Re-Ah Ira-Ir

I awoke this morning way too early. It was 4am and I was/am sick. Hacking cough and congestion didn’t interfere with me going in-between or with the strong, loving waves of energy that entered through the center of my back and expanded throughout my body.

Pyramid Meditation Change

I have continued doing the pyramid meditation. However, the last few times I have done it, the pyramid has been pointing tip down directly at my solar plexus. This morning when I did it the pyramid went through me and stopped mid-way. Then another pyramid, this one pointing up, settled over me in the same way, centered. I was in the middle of two pyramids!

I did not understand why this was occurring and got not explanation other than it was time for this type of energy conversion. I felt into the in-between before I could get much more information.

Re-Ah Ira-Ir (Ray-Aww Ear-ra-Ear)

While in the in-between I was speaking either in a different language or a code of some sort. I kept repeating Re-Ah-Ira-Ah. I repeated it so much that it woke me up. I continued to say it, feeling the syllables as I thought them and wondering what they were all about. I finally felt I should get up and write them down.

I fell back into a dream then. In the dream I was a teacher in an unfamiliar place. All I recall now is that someone had asked me about vibrations. A student was asking how to get a girl to notice his vibration. He was going to try and influence her. I explained this could not be accomplished. He did not listen.

While he was gone, another very young student, eagerly yelled to me, “She said she liked my vibration! She told me!” I congratulated him. I remember seeing energy or vibrations at this time. It was like everyone had a specific one and some of them attracted one another.

I then went into an area where young children were being taught an activity that invovled music. I remember seeing them dancing in a circle holding hands. I also remember being close to lucidity but resisting because I was tired.

It was then I began to be taught about this language or code I had been speaking earlier. I was shown how to pronounce it and I remember speaking it very carefully and being shown the correct lettering. I also heard the word Essessani and this woke me up.

I saw my guide then and he appeared human but with minor differences. I resisted this and discussion commenced about the message I had received about preparation and what the codes meant. I knew that it was a transmission of some sort but that is all I remember now.

It was then I was told that the conflicts and changes that will occur on Earth are occurring on other planets. I was shown refugees from a planet already in the midst of a cataclysm. It appeared that they were traveling to Earth to join us. They looked human. I was told there was more than just our system being affected by these changes. It is a renewal process this entire “sector” is going through.


One thought on “Re-Ah Ira-Ir

  1. Zarah says:

    Actually the Great Pyramid in Gizeh is supposed to be two adjoined pyramids … one of stone that is pointing upwards and an etheric pyramid that is base to base with the other, pointing downwards into the Earth. Can’t remember where I read that now, but the way your meditation changed makes sense to me. Also two pyramids base to base make an octahedron, which the Hathors say is the Holon of Balance.

    The syllables sound interesting, maybe I will experiment with them a bit. Sound creates energetic effects. Christine Day works a lot with sacred sounds that are also short syllables, which she was given by the Pleiadians. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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