Message: Starseed Activation Commences

After the strange, very vivid dream of seeing a UFO, I awoke suddenly feeling the presence of a guide. I was immediately flooded with memories. When/where these memories came from I don’t know, but they were real and came at me like flashes. With each memory was a millisecond of full-knowingness that vanished as soon as my conscious mind began to inspect it.


A complete scene came to me very quickly. In it, I was with someone else who I could not see. We were ascending a golden pyramid-like structure. Or maybe it wasn’t actual gold in color, but the light was. The top of the pyramid was missing and this was where we were going.

There was a ball of golden light. When I saw it I had another flash of holding a ball of pulsating energy in my hand. This energy came from me and I was concentrating it into a ball and holding it, controlling it, utilizing it.


When these memories faded, I was left feeling very strange. The presence of a guide was hard to ignore. It is funny how they get my attention. It is like they become part of my consciousness; like they are me. Yet prior to this I do not have this same sense. It just suddenly IS.

I acknowledged him and as soon as I did he said, “You have been hiding”.

I didn’t understand. Hiding from what? What does it mean?

The message came as both visuals and thoughts. I saw a little girl kneeling down and watching from a hiding place. I heard, “Your fear holds you back”. I then felt a strange sensation in my throat, similar to the one I had in my dream. It felt like energy was stuck there. Fear was stuck there.

I could not stop the memories of my dreams from taking over my thoughts. I was reminded to control my thoughts – they interrupt communication. I settled in my heart space.

When I did this, I was told that the Starseed activation was commencing – the activation I was told about many months ago. This sparked the memory of the code I was given. I could even see the numbers.

Then I heard again, “You have been hiding”. I asked from what and was told I was hiding from my true Self; that I have been caught up in life of the physical form I have taken.

I did feel the resistance then. I have been struggling with the idea of Starseeds and other worldly Beings despite the experiences and memories I have had. It is strange to me and there is a part of me that thinks it is too good to be true while another part is completely distrustful of all of it. I convince myself that I am creating all of this; that it is all in my mind. This makes me feel “safe”. Yet the messages and experiences continue.


From the movie The Dark Crystal.

I managed to fall into the in-between at this time but was shaken awake by a vivid image of the guide I was communicating with. I saw a very pale face with an oblong head. What scared me, though, was that I saw more than just the head. I saw the body and it was very thin and spindly, very out of proportion to the head. The arms especially were thin and there were long, bony fingers. It reminds me of the movie The Dark Crystal and the UrSkeks – the mixed race at the end. I also thought of an insect when I saw the thin arms and hands, yet he did not look like one.

When I came to full awareness I asked if I was seeing him, my guide. He answered yes and I received a name – E’Fonin (Ee-Fawn-In). The name is longer but that is the part I could understand. I asked if this was his name and he said, “We do not use names here. We recognize one another by feel”. I received information then about energy signatures, which is the only way I can describe it. It is like an energy thumbprint we all have. Like our aura, but not. The aura is more body-related. There is a different “aura” when we are not in a physical body.

I asked where he was from. I immediately thought Sirius, but this was incorrect. I was shown our moon and directed beyond its current position in our sky. This did not help me, though, since I am unfamiliar with the stars and locations of constellations. I believe it is beyond Ursa Major.

Video Blog

I wish I could remember everything I was told, but unfortunately I cannot. This is common when I receive communication in the early morning hours.

One thing I do remember was that I heard that it is time now for me to explore creating a vlog. This comes at a time when I am doing videos for my product with my daughter and exploring YouTube.

In the past I avoided videos because of my work. But now I do not work. I stay at home with my kids. So my main worry about putting up public videos is no longer present.

I wondered what I would talk about. I was told that I would not know what information would come through, but that it would. I also was told that I would know when to do it. I then wondered why I had not attempted to video myself back in May when all the amazing energy and channeling occurred? I suspect it is just this type of energy that will prompt a video to be made.

So what do you think? It is time to record videos?


12 thoughts on “Message: Starseed Activation Commences

  1. Zarah says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing this! I feel this message is true for me too … about the hiding and the fear, and the block in the throat chakra. And I know some others who have been told the same thing. It’s time for us to step out and be seen. So, yes, I think videos would be a great thing! I’ve been thinking about doing videos, but I so far I have been put off by the technical part of it. I have recorded audios though, and it’s really easy to just push the record button and let go and let anything that wants to come through just come through, after you have connected with your highest guidance. You can still edit it later if you need to, like take out longish pauses if they occur. I’d say go for it! 🙂 Videos can also be light-coded, like the Sandra Walter does. So the people who watch them can receive the light if they open up to this possibility.

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  2. truthcodex says:

    I recall another blogger who recently changed to vlogging for channeling-related purposes. It looks like you may be going a similar route. I know such messages find their way to the people that need them. I’d say do it!

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  3. motherofeden says:

    I have been making videos describing my experiences, editing them, exporting them, but not uploading them… I keep them in a folder on my desktop thinking that Erik can share them when I die. 😉 I don’t know what exactly is holding me back. But I encourage you to make videos. I think you have a great deal to share, whether it’s channeled or intuited..

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  4. Karin says:

    Thanks for sharing your amazing stories.
    I see many people around WP who were pushed in this time to put up their first picture, their first voice recording, or their first video. The pressure to come out of hiding is definitely on for many people now.
    I have also been pushed to do a video. At first, I resisted big time because of fear, but the consequences were so painful that I finally gave in.
    If you are more cooperative and willing than me and won’t have to suffer that much, that is a good thing.


  5. Durinda says:

    Go for doing the videos! I feel more and more of us are going to be called to truly step into our “roles” to further help humanity.

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  6. herongrace says:

    Thanks for these messages. I am sure you will follow your impulses and do what is right for you in the right time. I just want to say it is interesting what you say re: pyramid, without capstone and golden light as I have been trying to get some possible validation for info I received after the last lunar eclipse where I was shown sacred spirit pyramid centres over energetic sites that were energised with golden light and info codes capstones activated around the earth. I feel the number 23 as significant as in perhaps there were as many as that number activated to receive high frequency light.

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    • Dayna says:

      That is very interesting about the pyramids, light and codes! I remember feeling so happy to know I would not be doing my work alone. I felt a camaraderie there which was fulfilling. Perhaps this activation will serve to unite those of us still feeling very much alone in this?


      • herongrace says:

        Yes I agree which is why I appreciate reading your lucid experiences and other resonances across the web.
        I am currently rereading Dolores Cannon’s “The three waves of Volunteers and the new Earth.”
        Thanks for the reminder of her pyramid meditation which I have started to practice again with good results.

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