Dreams: Spanish Class and Attack

My sleep has been dream-filled these past few days but I am still failing to sleep as much as I like. I struggle to fall asleep and then once I do, I wake up way too early and can’t fall back to sleep. Sigh.

Dream: Spanish Class

This dream was two nights ago but it is still very vivid. I find it curious because it was so “normal” compared to the dreams I have been remembering lately.

In this dream I was in a classroom looking down at a textbook. I could see the rows of desks and the other students reading from textbooks. The visual was very crisp and real and I knew I was in a university setting. I remember looking up at the board and seeing the notes we were to take. They were in short two to three sentence paragraphs each with a bullet to the left. The content was historical, but I do not recall the specifics now. When I try to read the board in my memory I get squiggly lines, as if the information cannot properly transfer into this physical reality.

I remember hearing a teacher talking to me. The voice was male. I was instructed to complete the assignment and warned that I was close to failing the class. I knew that my average was in the 70’s and I also knew the class was Spanish.

The conversation is one-sided in my memory. All I “hear” are my own thoughts and the thoughts of my teacher come to me as knowingness rather than a voice. I remember realizing I was in the wrong class and needed a schedule change. I thought about changing the class but then realized more than half of the class was behind me and it made no sense to leave it when I was almost finished with it. So I chose to remain in the class.


Being in class indicates learning and personal growth. Failing to sign up for the right class symbolizes one’s anxieties toward failing at some endeavor in life. The fact that I am studying a foreign language symbolizes an unfamiliar problem in one’s life and a difficulty approaching it and/or resolving it.

In other words, there is some aspect of my life now that I am unfamiliar with and it is presenting a problem for me. What do I do? How do I resolve it? This makes plenty of sense to me.

Dream: Attack

Last night I had an unusual dream, especially for me. I don’t recall what it was about now, just what was happening as I awoke. I was being attacked by some kind of energy that I perceived to be dark. In my memory all I see is a darkness with a swirling silvery white energy sparking through it. It was not just one energy either, it felt to be coming from all sides.

When I awoke I was not frightened but a bit perplexed. My hands were clenched in fists and up underneath my pillow as if I were actually physically trying to fight off this energy. Very curious!