We are Not Alone

I just awoke very suddenly in a state I am struggling to describe and from which it is still taking me quite a bit of work to break free of. There are absolutely no words to accurately describe what I just experienced.

I was somewhere else, I know that. It was somewhere far away, beyond any place I have memory of traveling to. I felt to be traveling very, very quickly back to this physical body, this Earth. I was not alone, but in the end, as I re-converged in this form, I was.

The last I remember is feeling pulled or maybe sucked yet at the same time intending to return to this form. There was massive amounts of energy required in this along with vast amounts of knowledge. I remembered so much all at once.

I was most certainly OOB and then suddenly, very intensely and all at once back IN the body. It felt as if I had to squeeze vast amounts of myself into a very tiny space. There seemed to be a fracturing of the consciousness in this contraction into the physical form, as if there is no room for all the immensity that is me.

The sensation of it was/ is (as it is still on-going) like none I have experienced. It is Earth-shattering. Within it is contained such knowing that it terrifies me. I mentally have been yelling both “Don’t let me forget” and “I want to forget” simultaneously. I began mentally projecting this message as soon as I gained consciousness in the body. And as soon as the message was sent, it was as if knowledge began to be siphoned off, bit by bit, far beyond my reach. I could feel it dissipating, being suck back from whence it came. It is absolutely terrifying! I know with such certainty that I am so much more than this, we are so much more. And we are NOT alone – literally!

Such a strange physical sensation is with me. It feels as if my third chakra has been stretched, pulled and expanded beyond its natural location. It does not pull, it vibrates, it is ALIVE. My heart chakra is so wide open right now but I am not sure if that is the right description. I don’t feel solid. I feel to be breaking apart or maybe it is that I am being put back together?

Physically I feel this strangeness, as if I will break if I focus on the feeling too long. My insides are shaking but my body is not. It is very unsettling. It scares me.

Whatever happened, is happening, I am changed because of it.


6 thoughts on “We are Not Alone

  1. mollyb111 says:

    Awe…some!! It can be very… well, I can’t even find a word(s). I’ve had similar experiences. Welcome! Later you’ll be asking for it to happen again, lol. Keep writing!

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  2. KLeigh says:

    Thank you for sharing… I have been having extremely vivid/ information giving ‘dreams’… more like states, visiting places the past week… Trust it is all for highest good and my advice is eat some root vegetables to bring you back down to Earth.. Peace and namaste 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dayna says:

    You’re welcome. I have been actually eating meat the last couple of days and I’m glad I did. Meat tends to ground me better than anything.


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