What Preceded the Question

Many of you may be wondering why I posted the question I did yesterday. Time to explain.

As I went about my day yesterday, I did not have much time to communicate with my guide, yet he seemed to want to get something through to me.

It began with me breaking down into tears for seemingly no reason after I returned home from the gym. My main thought was that I felt I had not achieved enough in this life; that my purpose was not met. I also grieved over something that I cannot put into words. It was like I was losing a part of myself or maybe just letting it go.

As the day continued, messages continued to pop into my thoughts. They came out of nowhere and other times I would find myself in a conversation with my guide that I had not noticed previously. I would go in and out of this mode. I know another part of me was discussing much with my guide while this other part was focused on mundane living.

Life in the New

I began to catch interesting conversations that made me pause and wonder what was going on. One conversation was about the day-to-day goings on of the New Hue-mans, those that will survive and advance to the next “level”. We were talking about how different things would be in the New; how those things which occupy so much of our time and energy would no longer be of consequence (appearance, clothing, socialization, etc). I remember wondering what we will do with our day and asking, “What will it be like?” I was shown a routine very much unlike my own.

I saw the early morning and a child and her family waking with the sun. The first thing they did was “re-charge” the body by ingesting a liquid form of nourishment. It was clear and appeared gel-like but liquid at the same time. This took no more than a few seconds and I recognized that the body was treated like a mode of transportation – kept in good working condition similar to a car or maybe a horse. I think more like a horse in that there is a love for the body, more than any love someone might have for a car. This re-charging was done throughout the day when needed. It seemed the typical foods we are use to eating (and enjoying) were gone and replaced by these energy-type drinks and lots of fruits and vegetables.

There was no focus on appearance. None. Clothing was nondescript being white or gray and looked long like a robe. Time was spent equally between spiritual pursuits and mundane activities. Much time was devoted to balance in all areas. I saw much dedication to education, both of the young and the old alike. When I asked what it was they were doing all day I could not understand what it was I was shown. It appeared too advanced and invovled much mental and spiritual energy.

I do know that we live communally. No more individual family abodes. Everyone has a job, one they choose based upon their particular desire for expansion in this area. I know I will be a teacher of the children, but not like I was here. This is a different type of teaching, one in which the children are taught how to tune-in, balance and communicate in ways we only are beginning to do now.

The children will be raised together – all of them regardless of parents, race or age. The adults will work at a team. I see what I am being told is “pair bonding”, something like a relationship but without all the strings and attachments we have today. Sex exists but on a different level – not a purely spiritual one but one that is balanced and in harmony with the physical and spiritual. No jealousy or guilt trips, no insatiable urge for sex or sexual release. Bonding is beyond sexual and I see it as an energetic component special between a pair. One can have more than one pair bond.

Preparing for a Journey

Later in the day I was again caught up in mundane activities but heard a question I had heard before. “If you only have a certain amount of time left to live, what would you do?” I ignored it. Yet I was aware a conversation continued despite my disinterested.

That was when the question I posted was asked of me. It came along with a very strong push or urge to “pay attention”. At first I thought there was a message on FB for me (there was but it didn’t show up until late that night). I felt this urgency but did not understand it. I got frustrated because my third eye was pulling very intensely for seemingly no reason. I noted two articles posted on FB, one about an earthquake in AZ and another about solar flares. Both seemed to be important. When I saw the earthquake I felt there would be more.

Later, I heard an airplane flying very closely to my house and I got nervous, thinking it would crash into my house. I was not afraid, just felt, “It’s time already?!”

Once I was able to be alone, I recognized that the question asked of me was to allow me to consider why I was preparing like I was. “Baggage” is not allowed where we are going. This baggage is emotional connections to those who will not be joining us. We must say our goodbyes. We must accept that they are not ready to move on.

This particularly was about my own mother. In the past I’ve had such a strong worry about her well-being that I delayed for 7 years moving from my old home until I knew she was cared for and not alone. Prior to that, in 2006, I had an experience where I was going OOB through my crown chakra. I became fully aware of it and panicked thinking I was leaving for good and yelled, “No! I can’t leave her (my mom)”. So I understand that this kind of baggage will be too heavy to take with me. I must be as Light as possible for this journey.


We are preparing for a journey. I won’t say for sure that it means we will be taken away in ships to save us from an Earth cataclysm. However, it feels that way. We cannot go where it is safe if we are carrying too much baggage. There is a “weight” limit. That is why I was being asked how I would prepare as were you. If you knew you would never see certain family members again (and you know which of those it is), how would you say goodbye? How would you unburden yourself so that you had no hesitation when the time came to leave?

There can be no hesitation.

BTW, this morning I thought first off, “I will bring food that I like that will not exist after the cataclysm. Snickers bars or something with sugar. I will miss sugar”. LOL


7 thoughts on “What Preceded the Question

  1. truthcodex says:

    This is very very interesting. It makes a lot of sense – the clearing work, the letting go – all of that stuff – to prepare us for what is to come. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Yet I immediately thought ‘let’s do this!’ to your question, with excitement, indeed because of the clearing process.

    Whether or not we experience a great cataclysm I’m not sure. Dolores Cannon’s books do suggest there will be major Earth changes. A couple of my dream-states also suggest it in some fashion or another. And yet many in the spiritual blogosphere suggest it will all get better and better from now on. Much conflicting information ensues. And there is also the idea that we can choose what we experience… but are we somehow on an inevitable track to major cataclysmic shifts regardless of the vibrations we hold? Ahh, these questions could drive one to an endless loop. Whatever happens, I think you’re spot on with the sugar. I say this as I eat some left-over Halloween M&M’s. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      lol Yes. I love sugar, too. 🙂

      What got me about all this idea of cataclysm and being saved and such is that I had the idea prior to reading Dolores’ books. You can imagine my shock to read exactly what I had been told/seen! I find it hard to dismiss the info. However, there is peace and a new world awaiting us, I have no doubt about it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. SKYLAR A says:

    If it is your time to go with or without loved ones, you should go and trust that Every One of us will get there too in his or her own pace. The clothing reminded me a bit of Kanye West and his fashion line which is quite demure so I guess I would bring some comfty boho clothing next to a substantial amount of chocolate lol!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kittyasmith says:

    I caught your question yesterday, but was encumbered by my own situation in which I had to make a choice to … let go….
    I took a step into unknowing while knowing inside that I will be okay. “All is as it should be.”
    Interestingly, I (a known collector of , um “resources” we shall call it) have recently begun a manic purge of clutter. I am finding myself standing in my home looking around and wondering, “what can I get rid of next?”
    I am ready, I can’t think of anything I really need to take, I have the ability to create anything I need from materials at hand, if I indeed need anything. I already know my children will be there, they were on the path in front of me.

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