Message from the Council of Many: Merging is Complete

When I awoke this morning, I felt my Council near. I asked to speak with them and one came forward from a group of 5. I was surprised that this occurred as I had doubted my requests would be honored.

In a dream I received yet another number, this time the number 522. I requested clarity on the number. I was told to remain patient. I also heard distinctly (and for the second time now), “The merging is complete”.

I felt I should allow for a more detailed message to come through. This was that answer:

We have entered into yet another stage of transition, one in which We are urged into solitude to find peace within. These are tumultuous times. As the Earth is inundated with Light, those of the Dark are either retreating into the background or growing more bold in their agenda. It is with purpose that we ask you to withdraw and observe this scene. Protection is given. Thus, you will not be affected by the negative energies that flow out of the chaotic mesmerism of those who have yet to awaken.

The merging of two of your soul aspects is complete. At this time there is a joining of intention and a recognition from within your True Self of this new Identity. In time it will flower with a bloom, unlike any you have witnessed, thereupon.

It is a normal condition of this state that you will feel from within a certain unusual yet familiar welling. This welling up is recognition of that which is your Divine Purpose; an initiation of sorts that will surface at the right moment in time. It is similar in feeling to what one experiences when saying, “It’s on the tip of my tongue”. The information is there but not readily accessible….Yet. As with those moments in life when memory eludes you, the moment will also come when memory is regained and full comprehension of that which was lost will be returned to you.

At this time we ask of you patience. Trust in the process and the Plan. You are and have been beautifully fulfilling your role in this unfolding.


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