Chapter 12

As you know, I’ve been reading Dolores Cannons’ Convoluted Universe. I am on book 2 now and just finished Chapter 12.

Chapter 12 brought about some validation for some of my own life experiences. A woman’s account of work while here on Earth resonated very deeply with me. I recognized so much of myself in her.

She described herself as a “Helper” who came to Earth to assist others with the shift. Her primary job was to help those transitioning after death. She did this both in the physical and in the in-between. She did soul retrieval, but she didn’t call it that. She described it as preparing those who were about to die so they could have an easy transition and then helping those after they died to go to those waiting to help them transition.

I do not think I do this type of soul retrieval, but it is fascinating nonetheless. However, the woman said some things that I believe are true for me as well.

  1. Her “Home” is of the “golden light”. I see and experience this golden light often in my OOB travels. I wonder if this, too, is my Home?
  2. She describes the ascended masters as having a different energy that is of all colors. She mentioned silver and I remembered when Eron described himself as “Silver” to me. They assist the “helpers” with the energy they are working with.
  3. When asked her purpose she said “to help”. Since my early years I have remembered my purpose to be only “to help”. It has long frustrated me because it seems to simple and not specific enough.
  4. She speaks of a transition coming for everyone on Earth. Those like her, who came to help, will go Home after this transition while others will go to places that align with their energy. “Home” is this beautiful garden full of light beings. I have seen this garden and many times when I see my guides they show themselves as made of Light.
  5. Her past lives, which her physical self remembers, are not specifically hers but all “pieces” of her whole Self which reunited to assist her in this life; giving her what she needed to do her work. This felt familiar to me.
  6. The beginning stages of her life were to prepare her for her work. She had made agreements to help certain people, some of these agreements felt to her to be “bad things” she did but it was these “bad things” that she had agreed to do. I have been told this about my own life.
  7. She described those who were Helpers who worked with the in denser, darker energy. She said she did not like this and preferred to work with those of lighter energy. I, however, can relate to those who work with the denser energy because she said they “can see the light” in those surrounded in darkness. This explains my attraction for the kids in the juvenile system and others like them.

There is another individual doing similar work whose Higher Self describes how he leaves his body at night to go Home and learn lessons (go to school). What I related most to was that the HS said that one way this man could identify when he had been OOB was that when he was IN his body he would feel Hot and when he was OOB he would feel cold. Lately, when I awake in the mornings I am very hot, hot to the point that I am sweaty and cannot cool down. There are also times I wake in the night freezing only to fall to sleep and then wake up burning hot. This has not always been the case with me. In fact, I spent most of my 20s and 30s very, very cold at night, especially my feet and hands. I wonder now if this was because I was not completely IN my body?

What was most profound for me in reading this chapter was that my knowingness about my purpose was validated. I repeated to myself, “I am here to help” and was covered in warm energy that made me want to cry. There was also mention of how there is not much time left. This has been something I have heard since June 2014. I need to hurry up and get to work! Yet I have no idea what that is. I asked last night to be told. I told my Team I was ready. But I got a feeling I was not. Fear rose up inside me, fear that I would have to leave my family. So much fear that I cried. I was told I did not have to leave them, but apparently this is holding me back at the moment. I don’t understand but I know it will be figured out.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 12

  1. talynia says:

    Wow Dayna! This is amazing, really you peak my interest more and more about that book, it seems a lot is actually explained there that could also lead me to better understanding whats actually going on. Interesting about the OBE and cold/hot sensations. all my life I was always cold, I mean my body could not hold the temperature as it was normal for human beings. Almost reptile like I need to be in the sun to heat up. It got suddenly colder here in sunny L.A. and I feel it inside of me it slows me down, my fingers are difficult to move and I feel sluggish. While my husband is happy about the cold, i dread it… When I was a kid I used to freeze terribly, sometimes even in the night waking up and feeling ice cold underneath blankets! Other times I would feel extremely hot but this got more intense since the Kundalini Awakening. I always connected the hot and sudden coldness with K. energy hot flushes, as they are described. But reading this now it could be more behind it as well! I did indeed sometimes in the night feel cold while I was covered with blankets. And I indeed had hot flashes and sweat just running also throughout the night.

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    • Dayna says:

      The book is a good one. However, I suggest only reading books when you are drawn to them and even then to make sure you remain objective when reading them. Books can be great but our best teachers/guides come from within. The same goes for following people or gurus or just those who seem to know more than we do. I have seen so many people get very lost and distracted from their true purpose by following the wrong person, group or even reading too many books with too much dogma.

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  2. herongrace says:

    Dolores Cannon…certainly at the forefront of info on our planetary/ spiritual evolution. Don’t worry they will not take you away from your family. I feel that this anxiety stems from past lives.
    Thanks for the article on how you correspond to others’ experiences.
    So much interesting info in these accounts.

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    • Dayna says:

      You’re welcome. 🙂
      And my worry about my family is that I should leave them to do my work, not that they will take them away. I know this is the Ego and not a real concern and yes it is likely influenced by a past life or rigid belief.


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