Dream: Full Moon Man

I had a particularly odd dream this morning in which I was being given information about some things to come.

Dream: Gym

The dream started out inside a truck. I was sitting next to my husband who was pulling milk crate from the floor. It contained his gym clothes. I told him, “Good idea!” and he pulled out a crate for me containing my gym clothes.

We walked across a field. In front of me I could see a large lake and a few buildings to my right. We headed to one of the buildings. It was the gym, but it was very small.

I went inside and found the gym completely packed with people. There were so many people that I could not get to the dressing room. I stood against the wall watching and feeling a bit claustrophobic. A gym employee was there and I commented about how crowded it was for a Sunday. I thought perhaps I had come during a class. The gym employee just stood there but I received the thought that people just had to take turns.

I left the building, telling the employee that I would go to the larger gym where there was more space. I ran into my husband who was wearing swimming goggles and told him my decision. He agreed. The employee asked which gym we would go to. I said, “The one in Copperas Cove”. In the dream I wondered to myself, “Is there a gym there?” I convinced myself there was, recalling a dream in which I went to the Wal-Mart there. I thought, “It’s right next to the Wal-Mart”. This, is not true. There is no gym there!

Dream: Full Moon Man

As we turned to go, the scene shifted and I was standing beside a crystal clear creek. A man was talking with me about a dam. I looked at the stream and saw a small dam was built over it. The dam had some kind of system in it that reversed the flow of the stream. The man told me, “Man has dammed up all the streams. He should not do this”. I looked upstream at the lake it was coming out of and leaned down and put my hands into the stream, taking a drink of the cold water. It was so wonderful!

I was instructed to pay attention and the man continued to discuss with me how mankind had altered the environment and if he does not reverse this damage, Mother Earth will do so herself. He told me that Earth is much like a living organism and needs to be preserved. He directed my attention back at the dam and he said, “All this to make this” and held up what looked like a kitchen scrubber. I didn’t know how to react to this, I just listened.

My attention was then drawn to a woman who was walking in the stream. She was eating orange ice cream and serving it to children. They acted like they were at an event, like the 4th of July. She looked up and so did I. There was a long cable stretched across the lake and coming down on a zip line was a man in a moon costume.

The moon was very large and full and it looked to be covered in white fur. The man was smiling and yelling as he zipped down the line toward the opposite bank. I saw him and wondered why he was in the costume.


I was awakened by my son yelling for his daddy but the man from my dream, the one who was teaching me, was nearby. It was the old man with the beard.

He explained that there was to be a great cataclysm. I told him, “I don’t want to hear about doom and gloom”. Yet, he continued. I drifted into the in-between and heard about the Bahamas and the recent damage and life lost. I acknowledged this as I came to full awareness.

He said, “You will be called” I had heard this already and somewhat ignored him.

But I saw a vision of people stepping into what looked like individual shower stalls without doors. They were rectangular, white boxes with one side open to allow for a human to step inside. When the human got inside, a yellowish light appeared. It did not come from above but from the center of the person inside. It intensified and the person seemed to break into a million-trillion particles of light. I did not see the person but only the light.

I had slipped into the in-between without knowing it and this vision caused me to say, “The men will be most affected” or something of the sort. This brought me to full awareness but I somehow knew why I had said that. I knew the light show I had just seem would be an spiritually orgasmic-type of experience and that men would be overcome by it faster than woman. I am not sure why I thought this, though.

I also heard that incidents of testicular cancer would increase.

Then I heard him say, “Your body is a living hologram” With it came an understanding that this reality is a physical hologram and like a hologram it is merely energy and can be transformed. Is this what I saw in the vision?

I do not know how to take what I was shown. It is literal or was this just a symbolic showing of what would happen? Is this the rapture? And why am I being shown this? What good will it do?

I then remembered my full moon dream and recalled that I was told a while back to expect another activation in October that coincided with the full moon. I felt a confirmation with this and then a wave of pleasant energy entered through my heart space from my back and reverberated through my body, filling especially my root and second chakras will a warm, pleasant feeling.


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