Light Show

As I attempted sleep last night I was bombarded by what appeared to be a laser light show behind closed eyelids. It was faint but it was there and it was blue. The energy shot across my line of sight and then back and then seemed to form images that would disappear as soon as they formed. The energy of this light appeared linked with my brain in some way because I could feel it in my head. It’s hard to describe but I do have one experience that is similar. A long time ago I use to take Zoloft but hated it and so stopped it suddenly. When I did this I had strange electrical “zaps” inside my head. It felt like I had been attached to a light socket or something but it was IN my head. Anyone who has suddenly stopped an antidepressant (SSRI in particular) would know the feeling. The energy in my head last light was vaguely similar. It was way less intense but a similar feeling.

I was being given a message at the time which I now do not fully remember.

Earlier in the day I received sudden messages in the form of just Knowing. I feel these messages are linked to the strange energy/light laser show because the main message was that I would be opening up from the crown again to Receive. I saw a mental image in my mind of a very large amount of light coming down into my crown chakra. The size of the crown chakra was the size of the entire top of my head! This energy shot all the way down through my body and into the ground. I was told not to fear this. Then the messages stopped just as suddenly as they came.

No strange downloads or anything thus far, but I have been very pessimistic lately. Not sure if it related or not.


3 thoughts on “Light Show

  1. talynia says:

    wow what an amazing experience Dayna!
    I am not taking any pills Zoloft or anything, but I am very well aware of the brain zapping experience! Very early on in my Kundalini Awakening experience I used to meditate in the evening and get zapped inside the brain, felt like being electrocuted inside the brain! Really as if light zapped in and created a huge white light flash. I also saw some purple and violet laser shows yesterday behind closed eyes and a few random white streaks that seemed to shoot in front of my vision. And my room was seriously cracking and banging a lot… Never heard it as often as last evening. Bang here, crack there, suddenly my whole computer desk cracked. it was so weird…

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    • Dayna says:

      Yeah weird. If Zoloft, which alters the brain, caused the electrical feeling, perhaps then my brain is being altered in a similar way just not by any human medicine.

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      • talynia says:

        I actually think it’s our teams who adjust our brains for higher income of energies and communications, possibly. I mean it’s quite obvious that the brain does not get zapped by light flashes and sound without an input first. Unless it’s a change in DNA that we are able to feel as it changes the way our brain works?


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