Visit with Mom: The Path is Clearer

My kids woke early and were restless. It was a beautiful day so I decided to all my mom and see if she would like us to visit. She was happy for a chance to see us all, so off we went.

On the 40 minute drive there I was feeling a shifty energy that came as soon as I relaxed. I also felt out of it, as if I would accidentally run into something or forget something. Thankfully none of that happened. The drive was mostly uneventful despite occasionally feeling I would go OOB and major third eye chakra activity.

When we reached my mom’s house the energy felt soothing and calm. My brother was there and we all just had a very nice visit talking of things that had happened or were soon to happen and just catching up. While talking with my mom about the visit, she mentioned how nice it was to have us come and I suggested we visit like this at least once a week now that I don’t have to go to a job. She liked the idea. I think we will meet next week to visit the aquarium and maybe do some other things together like go to the zoo. My middle son and my mom have a strong connection (I honestly think he is my dad reincarnated which would explain this strong bond). He just kept snuggling up to his Nana and staying close to her.

On the way home from our short visit I knew why the suggestion to visit more often felt right. I recognized that if I were to leave on a long journey to never return to visit those I loved that I would spend as much time with them as I could before I left. It made complete sense then to see my mom more often.

The Path is Clearer

While driving home I had again that strange feeling that I was going to go OOB while driving. I remember one stretch of road appeared like a stretch of road I use to drive frequently in Montana. For a short bit I could even see the mountains to my right and the large body of water to my left. This created a feeling of being in two places at once which then led to me feeling I would leave my body. Yet I was not afraid. I was calm and felt happy, like I had done so much more than I have given myself credit for. I also felt the huge difference between the me from that time in my life to the me now. I saw how back then I was adrift, lost in a sea of energy that was unlike my own. It was like I was floating in a scattered energy. I could see the particles scattered in many directions, like an explosion or starburst. I then saw myself being drawn to more and more people with similar energy to my own and the particles of energy condensed and became more organized and streamlined. I could see this dazzling array of energy, all the colors of it from green to purple to blue and yellow. My path followed the gold particles of energy and now all that remains is gold and white. My path is much more distinct now.

I felt like I had finally found the “somewhere I belong” that I wrote about in a song I wrote in 2001. It just amazes me how life works out.


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