A Visit to Europa

Awoke at 5:30am this morning for my usual “Check-In”. I am getting use to these meeting times and this morning it was welcomed. There was a sense of comfortable acceptance likely left over from the day before.

Dream: A Course on Dreams

The dream scene shifted and I was standing at the door to a class room. A man with dark hair was sitting at a desk reading a paper and drinking coffee. When I saw him it startled me and I began to back out. He asked me, “Are you a new student?”

I replied, “Yes”.

He said, “Ah. Don’t forget to read up on the notes before class”.

I knew this was not my class, though, as I saw an image with his words that showed History notes.

I managed to make it to my classroom that was already filled with students. Without knowing how, I knew the class was on “Dreams” and that we were learning not only how to decipher them but how to create them. I sat down comfortably in my row at my desk next to familiar classmates.

Dream: Obstacle Course

The dream scene shifted again. I was at an obstacle course with my classmates that included holographic images that would be triggered by our movements/actions. I made it through both rounds quickly because I recognized the illusion of the hologram. In one case it was fire that exploded out and threatened to scorch us to death. In the next it was bluish-colored energy balls and deep crevices.

I made 2nd place both times. I remember complaining the last time, “How did I get 2nd? Surely no one beat my time of 20 minutes?” Apparently someone had, though.

Dream: Visiting Europa

I was led away from the obstacle course and to a very different scene. There was a man who led the way. He appeared to me as a dark-haired Shaman-type.

The next thing I recall is being submerged all except the front of my face at my nose and eyes. I floated in warm, clear, shallow water.

At the same instance I was in the water I was also above it surveying the scene. I saw a vast, shallow lake that went as far as the eye could see. The sky was gray and very thick with clouds. The rock appeared volcanic and shiny in places, but everywhere the rock was black except at my feet where it was as river rock.

The lake was divided into circular pools all around me. In each of these pools were people all submerged as I had been. Their eyes closed, they floated motionless.

I walked toward a deeper area of the lake and looked out over it. It was beautiful despite being in such a desolate area. It was also so very calm and I knew no fish or creatures could survive in this lake. The water was too salty.

A man was with me, the Shaman, and I recall that he wore Native American garb but it was much older than anything I have ever seen. I do not think it was of Earth.

He explained what the place was, though it was without words. It was a place of cleansing and the water was actually very dense salt water that caused the individual to float very easily.


Image of Lyra

It was while talking to this man that I began to gain awareness. I knew I had been taken there to remove buildup and debris – energies that I had picked up over the course of this lifetime that were unneeded and acted to prevent the smooth flow and function of the system.

In discussing this healing, I suddenly saw a vividly clear image of a familiar place in front of me. I felt to actually be there despite also being in my bed.

The first thing I noted were the two orange suns parallel to each other in the sky separated only by tall, flat topped mountains (like one sees in monument valley but not orange in color, more gray/brown). One sun was slightly larger than the other. Then I noticed in the front, right hand side of my vision a space craft that had several silver stabilizers linking it to the ground. It looked similar to a spider it had so many of these extensions coming from it. When I focused on it, though, it shimmered and appeared to be just another flat-topped mountain.

I knew instantly it was Lyra and so woke up completely losing the image. But it was/is fully ingrained in my mind. I asked if the lake had been Lyra and heard, “Europa”. Despite the fact that Europa is mostly ice-covered water based upon images, etc, it seems that the Europa I visited was not.

2 thoughts on “A Visit to Europa

  1. Karin says:

    Thanks for sharing this. It is awesome how many dreams you remember.
    I especially like the Dream Obstacle Class. Obstacles triggered by our movement or reactions. That is how the illusion here works. If we get angry at something, that is the very cause for the next round of trouble. It is so cool how this was shown to you in a dream and how you made it through the class so fast.

    Thanks for sharing here. I enjoy your posts and insights a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

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