Drawing Conclusions

So much has happened in the last two days that I am not sure where to start. I intended to write yesterday but kept feeling the time was not right, plus I was too distracted by family goings-on.

My communication with my Team has been high this whole week but has increased in frequency in the last few days. What is different about these communications is that I feel them throughout my Being. It is like an intense feeling radiating from my core and its pretty much non-stop. I also receive an sense that I will be communicated with directly prior to each direct communication. It is like I am getting a heads up that it is coming. Sure enough, upon heading to bed the communications start, continue through the night and into the morning.

My morning “briefings” have resumed to my irritation. My sleep has been so interrupted that I rarely feel rested in the morning, so receiving messages at 5am is not my idea of fun. The messages are strange as well, some I lose almost as soon as I receive them. It is like I am not meant to remember them yet. Others I receive but they are quite strange such as the suggestion I read the Book of Revelation. Just yesterday morning I received the specific message to watch a documentary called The Age of Aquarius. I was told it would answer some of my questions yet I really did not have any specific questions at the time. Not surprising I found a documentary as soon as I Googled it, but there was more to the title than I was given.

I have also been reading Dolores Cannon’s book, The Convoluted Universe. I was not given instructions to read this book, I just felt drawn to it. While reading, I came across some information that caused my heart chakra to pull very suddenly and triggered an intense recognition within me. There is mention in the book about Light Beings whose specific task is to help evolve beings on Earth. This is what triggered my reaction/recognition:

Some [Light Beings] will remain as they are. Others will have the ability to enter many human bodies. One light being will have the ability to enter ten human bodies at one time. And lighten the human body itself, to a progression of thought and spiritual growth that to this point was an impossibility…..This will be a transition made very simply. All that is needed is a desire to grow. Not a walking-in, not a taking over, but a blending, a merging, an adding to, a combining. An element being added that enhances but does not diminish.

I actually had to put the book down and stop reading at this point. It was the next morning that it was suggested I watch the documentary mentioned above.


I have come to some conclusions which I want to share with you:

The information in the Bible came from the same Source as the information which is behind the “ascension” or “shift”. The “God” of the Bible is in fact a creation from communications with humans by otherworldly beings which was necessary for the understanding of the people of this time on Earth.

I first recognized this connection while reading Revelation because I noted that John’s experience/vision was in fact an OBE. I then made the connection of the seals with ascension.

The second time I made this connection was while reading The Convoluted Universe. There was a mention that throughout human history ETs have been visiting Earth trying to help it along. They made themselves known and were viewed as Gods. They passed on information to help mankind advance, eventually choosing less obvious methods of communication (dreams, visions, etc).

The third time I made this connection was while watching the video. Though it is biased toward Christianity, I tried to remain unbiased as I watched. It occurred to me that the New Age movement and Theosophy specifically rang true to me and was not the Anti-Christ as depicted in the film.

You can imagine the questions going through my mind as I began to draw conclusions and make connections. I had difficulty accepting that the God of the bible was simply the way man characterized the many communications they had with ETs. Yet I could not dismiss it. It felt right and I had to throw out my limiting beliefs of God, religion and all I was raised with. Once I did that it made sense to me why I was led down this particular path to understanding. My Team wanted me to see who they are, who I am, and how this applies to what is currently occurring on Earth.

I am still processing all of this as this is just a small sliver of what has come to me over the past few days. I will write more in another post.


3 thoughts on “Drawing Conclusions

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    I threw out my limiting beliefs in what God was when I was in my thirties. I used to have arguments with Jesus. I just could not reconcile myself to the belief, as presented by the Church (in whatever form) that he was the ONLY Son of God and came here to save us (even yet unborn children) from our sins. Didn’t make any sense to me. The Ascended Masters entered my life some months later… and the ETs still later. I’m still learning and expanding and letting go of human conditioning. It’s an ongoing process. Love Eliza.

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    • Dayna says:

      I am surprised I am just now making these connections. It just seems like I should have done this years ago! I guess its true that these things happen when we are ready for them to happen.


      • Eliza Ayres says:

        Well, I was always a bit of a rebel. I left Sunday school because I refused to memorize the books of the Bible. I didn’t see the point, as I could look them up every time I opened the book. For awhile, I went to service with my mother, mainly because I enjoyed singing the hymns. The preaching went in one ear and out the other… You’re right… the lessons or understanding present themselves when the student is ready to receive with ease and grace.

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