The energies were strong last night, but I slept through them mostly oblivious. For more than a week now my sleep has been this way. I fall asleep around 10pm and wake from a deep, deep sleep at around 4am. Then I can’t return to sleep.

This morning was the exception.

I woke at 4am and wanted to go back to sleep but kept thinking it was impossible based upon my recent pattern.I conversed with my guide for a bit, asking him, “What happened yesterday? How did I do that [channel]?” He answered, “I am part of you. All you have to do is tune in to your heart”. And with that I felt my heart chakra expand and I understood.

I then was shown a vision of a beam of brilliant white light and heard, “Flooded with light”. I understood this to mean that this was what was happening to Earth right now.

Then I was told, “Meditate more”. With this I saw my pattern of meditation and how little time I spend meditating. I felt I should meditate nearly ever night. So I decided right then and there to meditate. It put me to sleep almost immediately.

Dream: Waking at 2:22am

In my dream I woke up at 2:22am and could not go back to sleep. Groggy, I decided to get up and go to the gym and work out. I remember several times looking at the clock and it saying 2:22am. It never changed.

To my surprise there were quite a few people at the gym. I wandered into the weights area to find all the weights and equipment gone and replaced with yoga mats. People were on the mats stretching and I walked over one that was laying horizontally on the floor. All the mats were black and thick, like the ones at the gym.

I went into a trance-like state while in the dream. This part of the dream is hazy but I recall seeing lots of light. Light so brilliant it was blinding. I recall there being more than one source of this light, like it was being emitted by someone. I vaguely recall there were five sources of this light in front of me.

Mesmerized, I was brought back to awareness by a woman. I turned and saw I was sitting on her mat near her head. Her blonde hair was splayed out on the mat and she smiled at me. I quickly apologized and got up. She was then standing in front of me, much taller than me, and her energy felt different, like a guide. She asked me some questions about how I was feeling. I recall only now that she went through a list of symptoms and told me, “Your symptoms are similar to those of a heart attack”.

2I absorbed this information without alarm, somewhat dazed still. I went over to a stationary bike and sat on it, staring into space. The screen was blank and there were small containers of liquid. I picked one up to drink it but realized it wasn’t mine. I took a sip anyway, even though the woman was looking at me curiously. It tasted like some kind of tea, cinnamon and something else.

I had other dreams but this one seemed the most significant because of the repeating 2’s. When I woke up I saw a telephone dial pad and the number 2 button was highlighted.


After the dream my thoughts went immediately to a recent situation. I posted my channeled message from yesterday in one of my groups and received a comment that was negative. The specific comment was: “Sounds like creating false hope, like many of those messages have done”.

I wanted to respond but knew instantly that it would be to no avail and only feed the negativity. Negativity must be ignored so that it chokes on itself and dies. In addition, I felt sympathy for this woman who so obviously had lost hope and was sinking in a pit of self-induced misery. She saw in my post her own plight and I understood for I have been there many times. I have felt let down many times through this process.

With the memory of this situation I understood that many, many people are just now beginning the process of ascension. I often assume everyone is on the same page as me. Here I was being reminded that this is not the case. Everyone is on their own timeline. Some are still in throwing off the Ego. Others still are in denial that anything is happening.

With the light flooding Earth at this time, those who are still in the early stages of the Shift are struggling with intense negativity, heavy burdens and life decisions. For some this has been on-going for some time, for others it has seemingly come out of nowhere.

I am also reminded that many are choosing to leave their current incarnations on Earth. It does not mean they are bailing on us or that they are “weak” or unable, they are simply making a choice that best suits them. Some will return later in the Shift. Others will wait until it is over before they return.

Ultimately, these reflections go along with the angel numbers I received in my dream and after. 222 and 2 both encourage one to have faith and patience, to avoid negativity and to trust in the Divine.