Three OBEs: Trying to Create a Portal

When I awoke this morning around 6am, I asked to project and rolled over back to sleep.

OBE: Search for Clarity

I don’t recall how or when I realized I was dreaming, I just did. The actual dream I was having is lost to me now.

The next thing I remember is rolling out of my body and moving away from it. The entire time I was chatting with someone and had a high energy. It felt like the “child” in me wanted to play while another part of me was trying unsuccessfully to regain control.

My vision was in blacks and grays and I knew I needed to gain stability and clarity despite the chatter that was going on in my mind.

I thrust my hands out in front of me and focused on feeling my astral body. When I saw my hands they were very tan, but perfect in every detail. I did not look at them for long, though, because the child took over and I was unable to do anything but follow along.

The internal struggle soon resulted in a return to my body.

OBE: Who’s Dead?

As soon as I exited my body, the child again took the lead and I felt unable to get good clarity. Following along, it felt much like a lucid dream as I participated in the events that followed.

Much of this experience and the one after is muddled. I know that I was in bed briefly with a man who shifted into a woman as I shifted from woman to man. I was interrupted by my sister, who was dead and did not appear as I remember her. I recall also knowing my mother was dead and had been for a long time. All of them (my family) were dead, it seemed!

Even with this information I was unable to take over the OBE fully. The other me, the child me, was in control and I was merely the observer. There was a feeling that came to me in that moment that something was very wrong.

OBE: Trying to Create a Portal

As I exited my body yet again, I began to try and move out of the current low energy scene into another one. Knowing I could do this by moving through a portal, I tried to create one by opening the front door of the house. I spent quite a bit of time it seemed creating the portal door. The experience seems to pause here and then I said aloud, “It will be light” as I opened the door, but when it opened it was still dark outside.

I spent much of this OBE working on creating an exit from the scene which was feeling very wrong in its energy and was dominated by “the child”. I knew that if I could fly upward very fast that eventually I would get pulled and shift into a higher vibrational level.

I launched myself upward into the night sky and kept my eyes open. There was a swift movement and a pulling sensation as I rose higher and higher. Pleased, I closed my eyes, anticipating the shift that often came with movement upward. The pulling sensation never intensified and when I looked down I was still only about 8-10 feet up in the air.

Disappointed, I willed myself up again but instead of moving upward, I shifted back into my body.


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