Spiritual Demographer

While communicating with E’Fonin in the early hours of the morning, I fell into the in-between state several times.

Business and Spiritual Demographer

Upon waking I had thoughts about my business return to me. This time, however, they were recognizing a synchronicity that had occurred but been missed.

A few days ago I got the idea that I needed to begin researching my next product. I put it off because I have yet to see my current product take off in the way I wanted. Then the idea came again the next day but I again put it off.

Then, yesterday, while talking to my husband on Bluetooth on his way home from the airport, he suggested that I go ahead and begin looking for a new product to launch. His exact word were, “Looks like its time to launch another product”. One of his passengers just happened to also be selling on Amazon and agreed.

These memories all came together quite obviously and I acknowledged the message. This is when I fell into the in-between and I responded to a comment made by E’Fonin about balancing the spiritual and the physical and performing the roles I have in each. I responded, “I am a spiritual demographer and a…” This brought me to full awareness. What the heck is a spiritual demographer?

Another Memory

I had another memory. I was putting codes into two objects. What is interesting about this is that the objects reminded me of something I had seen in a recent dream. They were some kind of device, long and cylindrical and metallic silver in color. These devices were to be use for good but could also be misused for bad, so it was very important to “code” them correctly. I remember seeing the codes etched in the metal and touching one of the devices. I believe their function had to do with light. They are held cradled against one’s side similar to how one would hold a very large, heavy gun. Then a light beam would seem to come out of them. The light is yellow and translucent and sparkly when it comes out. It is directed upward for some reason. Or maybe it is receiving light? Hmmm.


After being asleep for about an hour, I awoke very suddenly as I caught part of myself preparing to leave my body. When I awoke, I remembered that this had been happening for quite some time now. I also remembered that I had been learning how to send parts of myself out – like on missions or something.

The reason I awoke this time is that I recognized the way the process works. An image forms in from of my eyes, similar to an OBE exit into a scene. But the image is static and 3D. It just floats in front of me. This is a “trigger” for part of me to go into the image and thus away from the me in my body.

From what I remembered, this occurs almost instantly upon me entering a light sleep state (trance). Sometimes more than one piece leaves in this way.

When I remembered these things, E’Fonin commented that I had been doing extremely well in this lesson and was almost ready for implementation. What it is used for I’m not sure. I am eager to resume OBEs, so hopefully that is what will happen when it is implemented.


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