Creating Space: Message from E’Fonin

Now is a time to settle into yourself and get comfortable with the New You. In this settling in you’re not only an observer of who you are from the inside but you create space for the New You within yourself. You give him/her a Home within. Get cozy together. You have been apart for a long time.

The reUnion is exquisite. It is an explosion of familiarity. Do you feel it? Is it comfortable for you? Perhaps not yet. This New You is unfamiliar to your Earth Self yet at the same time complimentary and comfortable. There is not rejection but inspection of this new aspect.

“Join me!”, he/she says to you. “Have a seat and let’s chat. It’s been far too long and we’ve much catching up to do”.

The space you hold for YourSelf is growing ever more important in these times of accelerating frequency. The acceleration is of Light as well as Dark as the Earth seeks balance and harmony. The intensity of the pitch at which your resonance echos in return can be unsettling and somewhat discombobulating. This is why creating space within is so vital right now. From within this space you can recuperate and refuel in a joined effort of mutual understanding and Love.

And most importantly you are not alone in this space you have created. And this space will grow ever larger as you settle in and become accustomed to the companionship; the wholeness for which you have longed.

What do you do while in this space? Create. It is where you create what it is you wish to manifest. For within this space there is more creative potential than ever there has been for you while in this Earthly body.

You are not alone. You just need to Remember what that feels like.

~ E’Fonin, Counselor and Ambassador for the Pleiadian High Council


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