OBEs: Floating on Water

As I lay on my back as instructed, I found myself in the in-between having a conversation with my Companion. I didn’t see him, but I could clearly hear what we were saying and I was very aware of what I said. I remember knowing very well what I was saying as I spoke to him about the woman who I had just seen with the little girl. The woman was the little girl’s caretaker and I called her, “Corilla”. I remember that she was standing next to me, but I all I remember about her was that she was blonde.

At the same time I was talking with my Companion I could hear my children playing in the background. This clued me into the fact that I could exit my body. It appeared I received the go ahead to do so at that time and so I took the chance and moved my body toward the corner of the bedroom.


I felt my arms and legs detach but I was unsure if I was really OOB for some reason. It felt very real and my mind was of two aspects. I felt I needed to merge the two in order to proceed but was unable to focus my thoughts well for some reason. I saw that the room was shifty and in grays and whites and so I began to move toward the door and out of the room. What is funny is that I was in the computer room, not my bedroom.

I lifted myself into the air, a mass of rolling energy, and flew down the stairs. My energy was not strong, so I looked down at my hands to gain clarity. I saw them, though they were blurry. I looked down and saw the wood of the stairs clearly and then rushed toward the door. My intent was to get to the front door and outside as fast as I could.

My momentum slowed as I re-entered my body. I heard my Companion ask me, “Why were you going outside? What was your intent?”

I said, “I wanted to go into the water”, and I imagined myself floating on tropical waters under the sun. To me, at this time, this destination seemed appropriate.

OBE 2: Floating on Water

With that, I felt I could exit again and so I did, this time rising up vertically out of my body and away. I immediately began singing aloud and felt my energy lighten.

There was a string of doubt that rushed into my mind at this time. “What if I don’t find the water?” I pushed the thought down and sang more loudly, intent on creating the water in which to float blissfully.

As I sang and floated in the darkness I began to feel the energy shifting and soon found myself floating in warm water. I could feel the waves and the buoyancy of my body floating among them. It was wonderful and I sang even more loudly as I prepared to open my eyes and take in the scenery.

Then another thought came into my mind. “What if I drown?!” This though I knew would destroy my projection and I banished it as soon as it came. I continued to sing and float, enjoying the moment.

Unfortunately, the thought of drowning came back as I attempted to open my eyes. I came back into my body hearing my Companion say, “You must control your thoughts”.


2 thoughts on “OBEs: Floating on Water

  1. sagebas says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences! I started communicating with the spirit world in the last few months, and it’s really cool to read other people’s experiences.

    Liked by 1 person

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