Questions and Answers

I have felt “off” all day. I’m not exactly sure why. So I am going to see what my guides have to say.

What is up with the energy today?

The world is grieving and fear is taking hold in many places. There is a dark energy surfacing that has been in hiding for the past few months, out of sight and out of mind. The fear increases this energy and helps it take hold in places it otherwise would not.

There is also a clearing of dense energy occurring. This reemergence of the dark energy is part of this clearing. The recent events in Paris have shocked many into awareness which in turn has resulted in a great purging. Imagine the steam that rises off a pot of freshly steamed vegetables and you can get an image of how this energy is moving right now as it is released. Though it may seem heavy and dark right now, it will be replaced with light as more and more of it evaporates.

Why am I feeling this way? Usually I am not so effected.

Though you have succeeded in raising your vibration significantly since you began your journey, there is still much to be released. You, like many others, are freeing/releasing that which no longer serves you and this will not go unnoticed. A lethargy accompanies it. A soft sadness without source and without direction. There is a lost feeling as well that you recognize. This is simply you tuning into those souls who have yet to make a full transition Home.

You forget you have been fine tuned to get you to this point in your journey. Your connection to your multidimensional selves has created a new conundrum for you as you do not know what to do with what you know since you cannot quite articulate or wrap your mind around what exactly it is you do know. It is a struggle that will continue as long as you allow your mind to dominate.

But how do I keep that from happening? How do I stay centered in my heart? It seems so easy but it isn’t.

It is a process that takes time. No one will immediately be freed from the mind as it has its purpose: survival. The key is to control it; reign it in when it gets too demanding or too fearful. This requires patience on your part and much, much focus on thought. Not on what it is that you are thinking but why you are thinking it. Focus on the feeling behind your thoughts. The more you do this, the more your heart will take the lead.

As with all habits that need breaking, this one will take willpower and much, much persistence. Especially during times such as these when there is a purging of the old to make room for the new. For now there is less and less room for the old dichotomy.

I keep feeling like I need to be doing something but I have no idea what it is? Why am I feeling like this?

You have memories of your purpose here. They reside just below the surface of your conscious mind. Sometimes they leak through as feelings and/or untapped desire. It is with great love that we advise you to withhold yourself from taking premature action based upon these feelings for you are not yet fully aware of their source and the need for action is not yet. In your heart you understand this, which is why you have yet to act other than to go within and speculate as to the source of your feelings. This is okay and we encourage you to dig deep, deeper yet, for this is the only way to find that which is hidden from view. What is amusing to us and will also be to you is that you were the one that hid it there. And when you find it and remember there will be no doubt of your motives.

Two Dreams: Freed Dog and Bomb

During my normal nightly routine I ran across video footage of the terrorist attacks in Paris. I remember thinking I should pray for the victims, sending them light and love during this time of transition. At this time I was hit with very strong, loving energy from my guide. I fell asleep thinking of Paris and wondering what the energy from my guides indicated.

Dream: Freed Dog

I had many, many dreams but only a couple stand out. In this one, I was with a dark haired man who was in his 20s. We were walking along deserted streets in what appeared to be a subdivision, though I do not recall seeing any houses. We approached a fenced in area. Inside was very tall, green grass and nothing else. The gate was open and I remember saying to my friend, “Someone forgot to feed and water the dog who was in here. Thank goodness someone let it out”. I saw this small, white dog with brown patches in my mind as if I were remembering what the dog looked like. He reminded me of a terrier breed. I had a sad feeling for the dog. I knew he had been neglected and I always ache inside when I know an innocent has been mistreated. I was relieved that he was released, though I worried I was wrong and he was dead since I did not see him.


Dogs often symbolize protection in dreams and in this dream I believe this is the case. The dog was inside a fence, which indicates a need to suppress or confine the dog (protection). He was also neglected, meaning someone had forgotten about him or believed him unnecessary. Yet he is released indicating someone realized the need for protection.

Considering I fell asleep thinking of Paris, I suspect this dream is a reflection of the world at this time. Many assume they are safe and do not put much thought into protecting themselves. The recent events put people on alert and so they recognize the need for protection.

Dream: Bomb

In another dream, I recall being on a boat in the middle of the calm, blue ocean. Across from me was a friend, also on a boat. The boats were white and small and there was no shelter – both were wide open. I was standing up in my boat looking over at the young blonde woman who was my friend. There was a bomb set off and I remember seeing it over our heads. When it exploded it rained body parts all over my friend, as if the bomb were made of people. I stood there staring at her as she attempted to clean off the deck of her white boat. I saw a piece of an arm and a hand as she brushed it into the ocean. Then she looked up. There was another bomb coming. That’s when I woke up.


Boats represents one’s ability to cope with their emotions. The water represents the state of those emotions. In this case the boats were small and white and the water was blue, clear and calm. The small size indicates my own ability and area or perception. The white color is purity. Bombs represent potentially explosive situations in one’s life. In this case I am looking at it exploding in the air and reigning body parts down upon my friend. This could indicate that I feel unable to do much about the explosive situation (Paris) and the body parts likely symbolize the lives lost and maybe even the suicide bombers involved.


When I awoke this morning I had a strange feeling. It was like subdued sadness. I was numb but not numb. It is hard to explain. I did not question my dreams, just went over them in my mind and then drifted into the in-between.

While in-between I had a vivid vision of a bomb as it flew towards an unseen target and exploded. I saw a dense, gray smoke trail behind it and in my mind the thought “war” was placed. This woke me up with a start but I calmed quickly. My first thought was that it would not surprise me if the Paris attack’s prompt a declaration of war from France or the UN.

These are just my thoughts, though, not necessarily a prediction. I have already been told that before the next war there will be an assassination of an important figure in the UK. I think this is after the death of the Queen. We will see, I guess.