not wearing a uniform of any guard I have ever seen. It was plain gray and uniform-like but there was no badge or weapon. She was happy to let me escort him around and we were nowhere near Alcatraz!


I am pretty sure this dream was about how Earth, though it seems like a prison, really is not. Though it is limited and we cannot easily leave (we need an escort) there are plenty of activities to partake in as long as we stay within certain parameters.

I believe the part where I was taking my ex to see his parents was symbolic of how we are each able to visit with our families in Spirit whenever we want as long as we have an escort. This is allowed and encouraged. However, we must always return to our Alcatraz paradise.

The funny thing about this dream was that when I woke I thought for sure my ex must have died. I do not believe that to be true at all now. I think perhaps he symbolizes a time when I felt the most trapped here on Earth.

Lucid to OBE: Loving Earth

I awoke at 6:45am awake but not willing to get out of bed. I request to astral project and fell asleep talking with my guide.

Dream: No Check-Out

I was grocery shopping but didn’t really need groceries. Instead, I picked up two packs of cigarettes. I felt bad for doing it but justified it by thinking that I might as well since I needed to enjoy something while in this life.

I picked up some milk and went to the check-out. There was no one in line and so I went through fast. I gave the cashier my ID and card. She held it up and looked from me to the card and back again.

“The picture in this ID doesn’t look like you”, she said.

I said, “What? It is! I just renewed it and so the picture is brand new”.

She said, “Well this picture shows no freckles but you obviously have them”. She pointed some out.

I said, “Well I’m not wearing makeup so you can see them. It’s still me in that picture”.

She said, “I’m not so sure”.

I said,”I can prove it” and got into my wallet to get an older pic and was hoping my old ID was there. It wasn’t. None of the pictures were. Instead there were pictures of someone I did not recognize.

The cashier would not let me buy my stuff. I stood there wondering what to do. I decided to leave. I said, “Well, I guess I will go to Wal-Mart!”

As I left I told the manager, “She’s not a very good employee”. I left the two packs of cigarettes at the check-out and walked out the door.

Lucid to OBE: Loving Earth

I walked out the doors and found myself not where I thought I would be. I was at the bottom story of a gigantic grocery store and not outside. There were escalators going up all around me, but I stayed put. I needed to get outside and that would be at the ground floor.

I went through a door thinking it would lead outside and it led me into the store again. Disappointed, I sat down on a bench.

It was then I noted that I was sitting outside. How did I get outside? In front of me, standing perfectly still, was my sister, the one I haven’t seen in 9 years.

I thought to myself, “I guess I won’t go shopping. And I forgot to go workout”. I looked at my sister who just stood there and thought, “I don’t want to just sit here doing nothing”.

That was when I felt this strange energy. It poured through my body and seemed to cement me to the pavement at my feet. It was not uncomfortable but very intense and alive and it was traveling through my veins, or so it seemed. Just feeling it quickly brought me to the conclusion that I was dreaming.

I looked up at the sky and saw the blue and just lifted up into it. I looked down at my sister who was still standing there perfectly still. I left her behind despite thinking I should invite her with me.

I soared upward and my vision blacked out but I could still feel myself moving. I began to sing a song about the Earth then. The words are lost to me now but I remember saying, “Love the Earth”.

As I sang my vision returned and I saw tree upon tree in front of me. They were tall oaks and their branches spread out invitingly. I touched the top of them as I sang but my vision blacked out again. Then I felt the tree and knew I would see again. When I did, I saw I was low by the trunk.

I noted I was at my Mom’s house now. I went to the ground where the tall grass was and fell into it as if I was giving it a hug. I continued to sing, “Hug the Earth, Love the Earth”. I felt the earth and the cool grass.

My vision blacked out again and so I change my song to, “I wanna see sunshine” and soared up into the sky. I saw stars in the sky and tried to be happy about flying and being OOB but I could not. Then the sun began to show brightly and I saw an entire, brilliant scene in front of me with clouds and trees for miles. But I felt dead inside despite being free. A part of me knew I could not leave this scene; that it was self-created and purposeful to send a message.

I came back into my body quickly, my heart racing and my limbs heavy.