Two Dreams and a Message

I awoke yet again at 5am not very pleased that I was waking so early. I awoke hearing my guide again. This time I remember more of our conversation.

His first words to me were in response to a dream I had just had. “You are purging”.

Dream: Civil War

The dream was about being in the South during the Civil War. I was a woman who had stayed behind with other women of the family as well as some close neighbors. We were huddled inside a large, plantation-type house that was very elaborately decorated with a grand staircase and ornate wood trim in all the rooms. The war had been raging for some time and we had begun to run out of food. I had discovered some hidden in the back and had brought it to the front but was confronted by two men who followed me into the house pretending to be friendly. I knew their intent was bad and did not have a good feeling about them.

The men were wearing ragged clothing and had hungry looks in their eyes – hungry for food as well as lust hunger. The other women heard them and came down at this time.

One man saw two children and said, “You have children here?” and I became instantly worried for their safety. I thought the men intended to hurt them, specifically that they wanted to eat them. There was a horror reaction from me along with an knowing that this was not unheard of at this time in the war.

I then was not inside the body of the woman I had been and was observing. The woman said to the man, “I am sure you are tired. Why don’t you stay and rest?” When she said this, she raised up her petticoat to reveal her “knickers“. The men instantly turned and were mesmerized, their attention now on her.

Once distracted the men did not notice another woman coming around the back of them. I missed the specifics because I was focused on the woman with her knickers showing, marveling at the detail of them. They looked like tiny shorts with ruffles on the bottom and seemed very familiar to me.

The next thing I knew, a woman had surprised one of the men and he was on the floor with her on top of him. She pulled a rifled out of his pants and had it pointed at him.

That is where the dream ended.

Message Continues

Hearing my guide say I was purging, I immediately began to go through past lives I had remembered, looking for the Civil War era. I had not recalled one during the war and wondered if perhaps the dream was a recollection of a life during that time. With this thought came a feeling that this was correct, though the dream was likely a mixture of reality and symbolism.

Distracted, my guide went on:

“You have not begun reading the book of Revelations”.

I thought to myself, “No. Not really interested”.

He continued. “It will help you understand”.

I am not really interested in reading about Armageddon but I wondered why he would suddenly bring this up after I had a dream of Civil War.

The thought/feeling that came to me then was that the purging was not just happening to me – others were also experiencing it and some would not handle it too well.

I began to think of the odd thoughts I’ve been having and the past times in which I had felt on the verge of insanity. I knew not everyone would be able to handle such thoughts/feelings/memories. As more and more people began to awaken, there would be more and more instances of instability – individual and group (countries, regions).

I shrugged off these feelings, believing they had come from a video I had viewed the day before about the “end days”. Surely I was just influenced by that?

I asked to return to sleep and to receive the answer to a question I had posed: Do I really have two more lives or do these “lives” refer to a new consciousness within this life?

The answer I received was, “You already know the answer”. And I understood that I did. Two more lives then.

Burundi Bear

I fell asleep (surprise!) and had a strangely vivid dream.

I was at a river with my middle son. We were on a fishing trip. The river reminded me of one I use to frequent as a child.

Once we found a spot from which to fish, I began baiting the hook. The rod was a plain one without a reel and I only had a single length of string. I vividly recall sticking the hook into a minnow’s head and out through its mouth and then casting it several times. One time I cast it, I saw the minnow swimming near a large bass, but the fish did not strike.

I threw out the line and it went out farther than expected. It instantly pulled and I knew I had something large on it. I pulled it in, wrapping line around my wrist. I saw something orange and suspected I had snagged a carp. I told my son this and felt somewhat afraid that it was too big for me to handle.

When I finally pulled it in, it landed on some rocks. I was surprised to find that I had snagged a small bear. I ran up to it, feeling sympathetic to it. I had to free it. The hook was in its chest and it let me pull it out. I saw very clearly its little face and tiny, pointed teeth. It looked like a teddy bear but was distinctly real with orange and brown markings and a masked face. I thought, “It’s just a baby”.

I gathered it in my arms and tried to find it’s mother but it had gotten too dark. I remember calling it a “Burundi”. This is when I woke up.

When I awoke I wondered about the bear and looked it up. Turns out, Burundi is a country and the “bear” is actually a Red Panda.

I am still unsure why the name Burundi was so vivid and why I saw the Red Panda. Burundi is in chaos currently and the Red Panda is near extinction. Was this a message regarding the state of the world? I have no clue.


4 thoughts on “Two Dreams and a Message

  1. truthcodex says:

    I’ve also had a dream recently regarding Revelations, specifically about the 6th seal. Which, apparently, is telling of a large earthquake. Whether this is literal or metaphorical I’m unsure. I’ve never bothered to read much into the bible, nor have I ever taken much stock into what it says. Still, I find it very interesting we’re being guided to it at this time.

    “As more and more people began to awaken, there would be more and more instances of instability – individual and group (countries, regions).” It’s easy to let ourselves be carried away into the various happenings in the world. You’ve reminded me to stay centered. Thank you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Enjoying your blog a great deal! My 2c: “Not being excited about it” may well mean that this is something you really need to pay attention to. This is the second time (if I’m not mistaken) that you’ve received a strong indication for this very specific line of inquiry.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dayna says:

    Thank you and yes, it is the second time. I read it the night before last and am still processing it. I may need to read it again, though.

    Liked by 1 person

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