Dream: UFO 2067

I don’t know about you, but all this hoopla about the 11/11 portal has turned out to be nothing for me. In fact it’s been a big disappointment. I know we are in the midst of it right now but I have felt absolutely nothing energy-wise and even my dreams are nil.

UFO 2067

I only have one image from a dream last night, an image of a UFO with the year 2067 attached to it. I remember standing in my mother’s front yard looking up at the sky and seeing what appeared to be a structure composed of silver beams just floating there. What was odd about it was that it had no insides – it was just a bunch of beams and even the beams were ladder-like, kinda like DNA strands. I then saw in golden letters, “2067”. I remember telling someone who was with me the numbers I saw but I don’t know what they mean. When I awoke I assumed the numbers represented the year I would die and this angered me. I hope I don’t live that long! How awful that would be!


When I woke I had all kinds of upset over my “mission” here on Earth. For some reason I woke feeling my mission is simply to live a normal, “quiet” life where I help random people here and there. How I help them is unknown, which I think is the worst part of it for me because I don’t get any validation or appreciation. I am okay with this mission but I am not okay with not having the spiritual experiences and connection, which seem to have dropped off to nothing since I got that stupid cold. I don’t understand why I can’t have these experiences and connection all the time? Why does it wax and wane so frequently?

I got out of bed on a mission. The mission was to make sure that I do not have to return to the workplace. I don’t care what my guides/Team urge me to do, they will not push me back in the direction of working in a system I do not believe in. And there are signs that money will be tight: my husband is a spender and has not been sticking to our budget, business is slow, and my husband keeps dropping hints that I should go back to work.

My husband and I had a talk this morning and I made it clear that I was not going back to work in my normal career. We discussed our budget and how to free up money. We are likely going to get rid of one of our cars and buy a cheaper one and I will be getting rid of my smart phone as soon as I can, which will be in February next year. If we can get rid of or reduce one car payment then my husband should have his “spending” money and so be happy for at least a little while. Right now he doesn’t want to lose his car (the most expensive of our two) so this may take some persuasion on my part.

No Idea What’s Next

Now I just feel deflated. I cannot imagine living until 2067 (that’s just torture!) or even to 2016 for that matter. Life feels tedious and burdensome. If this is what the 11/11 gateway or portal is, then I guess I am getting a good dose of it.

I am in a hurry to just get this life done and move on. In fact, I have felt this way for as long as I can remember! That kinda makes me laugh a little because time is FLYing by it seems. Yet when I am in the moment it seems to drag. Honestly, I hate that time exists. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

What comes next, I have no clue. I am tired of wondering/wandering. If I lost everything right now I wouldn’t care. None of it matters. All that matters is Home and getting back to it.


12 thoughts on “Dream: UFO 2067

  1. SKYLAR A says:

    It doesn’t feel like a year to me lol so stop torturing yourself with that thought;-)
    This post reminded me of this part of a meditation I used to do for a while:
    I am tired of suffering
    I am tired of the Jojo-rollercoaster which has been mine for so many years
    I am bored of a reality in which my moods and my sense of well-being fluctuate so much
    I have had enough of my gifts being compromised so that I use them only sometimes rather than in the course of every moment of every day.
    This is from a meditation by Solara An-Ra – Pleiadian Sirian Arcturian Councils – Part 2 Stabilisation Chamber of Light

    This reflects my moment Now and from where I want to move on continuing Living from my Core to the fullest Now, with Joy and without the similar old stuff you are mentioning too in your post and does not resonate anymore….

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  2. bea says:

    Oh-h-h-h-h, I can so relate. The exhaustion and apathy are like a heavy blanket. I can’t get excited about anything at all. There’s no real reason for me to feel this way. My life is basically good and things are running even but I want to go home. Thankfully time feels as though it is zooming by. It’s probably an illusion to
    help us get through.
    I read all your posts because you feel like a kindred spirit.
    Peace be with you and thanks for sharing.

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    • Dayna says:

      Thank you. ❤ You sound a lot like me. I really have no reason to feel this way – my life is really good. Maybe that's why it's good, otherwise I’d long ago checked out of this life.


  3. truthcodex says:

    I’ve become rather skeptical of many spiritual messages regarding gateways and portals that claim major changes and grand statements simply because of the numerology of an external thing – specifically the date.

    While I do agree changes are happening all the time, and we are evolving relatively quickly [in terms of linear time], I recognize we all have our own paths and speeds to go through this. What works for one person does not work for another, and that’s perfectly fine. If anything, I would say such gateways/portals are what Bashar calls ‘permission slips’ – which allow people who resonate with that information to focus on their intentions to evolve. In short, they’re using these external things as their catalysts to instigate their own internal evolution. You can do it that way, but you don’t need to. As for me, I’ve taken a few of those large statements to heart several times and found myself disappointed when they did not come true (even when so strongly stated by others). So now I rely on internal intuition more than external validation. And perhaps that’s it’s own growth point too.

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  4. Durinda says:

    Hello Dayna,

    Perhaps the number 2067 is not a year but is a code. Numbers are encoded with Light (information) so perhaps by you seeing these numbers with the beams looking like DNA strands. it was an activation on a molecular/cellular level for you. Also the numbers being in gold seems significant in some way.

    The cold seems like detoxing to me. The release of “old energies” due to the receiving of increased light quotients. When we are releasing there can be feelings of what you are describing and experiencing.

    There will be ebbs and flows with this process. I too experience times when I feel disconnected but have come to the realization I feel that my teachers, guides, are just taking a step back for me to integrate and become more comfortable with my own inner knowing.

    Continued well wishes on your journey.

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    • Dayna says:

      Thanks Durinda. Thankfully the cold is pretty much gone. Now I just have a headache. And you are right, of course, on all of it. I just hate the disconnected times so much.


  5. talynia says:

    Yes I don’t see this number as year either, the message and the picture of DNA strands is a reflection on what happened to you while your subconscious showed you these pictures. They are merely a reflection of what happened on a cellular level. It is as someone else stated an activation code for DNA strands to activate!

    I also have a constantly running nose once again, I feel extremely cold and my whole lower part of my nose is sore and wound from the constant need to blow my nose…There is not one second that I do not have something coming out of at least one nostril… It kills me as I hate blowing my nose so often 😦

    And yes again, if we would not have the breaks in between each major influx of more light and energy, our body would literally burst in flames and fry. So what you experience is totally normal on this path. We are integrating in the phases that feel emotional dull and low and then suddenly BOOM energy galore again! ❤

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  6. herongrace says:

    I agree with you re: getting off the social/ tedium of work treadmill.
    I am pretty much off the grid, but am determined to push myself off that extra bit.
    Cutting down on your unnecessary expenses and living simply has huge payoffs to liberating your lifestyle. Of course, I do not need to persuade anyone close to me to agree with this choice!
    Good luck!

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