Night of Vivid Dreams

Sleep was good last night and I feel rested this morning. The only problem is I had a very long dream, one of those dreams that continues after waking and then falling back to sleep.

I won’t go into the dream details but I want to explore the symbolism because some symbols reappeared throughout.

Puffer Fish and Babies

In one dream a woman caught a huge Puffer Fish. It was bloated and the size of a beach ball. From inside she pulled two small babies and I was shocked. I asked, “It is a marsupial?” I knew we were in Australia at the time and almost became lucid.

The babies then traveled with us throughout the dream. We were protecting them.

Puffer fish symbolize repressed or unexpressed anger. Because it was puffed up, it symbolizes the holding in of something (not specified) which is in danger of exploding at any time.

Interestingly, babies represent warmth, innocence and new beginnings. In this case, there were two (not twins), and I was protecting them. They grew up to young boys in the dream, even. Two symbolizes duality, partnership and soul receptivity.

From looking at the symbols here I suspect I was discussing how I transmuted something negative into something positive. Growth is occurring.


There were many different houses in my dream. The most common was a cluster of houses inside a compound. They were not lived in, but empty and waiting to be moved into. I remember walking along a cobblestone path between the houses and thinking that I liked this place, which I called a “commune”. I liked the idea of living there and felt comfortable, even suggesting we invite others to live there.

The house in general is symbolic of the soul and Self. In this case I believe I was discussing other aspects of mySelf and exploring the possibility that these exist.

In another dream I located a house in the commune which I recognized and pointed it out. I told my mother, “I want to move back there” and pointed to it. It was white with large windows in the front and two front doors. It was still occupied but the owners were moving out and were going to let me move in. They gave me a Mother’s Day present, which I opened. Two balloons floated out of it and it spewed confetti everywhere. Inside were small pieces of candy. The present cost $16 I was told. I felt I did not deserve it.

This dream represented a forgotten aspect of mySelf. I seemed fond of it. I explored it in great depth, even the backyard which had a hutch with wild rabbits and a crystal clear swimming pool. I believe I was being encouraged to explore this aspect and that is why I was given the present. There are other symbols here as well, but I won’t go into depth on them.

Whiskey Lullaby

When I awoke a song was in my head called “Whiskey Lullaby”. It was only one part of the song, which repeated over and over. This was the second morning that I awoke singing it to myself.

The lyrics I heard were:

Life is short but this time it was bigger
Than the strength she had to get up off her knees

It’s quite a depressing song and the lyrics I heard made me wonder if perhaps I had gotten in over my head in this life.


2 thoughts on “Night of Vivid Dreams

  1. truthcodex says:

    Very interesting dream… I enjoyed how you listed off several symbols and what they generally mean. I think a lot of us can relate to those symbols in dream-states. Houses are a biggie for me too.

    Another very interesting symbol in your dream was the water. Pools, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc. Observing the way the water looks is important to determining emotional states. Rough, calm, dirty, mucky, clean, etc. You saw crystal clear water in a pool. So you’re seeing things clearly within the context of what was being presented or relayed.

    The lyrics may be an addition of what you’re being encouraged to explore. Not that you are actually in over your head in this life, but instead just to examine the fear of that concept itself – that you could be.

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