Chapter 12

As you know, I’ve been reading Dolores Cannons’ Convoluted Universe. I am on book 2 now and just finished Chapter 12.

Chapter 12 brought about some validation for some of my own life experiences. A woman’s account of work while here on Earth resonated very deeply with me. I recognized so much of myself in her.

She described herself as a “Helper” who came to Earth to assist others with the shift. Her primary job was to help those transitioning after death. She did this both in the physical and in the in-between. She did soul retrieval, but she didn’t call it that. She described it as preparing those who were about to die so they could have an easy transition and then helping those after they died to go to those waiting to help them transition.

I do not think I do this type of soul retrieval, but it is fascinating nonetheless. However, the woman said some things that I believe are true for me as well.

  1. Her “Home” is of the “golden light”. I see and experience this golden light often in my OOB travels. I wonder if this, too, is my Home?
  2. She describes the ascended masters as having a different energy that is of all colors. She mentioned silver and I remembered when Eron described himself as “Silver” to me. They assist the “helpers” with the energy they are working with.
  3. When asked her purpose she said “to help”. Since my early years I have remembered my purpose to be only “to help”. It has long frustrated me because it seems to simple and not specific enough.
  4. She speaks of a transition coming for everyone on Earth. Those like her, who came to help, will go Home after this transition while others will go to places that align with their energy. “Home” is this beautiful garden full of light beings. I have seen this garden and many times when I see my guides they show themselves as made of Light.
  5. Her past lives, which her physical self remembers, are not specifically hers but all “pieces” of her whole Self which reunited to assist her in this life; giving her what she needed to do her work. This felt familiar to me.
  6. The beginning stages of her life were to prepare her for her work. She had made agreements to help certain people, some of these agreements felt to her to be “bad things” she did but it was these “bad things” that she had agreed to do. I have been told this about my own life.
  7. She described those who were Helpers who worked with the in denser, darker energy. She said she did not like this and preferred to work with those of lighter energy. I, however, can relate to those who work with the denser energy because she said they “can see the light” in those surrounded in darkness. This explains my attraction for the kids in the juvenile system and others like them.

There is another individual doing similar work whose Higher Self describes how he leaves his body at night to go Home and learn lessons (go to school). What I related most to was that the HS said that one way this man could identify when he had been OOB was that when he was IN his body he would feel Hot and when he was OOB he would feel cold. Lately, when I awake in the mornings I am very hot, hot to the point that I am sweaty and cannot cool down. There are also times I wake in the night freezing only to fall to sleep and then wake up burning hot. This has not always been the case with me. In fact, I spent most of my 20s and 30s very, very cold at night, especially my feet and hands. I wonder now if this was because I was not completely IN my body?

What was most profound for me in reading this chapter was that my knowingness about my purpose was validated. I repeated to myself, “I am here to help” and was covered in warm energy that made me want to cry. There was also mention of how there is not much time left. This has been something I have heard since June 2014. I need to hurry up and get to work! Yet I have no idea what that is. I asked last night to be told. I told my Team I was ready. But I got a feeling I was not. Fear rose up inside me, fear that I would have to leave my family. So much fear that I cried. I was told I did not have to leave them, but apparently this is holding me back at the moment. I don’t understand but I know it will be figured out.

Lucid to OBE: Where’s My Head?

I took 100mg of B6 last night before bed just to see if it would do anything since last time I had a lucid dream that turned into several OBEs. Well, it worked! Unfortunately, I don’t recall everything as there are some blank spots in between very vivid OBEs. When I woke up my guide informed me that I was OOB for 75 minutes and that I had 6 OBEs. I didn’t ask but I had wondered briefly how long I had been asleep.

All it took for me to go OOB was to request it. I love my Team!

Lucid to OBE: Where’s My Head?

Prior to this experience I had a lucid dream that turned into an OBE but I have forgotten it now. I recall only that the environment I was in was very shifty and dark and that I felt the vibrations of exit and re-entry.

I became very lucid after exiting my body. I found myself in my bedroom but it was not in this reality. I got out of bed and looked around. I saw a light coming from the hallway. Briefly I recall seeing a gray cat and my son, but can’t recall what I did with them. I believe I kicked the cat away from me as it purred and rubbed up against my leg.

I went toward the light and saw that it came from a bathroom. The door was closed so I pushed it open and went inside. It was a muted brightness when I went in. I recall thinking, “It will be too bright” so I think I muted it, worried it would hurt my eyes.

There was a bathtub in front of me with toilet next to it and a long vanity mirror next to that, both to my left. I felt the light was not too much and so allowed the room to fully illuminate. I saw sparkles in the golden air that moved and glittered. It was like the light was alive!

I noticed I was standing right in front of the mirror so I turned to take a look at myself. I was giddy for some reason, just very happy and in high spirits. I remember speaking aloud saying, “Oh, there I am! Hi!” I looked at my lower body and saw that it was shifty like the rest of the space I was in. I stabilized it but saw the mirror was not smooth but warped a bit.

I decided to look at my face but was surprised to find I had no head! I said, “Oh! I don’t have a head!” This made me laugh for some reason. Not concerned, I simply thought my head back and there it appeared in the mirror. I said aloud, “That’s better!” The image of the woman in the mirror did not, however, look like I do now. She was similar but not exactly right. I didn’t really care and accepted the image as me without question, yet a part of me retained the image wondering who exactly I was seeing.

OBE: Christmas Room

Yet again I had an OBE that I do not recall completely that led to this one. In this one I was walking down a hallway in the house attached to the bedroom of the other one (all my OBEs were in this house). There was again the shifty, darkness until I got to a room. When I went into the room it was fully illuminated.

Inside I was pleased to discover a large living area completely decked out in Christmas decorations. There were ribbons and wreaths, trees and ornaments. It was dazzling and beautiful! I saw the room was quite large, too, and walked the length of it. I do recall seeing at one end a man watching me but I looked the other way and said, “This is like how I would decorate for Christmas if I could afford it!” I thought for sure I had entered into some very rich person’s house.

There was interaction here with the man who I saw but it gets hazy. I remember seeing him and talking with him for some time. He was with a shorter, dark haired woman who I seemed to like a lot. The man was taller than me, had sandy-blonde hair and seemed older, maybe mid-40s. He had blue eyes that seemed to sparkle.

At one point in the middle of our conversation I stopped and said to him, “How do I know you? What is your name?” I don’t remember now if he gave me a name but he told me, “I was there when you went to the dentist, remember? I have silver teeth”. He showed me his teeth and I was like, “Oh yeah. I remember”, but I didn’t remember.

I hugged him and felt a familiar energy from him. I said to him, “I’m sorry. I’m married” and pulled away.

I wandered around for a bit, looking at things and saw that there was nothing personal in this Christmas room. I said aloud, “This can’t be real. There is nothing personal here” as I fiddled with a nondescript, silver toy car.

OBE: Room 340

There was a shift back into my body then and then I went back out. This time I was in an office environment. The dark haired woman was there as was the blonde man. I told the blonde man that I wanted to be with the dark haired woman. Then I propositioned her, “Do you want to?” She said, “Sure!” Surprised, I followed her.

We walked around inside this office looking for a private space. I stopped an asked someone, “Is there an open office we could use?” She said, “No they are all full”. The dark haired woman said, “Is there maybe an open internet room?” The woman said, “Yes but hurry. Room 340“. She pointed to the right.

We went to the room but the walls were all only half walls. I was concerned about privacy and one wall fell down completely.

Then I lost lucidity for a while and found myself back in the bedroom. I remember thinking I should find my husband but deciding I did not want to bother waking up to do so. I chose to return to the OBE instead but the woman was gone. I remember being in our bed and my middle son being there asleep next to my husband. I also recall I was holding a bowl of cereal (lol) and that I gave it to my son.

I remember seeing another cat then and being irritated by it. I went out the window and felt the brisk night air but felt it was not allowed. I do remember seeing a very bright, white light amid the stars and thinking it was the moon. My memory says it was not the moon, though. I honestly don’t know what it was.