It’s Final

It’s official. My last day of work is October 19th.

While I am relieved to be leaving behind me the parts of my job that were less than ideal, I will miss the parts that I loved. Yet I know that my timing is perfect and I am avoiding more scrutiny, upsets and general angst by leaving now.

Yet my husband appears to be less than accepting of my decision now that I have made it. He announced to me this morning, “I will be leaving my job soon, so you will have to carry the weight until I can get my new business up and running”.

I looked at him like he was crazy and said, “Um, I just put in my resignation. Don’t you think you could have made this announcement when we were talking about me resigning?”

“You can just get another job”, he said.

Then he made a comment completely out of left field, “I don’t want a free-loader in my house. You’ve got to pull your weight”.

What? I was unsure if he was serious but then he came and hugged me warmly, suggesting he was joking, but the statement was enough to bother me just a little bit.

He did say later, “I’m sure you will be pulling your weight”.

Sigh. Men!

What Now?

My husband’s joking is likely concerning to me because I am not sure what is next for me. I made the decision knowing it was the right one, but I wonder, “What now?”

I can’t shake this feeling that there is nothing more to come. My future feels empty when I look into it; a void of nothingness. I don’t have a plan of what I will be doing other than getting my business off the ground. I know that this business will bring in income but other than that I am clueless about what comes next for me.

Interestingly enough, I am okay with this “not knowing” and the feelings that accompany it. Again, I’m not sure why.

Business Update

I am in the final stages of launching my business. The product is in the garage waiting to be sent to the warehouse. All that is left for me to do is get good product images taken and set up the site for selling.

Yes, I am doing online sales, which is way out of my comfort zone and something I would not normally even venture. Yet it was one of those opportunities that came out of the blue after I put out to the universe what I wanted for myself and my family. Though my motivation in this endeavor has waxed and waned frequently, there remains one constant: I know it will be successful.

I suspect the delay of my business launch was due in part to timing. I can only guess why the delay was needed. I suspect Mercury retrograde was part of it. Mercury goes direct today, allowing for movement forward when before movement was retarded or even regressed. It just so happens that the photography for my product is scheduled for tomorrow. Movement is already occurring.


2 thoughts on “It’s Final

  1. Durinda says:

    Hello Dayna,
    It sounds like to me the void of nothingness you are seeing is the place of the unknown. But that is also the place of infinite possibilities. It sound like things are already happening since you made your leap of faith since your product photos are scheduled to be taken. Our logical minds cannot fully understand the workings of spirit, just continue to follow your guidance, these seem like exciting times moving forward for you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dayna says:

    Thank you Durinda. It is definitely a time of change and opening to new possibilities. I am trying to be brave and have faith.


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