Synchronicity: Meteorite

Today I was thinking back on an experience I had in 2013. I will post an excerpt here from my old blog:

On February 14th I got quite a surprise that was  both a message for me as well as a predictor of world changes to come. On my drive into work I was in a good mood, feeling positive about the future and ready for change. I remember thinking, “I will get a job”. As soon as I had that thought I noticed a bright light out of the corner of my eye. When I looked to my right I saw a bright, whitish-blue fireball shooting out of the sky right above the power lines about 50-100 feet in front of my car. I followed it with my eyes as it flew across my line of sight. Two fragments broke off of it and burned white until they went out right before hitting the ground. Then the larger piece continued down past the tree line and its light went out.

I gasped for a moment thinking “That was a shooting star!” Then I thought, “No way, that was too close. It had to be something else. Maybe a flare gun?” I looked to my right to see if there was anyone on the side of the road. I was driving in the country where all that was around was hills and trees, so I was not surprised to find nothing and no one around. It was still dark so it was hard to see much except the outlines of trees and objects. There was definitely not another bright light or streak to indicate the use of a flare gun.

I went ahead to work, still amazed and thought to myself, “I need to make a wish!” So I did. I felt special to have witnessed such a unique event…..

The next morning I took the day off because I couldn’t sleep again……That morning I was shocked to read on the news that a huge meteorite hit Russia and wounded 1000 people. The footage confirmed that what I had seen the day before was a smaller version of what had hit Russia.

First thought: Wow. Second thought: Oh my God. I could’ve been killed. Second thought: What does it mean?

…….I still don’t know the significance, if any, of my encounter with a “fire ball”. I know that many in the world might view the one that hit Russia as a sign, especially when another fire ball was caught on film in the California sky days later. It makes one wonder and consider how small we are in this huge universe.

…….The awe I felt when witnessing the fire ball is one I cannot put into words. I felt honored to have been witness to such glory. It made me feel connected to the One….God….the universe.

As I write this I recognize so many things that I have not in the last few days. I feel tears welling up and my throat gets tight.

……The feelings that come with it are so varied, but mostly contain sadness. Sadness that I cannot help as much as I want to – I want all pain and misery to stop. Not just my pain and misery – everyone’s, especially the children and the innocent creatures of this Earth. Sadness that I cannot help those that are asleep to awaken and SEE. Sad that I don’t like mankind and his petty, materialistic ways. Sad that I am part of mankind which makes me petty and materialistic, too. Angry at myself for forgetting who I am and being too stubborn to admit that I am/was wrong.

Again, the words to a song pop into my mind – “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine”. As I hear the words I see the fire ball again in my mind and I also see a shining, white highway spread out in front of me. If this is the end of the world as I know it, at least I know I will feel fine.

I had to search for this post for quite a while because it was so long ago. Yet the memory of the event is still very vivid in my mind. No one else saw my experience. There was no news headline or anything. The meteorite in Russia was way more exciting and since no one but me saw the one on the 14th it was dead news.

But for me it was significant. And when I was thinking about it today I was thinking that it had been a sign of much more significance than I had given it then.

And today I see on FB a posting about a meteorite hitting a lake in Russia on October 22! I had not heard of it yet and so when I saw it my jaw dropped.

I can’t stop thinking of the vision/message I got not long ago that there will be a very bright, white star in the sky. A star large enough to be noticed. I now wonder if it is a meteor?


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