Limbic System

While sitting on the sofa watching T.V. I had a sudden strange energetic sensation hit me. With the feeling came an all-over-body calm, as if I had taken pain medication and it had just taken effect.

At first I thought it was a download because it was centered around my head, but the sensation was not the same. This energy was wrapped around my head and shot down my spine, ending approximately halfway down my back between my shoulder blades. My previously sore neck was now relaxed and almost numb in comparison and my head felt expanded though it also had a strange numbness about it. The feeling reminded me of when I had a spinal block – my entire body seemed expansive and floaty.

I sat there in awe of the feeling, assuming I was receiving healing and grateful for it. I have never felt such intense energy in my head. I could specifically feel it in each of the lobes of my brain, specifically more intense in my right lobe than my left.

I enjoyed it for a while and then went back to watching my television show.

Then I was hit with an increase in intensity of the feeling and I sent out a query to my guide. “What’s going on?” I received back a feeling that all was well and to expect more of the same.

Focusing back on my show, which was a very serious (I was watching Fringe), I suddenly began to cry for no reason. There was a sudden sadness and a few tears, but they did not make sense – completely out of place.

I sent another query out, feeling a bit confused. I saw in my mind’s eye an individual standing in front of me and off to my left and felt from them that I needn’t worry.

Then I heard simply, “Limbic System“. I knew this system was related to the brain and I suspected it was linked to emotions. Sure enough, upon researching it I found that it was. Hmmm. This area of my brain has been worked on before (amygdala).


The energetic sensations are still present and I feel like I am a walking balloon-head at the moment. Thankfully, the feeling is calming and I am having fun pretending that I am merely experiencing some kind of spiritual “high” for the time being. The sensation makes me want to lay down and close my eyes and just drift off into dreamland. Of course, I can’t do that. Sigh.

I have to add that there came with this energy a strange feeling that this was E.T. related. When I asked what was going on, I sensed a being standing near me to my left. I could not see him and just assumed he was one of my guides. Yet, I connected seeing him to stories of alien abductions – I felt that what was happening to me was similar. I then immediately began to reject what was happening. I quickly calmed this part of me down, but it is still quite alarming if I think about it. This part of me feels quite violated for some reason. Why do I need to be “worked on” and to what purpose? Why is “someone” messing with my emotions like this?

It literally feels like I have been hit with some kind of energy beam from above. It is shooting into my head and down through my spine. My body is reacting to it like it would some kind of narcotic drug and my emotions are turning on for no reason.

All I can do is trust that all is okay. These sensations, these energy “bolts” from out of nowhere don’t hurt me or cause me to get worse. They seem to make me better and better and better. It really is quite surreal. Like something from a SciFi movie.

I feel like saying, “Beam me up, Scottie”.


2 thoughts on “Limbic System

  1. fungi2bwith says:

    Wow, I had a (similar?) experience 3 days ago. The pain started in my throat, thyroid, an intense burning sensation. It moved up through my face, into my temples, then to the third eye. It also moved around the side of my neck, into my ears, up through the side of my head to the crown. It is extremely uncomfortable and when I start to get scared and panic, I’m “told” to calm down, that I’m going through an individual, ancestral, collective toxin purge. It’s usually accompanied with emotional outpouring, anxiety, and an intense urge to re-start old patterns. The ego panics and wants to grab onto something familiar. I’m urged to NOT go back to old patterns as the point of this is to let go. Then the next day my heart center blew open wider than ever, electricity from head to toe, and clarity unfolded. Lots of dots connecting and bigger pictures forming. What a beautiful ride huh?!? If I told my family any of this stuff they would try and lock me away, lol.

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    • Dayna says:

      Beautiful indeed! Sorry that your experience was painful. I’ve been lucky to not have much pain involved other than a slight headache that seems to move around my head.

      It is sad that our families often cannot accept what is happening to us “as is”. We have to either keep it to ourselves or limit what we tell them. My husband hears some of it and can read my blog and is accepting for the most part – thankfully.


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