Dream: Seven Tests

I woke early and prematurely at 5:15am from a very vivid dream.

Dream: Seven Tests

The dream was about me and my family moving into a new house in the woods somewhere in the Northwest, at least that is how I perceived it. I went inside the house, which my husband purchased without me ever seeing it, and stared up at its vaulted ceilings. My guide was with me, though in the dream I did not fully recognize him. I exclaimed to my guide, “The ceilings are transparent but they aren’t made of glass!” He said, “Yes. It is a material you do not have on Earth. It is thin and malleable. A good construction material with excellent insulating qualities”. I continued to stare up at the see-through ceilings that we draped in a fine material that hit the floor and resembled a solid wall.

Inside was brought a small Christmas tree, freshly cut. It was only 3 feet high and I wondered about it. To my thought my guide responded, “You did not want a big one”. I remember this, thinking, “Oh yeah”, as I watched my “family” (they did not appear as my family in real life) put the tree in the center of a coffee table that was located near a fireplace.

I then walked toward the back of the house to where the rooms were located. This part of the house appeared to be an add-on made of different material and with a lower ceiling. I saw a table and what appeared to be a low counter. It reminded me of a coffee shop and I was told the previous occupants, and old man and woman, use to run a business there. I still liked it and thought of all of its potential. Someone mentioned it would need new floor as I looked out the door and saw the trees and a dirt path.

I walked outside and around the house and saw a playground nearby. My daughter was suddenly with me and we went to investigate. There was a very tall slide that she ran eagerly toward. I cautioned her, fearing she would fall, but she climbed up anyway. I was happy to think her school would be close because the playground was adjacent to one.

Turning back toward the house I saw three women sitting outside having a drink. Suddenly I began talking to them about a “test” we all had to take. The women shifted from two to three, the third sometimes showing to be male. I recall hearing my own husband say he passed the test and me not wanting to take it or study for it. The specific test was just one in a group of tests that needed to be passed, seven in all I think. This one was related to first aid. My husband got a 75% and the neighbor got a 70%. They were telling me I should study. I didn’t want to.

I asked the neighbors if the school was the one my child would go to. They said no and showed me a huge culvert that they walked their children through. Their school was on the other side. I did not like the looks of it and thought they were planning something sinister. I suddenly felt these neighbors were not “safe” and began to back away from them. They gave me their names and I repeated them several times, but I soon forgot them.


The move to a new house feels symbolic of entering a new spiritual stage, one which I have yet to “see” as I did not know what the house looked like in the dream.

The ceiling indicates my spiritual perspective. In this case it is growing larger, encompassing more and made of a new material which allows for a better view, a bigger view.

The Christmas tree symbolizes spiritual enlightenment. In this case I only allowed myself so much of this (three feet tall), almost as if I am afraid of too much too soon. I can identify with this completely. Baby steps sound better to me than leaps and bounds at this point!

The house changes to a store of some kind. The fact that it was owned by an old couple and I felt comfortable there seems to indicate that this place is a place I enjoy being and that such a place exists within my reach if I want it. I could see out the door into the forest outside. There was a feeling of calm and a desire to be in this forest and explore. Forests happen to symbolize transitional phases.

The playground is likely a desire of mine to let loose and have fun. I am cautious to do this however as my “daughter” (me) runs off and enjoys herself. I let go of this worry and allow her to do so even though the slide is very, very tall. The slide, fittingly, symbolizes the loss of control.

The tests indicate a feeling of being scrutinized and feeling a need to meet certain expectations. I keep avoiding the test and also do not want to study for it. The test is a test on first aid which I suspect symbolizes healing. It is interesting to me that there are 7 tests. 7 is the number of spiritual awakening, awareness, and universal consciousness.

The tunnel could represent a narrow minded view of something or some kind of birth or new beginnings as well as an exploration into the subconscious. In this case it causes me to be wary of my three neighbors, who I believe are teachers or guides of some kind. This tunnel was dark and unknown. I had such reservation to go in it, even though I knew it led to good things. I suspect it leads to areas of myself that I have yet to fully explore and this scares me.


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