Dreams: Walking Dead and Great Storm

I took B6 last night hoping for a lucid dream. Instead I got a night full of vivid dreams with low lucidity.

Dream: Walking Dead

This dream was very long and involved. In it I was with a group of “family” who all had died but had not left their bodies. Instead we walked around in dead bodies which we maintained the best we could. None of us seemed interested in leaving these dead bodies either.

The most memorable aspect of the dream was toward the end when the bodies were so badly decomposed that the limbs, skin and insides were beginning to fall apart. A friend was itching her ear and her finger was covered in a thick, black slime. Another friend had to wear hose to keep her skin in place on her legs. And I had to be careful not to clear my throat because it would clear my entire esophagus!


Seeing the undead and being the undead suggests an aspect of one’s self which has died but that has not been let go of. It can also indicate an inability to express one’s self or a relapse into old habits and ways.

I woke up after this dream wondering what it was about and I got the answer that it was about letting go of the physical and attachments to it. I was told that I was overly attached to the physical and that upon my actual death it would slow the journey because aspects of myself would remain firmly attached to the body. I remembered this occurring in my last life where I died as a child and so understood.

The dream very much reminded me of the movie “Death Becomes Her”, though it was not as comedic.

Dream: Great Storm

In this dream I was visiting a friend and watching a video she had done on the weather. In it she was interviewing a well-known meteorologist and discussing a weather event that was yet to occur. She showed the path the storm took and how it affected the people and places it touched.

I saw a map of the path of the storm which was over the state of Texas. It showed the storm moving in the Houston area from the central part of the state. The storm caused massive amounts of flooding. Specifically there was a river with an almost 90 degree bend in it that overflowed its banks and washed out a road causing cars to submerge.

When the video was done we talked about it and I congratulated my friend on her achievement. Then I wandered her house which was like a mansion and remember discussing the weather event and when it would air on television. I heard the event had not yet occurred and would be televised on the 29th. I got the date confused, though, and asked if it was not in fact the 26th.

Making a New Friend

The dream continued and I left the mansion behind. I had met a young man there – a student – and so took him to his dorm at the university he attended. I lost my car for a bit and finally found it with his assistance and then as we were driving we talked. He was much younger than me but I liked him; there was a connection between us.

He was being sent on assignment for his new job and I was interested in this. Knowing he was still in college I knew he was young and remember telling him I had wished I had graduated sooner. I told him I was especially connected to the class of 2012. Several numbers came up at this time, but specifically 29 and 39.

When I dropped him at his dorm he told me to text him later. I felt conflicted because as a counselor a relationship with a student was off-limits, yet I wanted to contact him. Turns out later he returned and this conflict was resolved.

Massive Fish

Then I was back at the mansion walking towards the front. I met up with three little girls and one had on glasses with two lenses over each eye. I remember commenting on their hair and complementing them.

I then began to leave but stopped and looked longingly out the massive windows on the mountains outside. The woman owner said to me, “You don’t want to leave, do you?” I said, “No, I don’t”. She completed my next thought with, “It’s so relaxing here, isn’t it?” “Yes”, I replied and felt sad.

I walked outside with a man and noticed a large moat outside. We were up high looking down on it. I saw that the waters were very clear and there were massive fish swimming in it. One was at least 11 feet long! I commented on this, asking what they were doing. The man said, “They are going to get food” and pointed to a group of alligators who were tearing apart something in the water. I recognized that the fish were about to feast on the remnants of whatever it was they were eating.


When I awoke from this dream I was concerned. The storm seemed to be a prediction of some sort. I worried it meant I would be dealing with an inner storm of some kind on the 26th or 29th of the month.

Mansions symbolize great potential for growth and a feeling that one may be stuck in a rut of some sort. I seemed drawn to the place and wanted to stay, so perhaps I am trying to avoid something. Perhaps a choice because that is what fish tend to represent. Since there were so many and they were large it could be that I feel the decision/choice is an important one.

The numbers 29 and 39 were also brought up. I assume these are messages and so included the link to their meaning.


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